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Little Mix star Jesy Nelson’s phobic about balls apparently! But Perrie Edwards helped her avoid them!

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Yesterday, former X Factor winners Little Mix performed at Twickenham stadium where rugby team The Wasps were playing against Gloucester, however, things took a turn for the bizarre when it looked like Little Mix singer Jesy Nelson was having a panic attack on the pitch! It all began while the players were warming up on the pitch, and when rugby balls began flying through the air, Jesy got a tad overwhelmed. Well, she got a lot overwhelmed actually…

One Direction Aww! See what Zayn Malik did for Little Mix star Jesy Nelson!

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In this world, it’s often a case of who you know, not what you know that means you get to do something you wouldn’t normally have been able to achieve, or meet someone who, were it not for the intervention of a friend, you might never have got to see in person… And if proof that One Direction singer Zayn Malik is a good mate to Little Mix singer Jesy Nelson were needed – and proof of that whole now what you know but who you know that matters – he provided it over the weekend by doi

Little Mix star Jesy Nelson humbled by her visit to Liberia for Sport Relief! (VIDEO)

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The Little Mix girls, who are of course Jesy Nelson, Jade Thirlwall, Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Perrie Edwards, recently made a trip to poverty stricken Liberia, where disease, hunger and death are distressingly rife… We’ve already seen Perrie’s film from the girls’ trip, and today, it’s Jesy’s turn to explain how she felt on seeing the reality of life in Liberia firsthand, and how Sport Relief is, and will continue to – with your help – support the people there. However, whi

After Holby City furore, Little Mix star Jesy Nelson lashes out at “stupid” Zayn Malik fans for abusing Perrie Edwards!

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As we reported yesterday, the BBC faced a huge backlash from viewers of medical soap Holby City after it featured a storyline in which a One Direction fan said she wanted to behead Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards so that she could bag Zayn Malik – who is of course engaged to Perrie – for herself. The scene – which you can see by clicking here – prompted outrage on Twitter, with Perrie’s mum Debbie writing, “Anyone watching Holby city??? Really x.”

Here come the Girls! Little mix are tired of not being hit on! I don’t believe it…

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In the world of Celebrity, it’s true that you have to be careful about who you get close with. Just look at all those Skype shots and sexts that have been leaked recently… It’s enough to scare anyone. However, the Little Mix girls haven’t even got the chance of getting close to any guys as nobody ever hits on them! Which, I fail to believe. Maybe they look intimidating?

As Little Mix unveil Little Me artwork, singer Jesy Nelson says, “Boys don’t approach us anymore!”

There’s happy news for fans of Little Mix today as the girls – who are of course Perrie Edwards, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Jesy Nelson and Jade Thirlwall – have unveiled the official artwork to their new track, Little Me. And as you can see above, it shows the girls looking hot as, what with their brooding dark expressions and all… The band’s official Twitter account announced the artwork this morning on the social networking site, commenting, “♪ And on the 7th day till Christmas Little

Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson mocks Rebecca Ferguson to the amusement of Perrie Edwards!

The Little Mix girls apparently are not as nice as they would have us believe. The X Factor winners speak out against bitchiness and are constantly talking about the need for girl power and female solidarity, but apparently they don’t really practice what they preach. We LOVE Little Mix, we are huger than huge fans of the ‘Move’ singers, but we were a little disappointed to see Jesy Nelson mocking Rebecca Ferguson in a recent video, which the band then shared with their fans.

Little Mix 2013: As bride-to-be Perrie Edwards admits, “I wear boys’ clothes!” Jade Thirlwall’s “really happy” she can bite her toenails!

This week, the members of former X Factor girl group Little Mix have had an in-depth chat with Smash Hits magazine about everything from their hit single Move to whether any of them can bite their own toenails! And happily – for her at any rate – singer Jade Thirlwall can indeed bend herself in half to enable toenail chewage, while bride-to-be Perrie Edwards has confessed that she often wears boys’ clothes. The interview began with discussion about the fact that the Little Mix girls have s