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BEST #1DonGMA videos & pictures & you can MEET One Direction’s Harry Styles & Louis Tomlinson!

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One Direction have just taken to the stage for their Good Morning America performance and what a performance it was! Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson are in New York city for a very special appearance in Central Park. The boys are set to perform a handful of songs from their On The Road Again tour setlist as well as their first televised rendition of new single Drag Me Down. For the last hour the hashtag #1DonGMA has been trending as fans around the world prepare for the

One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson & Harry Styles really feeling the ‘pressure’

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Louis Tomlinson has admitted that he’s feeling more pressured and stressed than ever before, about his band’s new album. One Direction are set to drop their – as yet untitled – with studio album later this year and all indications are good after their lead single Drag me Down topped the charrs after its surprise release a few days ago. Louis caught up with Dave Berry and Lisa Snowdon at Capital FM today and Dave spoke to the star about his influences and the vibe of 1D

Harry Styles gets into a FIGHT with fan’s mum! #OTRAPittsburgh VIDEOS

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Last night, One Direction stars Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson played to a capacity crowd in Pittsburgh as part of their On the Road Again Tour, which is due to conclude with gigs in the UK at the end of October… But what a tour it’s been so far, with every performance being lauded by everyone who was there, and last night’s concert was no different. Earlier today, we gathered together some of the best pictures and videos from the gig, however, there are y

10 HOT photos of Harry Styles flirting with One Direction fans!

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Harry Styles hit the headlines in 2014 for proposing to a fan during a One Direction concert, but it’s hardly the first time that he’s got a little bit suggestive with Directioners. Harry shot to fame as part of the X Factor band four long years ago and has built himself up a HUGE and dedicated fan base, largely because of his cheeky grin, his sparkling eyes and his ability to charm the pants of any girl in a three mile radius.

One Direction: Niall Horan blasts audience as Harry Styles tells fans to ‘shut up’

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Niall Horan got a little bit sassy last night as he addressed thousands of One Direction fans in Indianapolis. The 1D hunk was playing his last gig of the month, as he continues with his North American On The Road Again tour and it looks like the weeks and weeks of being attacked on stage have finally gotten to him. Fans towards the front of the audience regularly throw water bottles, shoes, cameras and even phones at the boys and while everyone knows that Harry Styles has definitely sustained t

One Direction: Louis Tomlinson in superhero moment as Harry Styles calls out fan!

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Liam Payne may be a singing superstar and a multi millionaire but there are still a few things the One Direction star can’t do alone! When the band performed in Indianapolis last night, for the final gig of the month on their On The Road Again tour, Liam decided it was time for a bit of dress up fun! The star likes to mix things up a bit from concert to concert and since he’s a MASSIVE superhero fan, what better way to have a laugh than to dress up like Batman again and dance for the

One Direction WARNING! Harry Styles + toddler = Ovarian Overload, but who’s Niall Horan been telling off? VIDEOS

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There’s nothing that appeals to the primordial procreator in women everywhere than seeing a hot bloke holding a baby, or otherwise interacting with a cute child. It’s just a fact. And that being the case, the look on Harry’s face in the picture above is rather much the one we had today… READ: Liam Payne has BIG album news! Because when that hot bloke is One Direction singer Harry Styles, there are many, us included, obvs, who fear that looking directly at pictures of him with an

One Direction: Harry Styles in MASSIVE fan faux pas & Louis Tomlinson speaks out after baby drama!

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Harry Styles really did put his foot in it when he performed for fans in Kansas City this week! The One Direction star loves a little bit of interaction with the crowd. He adores chatting with fans and getting to know the front row, but he made a bit of a faux pas when he picked out two audience members that he presumed were a couple. As soon as he saw the boy and girl dancing with one another and clearly in each other’s company, the hunk was ready to tease them but it all backfired a litt

One Direction: Who said Louis Tomlinson’s baby news is “a nightmare” as Louis forgets his words and Harry Styles CRIES?

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Though the news is still yet to be officially confirmed, One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson is set to become a father for the first time after his apparently brief fling with Briana Jungwirth resulted in her pregnancy. However, not all of Louis’ friends are excited for him it seems, given that former footballer – and I’m A Celeb camper – Jimmy Bullard has branded the baby news, “A nightmare”. He made his remarks to the Daily Mirror when asked if he had congratulated Louis yet, sayi

One Direction’s Niall Horan DROPPED Louise Thompson & Harry Styles reacts to Zayn Malik’s record deal

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Louise Thompson has opened up slightly on the status of her relationship with One Direction star Niall Horan. The pair were first linked to one another in 2013, when the Made In Chelsea beauty was spotted leaving his London home early one morning, despite being in a romance with co-star Andy Jordan at the time. Recently her brother Sam admitted that his sister did have a fling with the 1D hunk and in the aftermath of their hook up Andy spoke of his fury with his then ex and her handsome new man.