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Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Coleen Nolan is done with ‘bully’ Julie Goodyear!

Coleen Nolan may have been bitter enemies with Julie Goodyear inside the Celebrity Big brother house but all her anger has evaporated it would seem and she revealed that now, she just ‘feels sorry’ for the pensioner.

The former Loose Women star had a bad feeling about the Coronation Street actress ever since her first night on the Channel 5 show, when she claimed that the blonde bombshell was being fake with her fellow housemates.

She was later proved right and tensions between the two older women rose over the subsequent three weeks that they lived together.

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Julian Clary reveals some Celebrity Big Brother secrets, always expected trouble from Julie Goodyear but Jasmine Lennard loves him!

Julian Clary appeared on Loose Women this afternoon to talk a little more about his Celebrity Big Brother experience.

Looking hot in a gorgeous pink suit, tie and shoes the camp comedian gave away some details CBB viewers didn’t get to see when the show was on TV.

Julian was, of course, first asked about his close friend in the house Julie Goodyear. He said he misses their midnight chats and also revealed he could see trouble brewing with her from the start. He explained:

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Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Coleen Nolan says, “Julie Goodyear DID bully me, and it ruined my experience”

As fans of Celebrity Big Brother will know, there was little love lost between housemates Julie Goodyear and Coleen Nolan…

Throughout the show, we saw Coleen at a loss to explain why Julie seemed to dislike her so much, and we never did get to find out what the reason was, but dislike her she certainly did.

And in today’s Daily Star, Coleen has revealed that she did feel “bullied” by Julie, and she felt the ill will from the former Corrie star “ruined” Coleen’s time in the house.

She said, “She did bully me and it ruined my experience completely.

“Bullying is a big word but the fact is she had a clever, manipulative and sneaky way of playing the game… Read on »

Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Former champ Paddy Doherty says, “Thank God I wasn’t in there with Julie Goodyear”

As fans of Celebrity Big Brother will know, Big Fat Gypsy Weddings star Paddy Doherty won the 2011 series, having struck up an unlikely friendship with fellow housemate, Sally Bercow…

But today, Paddy has revealed that he’s very glad that Julie Goodyear – who of course left the CBB house earlier this week – wasn’t in the house during his year.

Speaking to the PA, Paddy – who since wining the show has gone on to star with Sally in their own reality TV show, Paddy and Sally’s Excellent Gypsy Adventure, which begins on Channel Five on Wednesday, September 12 at 10pm – said of Julie, “Honestly, I said ‘Thank God I wasn’t in there with Julie Goodyear.’

“Everyone gave her a bit too much respect.

“You’d have to say, ‘Hey, listen woman, come on! It’s a game, don’t try and play it, ’cause we’re all going to be playing each other. It’s just a game – be yourself.’ Read on »

Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Was entering the CBB house a career faux pas for Julie Goodyear?

As I mentioned in a previous article about the now former Celebrity Big Brother housemate Julie Goodyear, that old adage about it being a mistake to meet your heroes seemed to have held true…

Because after decades of admiration and respect for Julie – given not only the longevity of her Coronation Street career as Bet Lynch but also the fact that the character is as well known today as it was twenty years ago – I lost a good deal of that as I watched her behaviour steadily deteriorate in the CBB house.

That said, from the get go, it was of course evident that Julie was double-crossing everyone, being sickly sweet to their faces and sniping behind their backs, but for a good long while, I – and I know other viewers felt the same – didn’t hold that against her…

And though it’s an oft used and frequently annoying Big Brother cliché, it’s fair enough to have a game plan when you’re playing a game, and ultimately, that’s all BB is… Read on »

Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Prince Lorenzo & Julie Goodyear are outta there! Glad or sad? And who’s going to win?

Soo sports fans – Prince Lorenzo and Julie Goodyear are outta there, with Lorenzo leaving first last night, and Julie in hot pursuit shortly afterwards.

Which of course leaves us with our final six housemates, who’ll battle it out on Friday in the Celebrity Big Brother final.

The finalists therefore are Coleen, Julian, Ashley, Harvey, Martin and Mike The Situation. More on those guys in a moment, but first, are you glad or sad that Lorenzo and Julie left last night?

To be honest, I thought it was fairly inevitable that those two were going to leave last night, however, there’s something I’m confused about…

When Brian cut live to the house – before the evictions – he told the three housemates facing eviction that they had 20 seconds to tell viewers why they should be saved… Read on »

Celebrity Big Brother 2012 Results: Julie Goodyear is evicted…..finally!

Julie Goodyear has finally been evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house.

After starting out as one of the most popular contestants on the Channel 5 reality TV show, the former Coronation Street star has lost a lot of friends over the past weeks as more and more housemates worked out that she was a totaly game player who was saying one thing to their faces and another behind their backs.

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Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Prince Lorenzo is evicted – Julie Goodyear survives ….for now!

Prince Lorenzo has become the sixth star to be evicted from the summer series of Celebrity Big Brother.

The reality TV star faced the public vote this week, against former Coronation Street actress Julie Goodyear and Spandeau Ballet musician Martin Kemp and this evening it was revealed that he had received the least support from viewers and would be exiting the house, just days before the final.

It didn’t come as much of a shock to the royal as he admitted to The Situation yesterday that he had fully expected to leave.

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Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Keeping the peace in the house between the housemates & Julie is draining Julian Clary

This post was written by guest blogger and reality TV showbiz observer Daniel Cohen. Catch up with him on Twitter here!

The one person that has kept the tension in the Celebrity Big Brother house from exploding this week has been Julian Clary.

Last night saw him defusing an explosive situation again when housemates were upset by Julie for not sharing her lighter.

While looking hurt that Julie snubbed him too, Julian never let on and calmed down the other housemates.

It is now obvious that Julian is very much aware of her evil ways, but doesn’t want to betray her as they have been friends from the start. What would happen to her if Julian left her side? Read on »

Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Martin and Julie reckon Harvey’s bum flashing antics last night “crossed the line!”

Last night, the Celebrity Big Brother housemates enjoyed a party that BB laid on to celebrate their passing the BBTV shopping task, and a good time was had by all…

Until things got a tad raucous, thanks to the application of copious quantities of booze apparently, and naughty Harvey flashed his bottom.

As my mother used to say, “It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye…”

And it seems though no eyes were actually lost, there was some eye popping action as Harvey attempted to board the good ship Coleen, sans pants.

So this morning, while the HAM boys – Harvey, Ashley and Mike the Situation – were sleeping off the over indulgence of the night before, the older housemates gathered over cereals to tut loudly… Read on »