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Peter Andre admits he & fiancé Emily MacDonagh didn’t plan baby Amelia, but they couldn’t be happier

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Reality TV star and singer Peter Andre is one of the happiest and most content men in showbiz, and he reckons it’s all thanks to his romance with his stunning fiancé Emily MacDonagh, who eight months ago gave birth to the couple’s first baby, little Amelia. However, Pete has revealed this week that Amelia was something of a surprise, given that he and Emily – who was still at medical school when she became pregnant – didn’t plan on trying for a family…

Peter Andre shows off HUGE and beautiful ring for Emily MacDonagh! #WellJel

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The very lovely Peter Andre has made us #WellJel by posting a picture on Twitter of the beautiful and rather huge rock of a diamond ring that he bought for his fiancé Emily MacDonagh, who is of course the mother of Peter’s baby girl, Amelia. With the image above, Peter wrote, “Wanted to show you ems belated anniversary present. Eternity ring :))))”

Peter Andre and Emily MacDonagh NOT getting married?

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Peter Andre and Emily MacDonagh were the subject of many headlines when they got engaged earlier this year but it turns out that fans of the couple shouldn’t get their hopes up for a wedding. The new parents welcomed baby Amelia to the world in January and soon after her birth the couple revealed that they’d gotten secretly engaged a few weeks before.

Peter Andre to wed Emily MacDonagh twice – one English ceremony, one Greek! Aww…

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New daddy Peter Andre has revealed that he intends to wed fiancé Emily MacDonagh not once but twice in 2016, and when they’ve been doubly wed, they intend to have another baby! As fans of Pete’s will know, he recently became a dad for the third time after Emily gave birth to their daughter Amelia – who is her first child but Pete’s third, as he has Princess and Junior from his marriage to Katie Price – and in today’s Daily Star on Sunday, he spoke about his plan to wed Emily twi

Prince storms London with shock gigs but Peter Andre is STILL talking about his baby’s name!

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Some things are worth waiting for. The new series of Sherlock, the Sunday roast, Christmas….the list goes on and one. However somehow Peter Andre managed to keep us all hanging on his every word last month, as he teased and teased and teased and teased his baby’s new name. The reality TV star became a dad for the third time in January, after knocking up his girlfriend Emily MacDonagh last year.

Peter Andre reveals baby name & Emily MacDonagh’s returning abs!

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Peter Andre has revealed that a nine month pregnancy didn’t take much of a toll on the body of his fiancé Emily Mac Donagh. Is he trying to make us jealous? While most normal women are plagued with stretch marks, saggy bits and pouches (yes pouches!) of skin after they give birth to a baby, it seems that the pretty medical student has escaped the worst horrors of a post pregnancy body and is ready to hit the gym again. Is she for real?

Peter Andre & Emily MacDonagh to name baby Poppy?

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Peter Andre has revealed that he STILL hasn’t named his brand new baby daughter, however he is getting close. Pete’s fiance Emily MacDonagh gave birth to a gorgeous little girl four weeks ago and though the pair had a list of names narrowed down before the birth, when the infant was born they couldn’t pick just one. Speaking on the Jonathan Ross Show tonight the reality TV star revealed that he and Emily liked the name Rose, he said:

Peter Andre confirms Emily MacDonagh engagement & finally talks baby names!

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Peter Andre has confirmed reports that he has popped the question and is preparing to get married for a second time. The Mysterious Girl hitmaker was of course previously hitched to former glamour model Katie Price and now, he’s going to walk up the aisle with his brand new baby mama Emily Mac Donagh.