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One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles split for good!?

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One Direction may have promised fans that their break next year will not be permanent, however it’s been reported that the lads aren’t being altogether honest with their fans. Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Liam Payne have confirmed news that they will be going on ‘hiatus’ in March 2016, once they finish their world tour and the promotion for their fifth studio album. However three out of four band members have spoken out to promise Directioners they are N

#OTRABuffalo Harry Styles supports LGBT community and declares his LOVE for which man? VIDEO

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Last night, One Direction stars Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Liam Payne performed live in Buffalo, New York, on their On the Road Again tour, and as ever, they wowed the crowd and gave 110% to their adoring fans. And as always, many of the highlights of the night came not from the boys’ singing – though of course, they sang all of band’s hits – but rather from their onstage antics, which last night included water fights, silly-string fights and general tomfoolery…

One Direction’s Harry Styles & Louis Tomlinson honoured in Milwaukee! #1DDay

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We always considered ourselves lucky to live in the UK and relatively happy with our location, despite the crappy weather. However tonight, we would gladly, gladly move to Milwaukee if we got half a chance! One Direction played a show in the US city of Milwaukee, in the state of Wisconsin on 25th of August and the stop on their On The Road Again tour went down so well, that the Mayor has now revealed he’d like to rename the date One Direction Day. The politician witnessed the boys playing

One Direction: Harry Styles’ mum is FURIOUS & Niall Horan starting new band?

Harry Styles’ mum has reacted angrily to an assault on her son this week and has blasted the fans responsible! We reported yesterday that the One Direction singer was dazed when he was hit on the side of the head by a can of red bull, after an audience member in Philadelphia got upset that he wasn’t noticing her in the front row. Of course it isn’t the first time he’s been hit on stage, but the incidents do seem to be getting more serious and while Styles hasn’t com

One Direction: Niall Horan HIT ‘Grammar police’ Harry Styles right in the wedding tackle! VIDEOS

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One Direction fans who have tickets to what remains of the band’s On the Road Again Tour are savouring every moment of the former X Factor group’s performances, fearing that it could be the last time they get to see Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne play live. That is of course because the group are taking a break of around a year in order to pursue solo projects, however, as X Factor and Syco boss Simon Cowell has confessed that he doesn’t actually know if the boys

One Direction: Harry Styles BOTTLED on stage & Niall Horan’s moving back to Ireland!

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Harry Styles suffered at the hands of One Direction fans yet again last night, as the band played to a huge crowd in Philadelphia. The band were playing to 80,000 hysterical fans and we mid way through their set list, when Harry stopped to thank all those in attendance for buying tickets and supporting them throughout their careers. However, as he expressed his heartfelt gratitude, one fan saw an opportunity and as the hunk stood still on stage, they threw a bottle which hit him hard on the side

X Factor 2015: Caroline Flack talks Harry Styles romance & using Tinder!

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Caroline Flack has opened up about her romance with Harry Styles and the fact that four years on, people are still obsessed by her relationship with the One Direction star. The leggy beauty – who has landed herself a presenting spot on The X Factor this year – hooked up with the 1D hunk while he was still a teenager, after his band returned to the TV show a year after making it all the way to the final. They dated only for a few months, but it’s still often the first thing she&

Are One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne snubbing Harry Styles?

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The One Direction boys may be touring together, travelling together, performing together and practically living together, but it seems they don’t totally live in each other’s pockets when they’re on the road. The X Factor stars are nearing the end of their 2015 North America stadium shows and exhausted as they are, the lads still had the energy to blow off some steam this week and hit the clubs for a bit of partying. Or most of them did at least. It’s been reported that L

One Direction: Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Niall Horan in near-naked race!

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Niall Horan has been chatting about a time when he and his bandmates stripped off and had a near naked race when shooting one of their many photo spreads! The One Direction star may be getting nostalgic, now that he, Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson have called time on their band and decided to take an indefinite break – which many believe could lead to a full split – next March and in an interview with Top Of The Pops magazine he chatted about one of his most fun experie

One Direction: Things ‘frosty’ between Harry Styles & Louis Tomlinson

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The One Direction boys and everyone around them may be trying to sell next year’s breakup as perfectly amicable and well planned, but some sources are claiming that it is anything but! Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan have confirmed plans to go their separate ways next March, after newspapers leaked the news in August. They have described it as a hiatus and insisted that they won’t split-up and just need some time to pursue solo projects, however an insider h