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I’m A Celebrity: ‘J’ Brown Saves Camp From Deadly Spider!

‘J’ BrownThe I’m A Celebrity contestants had a close call in camp when they spotted a deadly Funnel Web spider – which can kill within an hour – under Janice’s bed.

The drama unfolded when J spotted the shiny black spider scurrying around. He yelled out: “Oh dear, it’s one of the bad ones folks. I think we’ve got a bad spider in camp, quite a big black shiny spider in camp.”

Janice immediately started panicking and yelling: “Get it, get it, get it.”

J tried to catch the spider under a frying pan, but it crawled out and disappeared.

But the spider soon emerged again and Janice became quite hysterical as J tried to catch it.

He said: “Stop panicking me while I get it.”

J scooped the spider into a glass jar and took it to the Bush Telegraph.

Biggins said: “Well done J, you’re my man.”

Later Gemma explained to the Bush Telegraph: “We tried to get it but it escaped. It escaped under Janice’s bed. J was a hero because I wouldn’t have got near a venomous spider, no way.”

Biggins said: “Very brave J, he was rummaging around very bravely with a glass canister to find the spider and we couldn’t find it at all and Janice was getting mad because it was under her bed.” Read more & comment »


Janice and J put on a splendid performance and took ten meals back to the camp after their I’m a Celebrity Bushtucker Trial and Janice stayed quiet the whole way through.

As the pair went to do the trial they were greeted by Ant and Dec who were stood at the edge of a ravine next to a motorbike and sidecar.

Dec said: “So, it’s Uneasy Rider. Do you want to know what it’s all about?”

Ant said: “Before I tell you the rule, are you any good at driving?” Read more & comment »

I’m A Celebrity: J TALKS ABOUT MEL C

I’m A Celebrity’s J has spoken about his relationship with Spice Girl Mel C. Talking to Lynne in front of the camp fire he said he went out with the famous singer in 2000.

J said: “She’s absolutely lovely.”

Biggins asked: “Do you still see her, J?”

J said: “I haven’t seen her. I bumped into her about two years ago. I’ve not seen her.”

Biggins joked: “Can you get us tickets to the Spice Girls show?” Read more & comment »

I’m A Celebrity 2007: Janice Dickinson Offers To Sleep With J Brown

Former model Janice Dickinson livened up the Snake Rock camp last night as she offered to go skinny dipping and then sleep on top of heart throb, J.

As the Snake Rock team – Janice, Gemma, Lynne and J – arrived in camp after their long journey an excited Janice exclaimed: “Wow cool I like it…this is cool.”

But J’s attentions were already focused on the beds which were sodden with water due to the rain.

“Aren’t the f**kin beds a bit wet,” he said.

Ever the gentleman he asked Lynne which bed she wanted.

Janice then joked: “I’ll sleep on top of J.”

J appeared not to react to her suggestion and continued to check out the camp.

But Janice had another idea up her sleeve.

“Let’s go for a skinny dip.”

J then came up with a more sensible idea.

“I’ll get started on the fire.” Read more & comment »