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One Direction’s Harry Styles wins praise from gay fans & Niall Horan’s homesick!

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Harry Styles won praise from gay fans and campaigners this week, when he stepped out in support of the first openly homosexual NFL footballer at a recent show.

Michael Sam is set to become the first openly gay sports star to be active in the NFL if he plays this year and he’s attracted a LOT of media attention and headlines as such.

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Why is Harry Styles CRYING? Liam Payne has a lot to answer for!

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Harry Styles got rather emotional at One Direction’s gig in St Louis this week and if you can watch the clip with a dry eye, then you’re a harder hearted individual than us!

The 1D hunk was taking to the stage in the MASSIVE stadium for the band’s encore songs and as he sang for the tens of thousands of fans, Styles was seen wiping a tear from his eye, while looking a bit upset.

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Austin Mahone says Niall Horan’s “obsessed” with his WHAT? Harry Styles shows support for gay footballer

Austin Mahone

Earlier today, we reported that One Direction singers Liam Payne and Niall Horan both agreed that of all the celebs they’ve met, X Factor judge Cheryl Fernandez-Versini smells the best…

The lads also discussed whether or not they would change their sense of style for a girl that they were dating, and it seems fashion is a hot One Direction topic today, given that singer Austin Mahone has revealed that Niall just loves his footwear! Read more & comment »

Harry Styles did WHAT to Lou Teasdale? Harry’s mum Anne takes Ice Bucket Challenge! VIDEOS

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Unless you’re headless, you can’t have missed the fact that the world and his wife – and even their dogs at times – are doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and One Direction lads Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson are no different… Read more & comment »

Zayn Malik reaches out but Niall Horan is snubbed by Harry Styles!

zayn malik

We always knew that Zayn Malik had a heart of gold and now he’s only gone and proved the fact!

The One Direction star has been reaching out to any fans of the band who are feeling low, sad, depressed or just having a bad day and insisted that they’re always thinking of them.

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Harry Styles BLASTS One Direction critics & Louis Tomlinson’s AWFUL joke!

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Harry Styles has lashed out at critics who say One Direction is more of a brand than a band.

Many detractors have claimed that the group were put together to sell posters, onesies, toothbrushes, DVDS, movies and all manner of merchandise and that the music, the tunes and the albums are secondary to all that marketing.

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One Direction: Harry Styles ATTACKED & Niall Horan gets a tattoo where? EW!

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Just when you think you know everything you need to know about the One Direction lads, there’s always something that turns up to surprise you.

The 2015 One Direction annual is out today, and we’ve learned some pretty interesting things, like Zayn Malik’s favourite thing to eat…
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5SOS have really BIG news & Harry Styles back with Taylor Swift? Danny O’Donoghue spills all…


Aussie boy band 5 Seconds of Summer love to keep their fans guessing about what they’re up to, and regularly post teaser messages on Twitter…

And this morning, they’ve been at it again by writing, “Hello… we have some really REALLY BIG news to share with you :-) Check back in about 13 hrs if you wanna find out !” Read more & comment »

One Direction to perform in Israel? Harry Styles hopes so! And what can’t he live without?

Harry Styles

As fans of One Direction will know, there have been several reports of late that singers Harry Styles and Zayn Malik are at loggerheads over their seemingly opposing views of the Gaza conflict, and Harry has been criticised for taking a supposedly pro-Israel stance…

And that’s probably only going to be made worse given that Harry has stated that the one place he would like One Direction to perform is Israel. Read more & comment »

One Direction: Is Niall Horan secretly DATING Selena Gomez? & Harry Styles gets hit in the nads! Oh dear…

Niall Horan ninja

Is Niall Horan secretly dating Selena Gomez? I think we’d be forgiven for thinking so!

I mean, if it’s true, I doubt Justin Bieber could deal with yet another meltdown…he’s going to be on Britney’s wavelength if he carries on.
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