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Christopher Biggins & Ryder Richardson For ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’

King Of The I’m A Celebrity jungle, Christopher Biggins will be reunited with his campmate, Anna Ryder Richardson in an upcoming edition of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

Anna let it slip to radio presenter Nigel Williams that the pair had agreed to take part in the show.

She said: “It’s actually… I don’t know if I can say actually.

“It’s Who Wants to be A Millionaire? and I’m really stupid so that’s a bit worrying!”

She added: “Biggins is very clever.”

Christopher Biggins Saw I’m A Celeb As “High Risk”

Christopher Biggins

Christopher Biggins has admitted that he was seriously nervous about entering the jungle this year, and considered it to be a very risky move.

Biggins told the Daily Mail:

“I could sit back and watch my name slide down the billings, or I could get out there and prove to everyone that I was capable of more. It was high risk, of course it was. My worst fear was being voted out first, and being utterly humiliated.”

However, Biggins knew he had been a hit when he entered the Ivy restaurant last week, and received a standing ovation from the diners.

“The place just came to a halt. Everyone was shouting and cheering. It was quite, quite mad,” he explained. “I was with Joan Collins and even when we were at the table, people were throwing roses. My God, it was amazing. Read more & comment »

Christopher Biggins Joins GMTV

Christopher BigginsThe King of the jungle, Christopher Biggins, has landed his first TV jon since leaving I’m A Celebrity.

Biggins will be joining the team at GMTV next week, and will be presenting viewers with the latest showbiz gossip and TV pick of the day.

A spokesman said: “He’s replacing Richard Arnold while he’s on holiday next week and will be back on screen in January.”

Biggins makes his debut on the show on December 11.

Christopher Biggins Wants To Host His Own TV Show

King of the jungle, Christopher Biggins, has admitted that he would love to host his very own TV show.

“I would very much like to have my own series. And I would like to think I have shown those in high positions in television and in the industry there is more to Christopher Biggins other than just a pantomime dame,” he told the Sunday Mirror.

“I mean a pantomime dame is a very important part of my life. I love it. I adore it. I work very hard. And it’s great.

“But in a way, if I’m honest, I wanted to show people by going into the jungle that there is another side to me. I think I have proved that – even if it was by eating kangaroo b******s!”

I would love to see Biggins back on TV. If some TV exec out there is seriously considering letting Jade Goody back onto our screens, then surely someone will snap up Christopher Biggins?

Christopher Biggins Wins I’m A Celebrity 2007

The final three contestants were Christopher Biggins, Janice Dickinson and Jay Brown.

For a moment, I thought ‘Sicknote’ Biggins would be exempt from winning on medical grounds – he certainly seemed to be when it came to the Bushtucker challenges!

All the same, Biggins took on the final Bushtucker challange with great gusto – eating a gruesome final meal consisting of cockroaches, kangaroo testicles and grubs.

Read more & comment »

I’m A Celebrity: Ugggghhhhhh Christopher Biggins Waxes His Bum!

Christopher BigginsI’m not normally squeamish, but the thought of camper than camp Christopher Biggins getting his bum waxed is making it very difficult for me to hold my lunch down right now!

Last night in the I’m A Celebrity Bush Telegraph Biggins revealed:

“I sugar. It’s a bit like a jelly and a bit like waxing but easier and they put it on and the hairs just come off.

“It’s an old Egyptian thing and I go to a guy in Soho and he sugars my back and he sugars the hair from my nostrils and he sugars my crack and, yeah, it’s good.

“Gives me a good old trim and you come out all fresh.”

He added: “I went just before I came out here because I knew there were lots of creepy crawlies who would come gathering in my wotsits.”

I can tell you one thing, that guy in Soho can’t be getting paid enough to endure that.

I’m A Celebrity: The Orgies Of Christopher Biggins!

The I’m A Celebrity campmates started yesterday with a conversation about sexual behaviour and swinging and John was shocked by the revelation from Biggins that lots of people take part in orgies.

He said to Biggins: “Are you saying it’s quite normal for three or four people in the same room at the same time who shag each other? I had no idea it was like that. I’m not there, count me out. I’m not judging anyone, I’m just one of those that enjoys sex, yes, but with one person.”

Gemma said she wouldn’t do it and wouldn’t consider doing it but a friend of hers used to invite another girl round for a threesome. Read more & comment »

I’m A Celebrity: Lynne Franks and Christopher Biggins Slate Janice!

I’m A Celebrity campmates, Biggins and Lynne have said they both hope Janice doesn’t become Queen of the Jungle with the PR guru branding her “mean” and “obnoxious”.

As they were getting ready for an adventure retrieving the Celebrity Chest, Lynne said: “It’s Janice that I want to kill again today, She takes over, I hate her. They (viewers) must like her, they keep voting her in, as long as they can see she is obnoxious. On Jonathan Ross she was amazingly obnoxious.”

Biggins said: “She’s funny and she’s amusing.” Read more & comment »


Christopher Biggins had his camp mates in fits of giggles when he demonstrated some x-rated charades for them.

The group were sitting around the fire when Biggins suggested they play charades the next evening. But he said: “I’ll do one for you now.”

He then got up and said the thing he was doing was a film, a book and a TV show. He then started gesticulating with his hands around his penis. The campmates were shouting ‘d***, c***, penis etc’ but he shook his head and moved onto the next syllable of the word. Read more & comment »

I’m A Celebrity: Christopher Biggins Detests Victoria Beckham

As the I’m A Celebrity campmates discussed the massive increase in the pay packets of footballer, Christopher Biggins revealed his true feelings for Spice Girl, Victoria beckham.

Rodney said: “My attitude is in a democratic society, if you command a wage of let’s say 150,000 pounds a week, and someone is prepared to pay it, then I have no problem with that.”

Chris replied: “I’m just saying things have changed so much within the game and I don’t think it’s for the good. “

Rodney said: “If you’d have said to me, is players getting 150,000 pounds a week is good for football I would say no absolutely not.”

Chris said: “No course it’s not. They have high and mighty ideas about themselves. I love personally Beckham. I don’t like her. Euch, she’s horrible, the way he conducts himself is fantastic. Exemplary. He’s a great guy. I just think some of the footballers do the most terrible things.”