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Are Harry Styles & Taylor Swift back together? Spotted at The 1975 concert?

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Harry Styles and Taylor Swift may be getting back together, if new reports can be believed….though we’re not totally sure they can.

According to the newspapers and magazines, the One Direction star has been on and off with his ex-girlfriend more times than our bathroom light switch but this week some fans insist they have spotted the pair enjoying a night out together in LA.

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Harry Styles & Louis Tomlinson fighting? Harry responds to Taylor Swift stories

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One Direction’s new single may be titled Steal My Girl, but the X Factor stars have insisted that they wouldn’t fight over a lady….ever.

The band have certainly been at the centre of many romance related dramas, from Niall Horan’s hookup with Made In Chelsea star Louise Thompson (who was dating Andy Jordan at the time), to Harry’s rumoured reluctance to settle down with Taylor Swift, ultimately causing their breakup last year.

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One Direction: Harry Styles on his mermaid tattoo & what he wants for Christmas

harry styles booze mermaid tattoos
One Direction star Harry Styles is a very big fan of body art, and his collection of it is ever-growing, with the latest additions being some text which includes the word ‘booze’ and a picture of mermaid.

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One Direction: Harry Styles on cougar mothers & Niall Horan does his own what?

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The One Direction boys, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles and Niall Horan have had a busy week, what with promoting their newly released album Four and debuting the video to the latest single, Night Changes.

And of course, part of the promotion they’ve been doing is to give dozens of interviews, and during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week, Harry revealed that the mothers of One Direction fans can be – and often are – more interested in meeting the band than their kids are. Read more & comment »

One Direction: Harry Styles is NOT normal! He laments…..

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Harry Styles has admitted that he tries to take all his One Direction fame with a pinch of salt…it’s the only way he can stay down to earth.

The British star is one of the most recognisable young men in the world, he’s rich, he’s topped charts around the globe and with his bandmates can sell out a stadium three times over. His life is certainly not of the bog standard variety.

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One Direction: Louis Tomlinson ‘proper gutted’ & Harry Styles ‘miserable’

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Louis Tomlinson has admitted that he had a bit of a breakdown when David Beckham came to meet One Direction and he somehow missed his idol.

The Doncaster lad has always been a bit football obsessed and has hit the headlines for more than his music, as he plays in regular charity soccer matches. He even tried to buy his home team Doncaster Rovers earlier this year but it all fell through.

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Taylor Swift “heartbroken again” over Harry Styles? Mark Wahlberg’s wife not a fan of Harry?

taylor swift, harry styles
There have been rumours bounding about of late that One Direction singer Harry Styles has rekindled his romance with US pop star Taylor Swift, and as we reported earlier, American chat show host Ellen DeGeneres quizzed Harry this week about just that…

During One Direction’s appearance on her chat show, Ellen asked Harry if it was true that he’d sent 1,989 roses to Taylor by way of congratulations on her new album, 1989. Read more & comment »

One Direction: Zayn Malik confirms “NO wedding plans” & Harry Styles spills on Taylor Swift rumours VIDEO

one direction ellen show 2014

The One Direction lads – who are of course Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson – have had a busy few days over in the States, playing at Orlando and then commencing on a series of interviews…

And one of those interviews was with chat show host Ellen DeGeneres, who got the boys to talk about romance, being über famous and lots more. Read more & comment »

Louis Tomlinson saw Harry Styles naked & One Direction for Saturday Night Live

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Louis Tomlinson has been opening up about all the time she has seen his fellow One Direction bandmates naked and apparently, there have not just been a few occasions.

Everyone knows that when the band lived together in the X Factor house, Harry Styles was prone to a daily streak and even Mary Byrne revealed that she had seen his ding dong more times than she could count!

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Taylor Swift ‘bragging’ about Harry Styles reunion? One Direction romance?

taylor swift, harry styles

Ok, so here we have it. Taylor Swift and Harry Styles rumour number 306 of the week. This time insiders are suggesting that the pair have become friends once more and may be hooking up again.

Earlier this week it was reported that Harrys sent his ex-girlfriend 1,989 roses, to celebrate the release of her new album ‘1989‘ and that he was ‘plaguing’ her with texts and calls and begging her for a second chance. However Tay’s rep denied the reports in a chat with GossipCop.

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