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23 year old singer/songwriter James Arthur is currently a finalist on the 2012 series of The X Factor UK. He’s from Middlesbrough and is in Nicole Scherzinger’s boys category. James occasionally raps on songs and brings a unique style to many of the songs he sings on the show.

Teddy Edwardes denies Lucy Spraggan ‘showmance’ & ‘feels sorry’ for James Arthur! VIDEO

Lucy Spraggan Teddy Edwardes

Teddy Edwardes has spoken on camera for the first time about her recent spat with X Factor winner James Arthur and about her blossoming romance with his former pal Lucy Spraggan.

Lucy and Teddy hit it off after the latter posted a number of sleazy text messages, allegedly from James, on Twitter earlier this year.

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X Factor’s Simon Cowell insists he HAS NOT dropped James Arthur!

simon cowell 2

Simon Cowell has revealed that he hasn’t yet dropped James Arthur from his record label.

It was reported last weekend in The Sun that the X Factor boss was livid after hearing a song penned by the former winner, which appeared to glamourise and promote terrorism.

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James Arthur takes Gary Barlow advice & gets support from Jahmene Douglas!

james arthur

James Arthur has enjoyed continued support from his old X Factor pal Jahmene Douglas this week, in the midst of all his recent troubles.

It was reported at the weekend that the star had been dropped from Simon Cowell’s SYCO record label after recording a song which the music mogul believed glamourised terrorism.

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James Arthur on Simon Cowell ‘firing’ – ‘As far as I know I am still with Syco’

james arthur

James Arthur has revealed that if he has been dropped from Simon Cowell‘s record label, no one has bothered to inform him yet.

We reported last night that the X Factor boss has apparently axed the former winner from his SYCO roster, because of a song that supposedly ‘promoted terrorism’. The song will be included on James’ new EP – which will be released free to fans later this month – and it’s claimed that the tune was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back and destroyed Arthur’s relationship with the music mogul.

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James Arthur denies song is about “terrorism”, but will Simon Cowell fire him anyway?!

james arthur

To say former X Factor winner James Arthur often makes ill-advised remarks on Twitter would be the understatement of the year, and for the best part of a year – if not more – he seems to have been intent on digging his career a pretty deep grave using the social media site as his spade…

And in the early hours of this morning, he’s had what is possibly yet another dig at Simon Cowell – who is of course in effect James’ boss, given he’s the head of Syco, the label to which James is signed – by using Twitter to address the claims that one of his songs is about “terrorism.” Read more & comment »

X Factor: Has Simon Cowell FIRED James Arthur over ‘terrorist’ song?

simon cowell

UPDATE: James Arthur denies ‘terrorist’ lyric, but will Cowell fire him anyway over Twitter jibes?

Simon Cowell has reportedly dropped James Arthur, after he recorded what is being described as a song promoting terrorism.

The former X Factor winner has had a terribly tumultuous time since finding fame on the ITV show and it feels like he has lurched from one scandal and personal issue to another. We have to admit, we’re feeling a bit sorry for James tonight.

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Simon Cowell hits back at James Arthur I Can’t Sing claims

simon cowell

Simon Cowell has denied reports that a character in his new musical is blamed on James Arthur.

The Daily Star reported that the writers behind the musical – which is based on popular TV singing show The X Factor – based one of their storylines and characters on 2012 winner James Arthur. It was claimed that Trevor Modo was intended to be a a cross between James and the Hunchback of Notre- Dame.

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James Arthur lashes out at Simon Cowell AGAIN over I Can’t Sing debacle! Calm down James?!

james arthur

Imagine if someone handed you £1million in cash in a cardboard box. You might say, “Oh wow! I’ve always wanted to be a millionaire, it’s a dream come true!”

But go on to imagine that you then add, “But actually, I wanted the box to have sequins on it and maybe a few ribbons…

“It’s really not what I wanted or expected, so I’m really not sure I want it anymore.”

Because that’s basically what former X Factor winner James Arthur is doing with the opportunities he’s been given by The X Factor and Simon Cowell, and I suspect his latest Twitter rant has just put the last nail in his coffin as far as his deal with Syco goes. Read more & comment »

I Can’t Sing villain based on James Arthur & he apologises to Matt Cardle

james arthur

UPDATE! James Arthur lashes out at Simon Cowell yet again on Twitter over I Can’t Sing character!

James Arthur has faced a hard time at the hands of the media in the last six months and it seems that Simon Cowell isn’t helping his case any.

The former X Factor winner blasted the press just last week for conducting a ‘witchhunt’ against him, after his latest single was blacklisted by many major radio stations in the UK but this morning it’s been reported that he’s taken another blow to his reputation.

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Rylan Clark up for Understatement of the Year Award with, “James Arthur’s made some silly mistakes”

rylan james

Former X Factor winner James Arthur is incredibly lucky in many ways – though to hear him speak and read what he writes on Twitter, you’d think he’s the most badly done to celeb since time began – and one thing that he should thank his lucky stars for on a daily basis is how loyal his friends and fans are…

The so-called JArmy evidently believe James can do no wrong, and have admirably stood by him through the thick and thin of all his Twitter rows, rants and paranoia about how the press is “trying to break” him. Read more & comment »