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Kate Thornton Won’t Speak To Simon Cowell Again


TV presenter Kate Thornton has revealed that she will never speak to Simon Cowell again, after he sacked her from the X Factor two years ago.

Simon had assured Kate that her job was safe, only then to break it to the newspapers that she was being replaced.

Thornton told Closer magazine: “I’ll never talk to Simon again. He fired me to create headlines without even telling me beforehand, when we had been good friends.

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X Factor: Kate Thornton Still HATES Simon Cowell!


Former X Factor presenter, Kate Thornton has revealed that she still holds a grudge against Simon Cowell after he dumped her from the show last year.

Kate found out from a tabloid newspaper that she was being replaced on the show, despite having been assured by Simon that her job was safe.

“It did hurt and I was gutted,” Kate told The Daily Star.

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X Factor: Kate Thornton….”Simon Let Me Down”

X Factor LogoKate Thornton has revealed that she felt very let down by Simon Coiwell after he assured her that her job was safe, before sacking her from the X factor.

“It was a very public sacking but it was also very private for me. I felt let down because I’d been assured privately and publicly by Simon that my job was safe. I took him at his word and he let me down,” Kate told The Sun. Read more & comment »

X Factor 2007: Louis Walsh Got Dermot O’Leary The Job

X Factor LogoAfter last weeks announcement that Dermot O’Leary would be replacing Kate Thornton as X factor host, sacked X factor judge, louos Walsh has claimed that it was all due to his recommendation.

“Dermot is a great guy, I am delighted for him,” Louis told the Daily Star.

“I put him forward to Simon because I think he is great at his job, he has everything – plus, he is Irish.

“He has the looks, the humour and is a very warm and genuine person. In my view he is the best male presenter in the country.”

Simon just sacked Louis, so why would he care what he has to say about anything? Come on Louis! Get over yourself!

Zoe Ball Out Of X Factor Race

X Factor LogoZoe Ball, host of the new ITV show Grease Is The Word, has denied that she will be taking over from Kate Thornton on The X Factor.

She said: “The thing is, I think with what’s happening with X Factor is that anyone who’s ever presented anything is going to be connected with it.

“The thing is I love Kate Thornton. I think she did a great job, she’s a great lass and I think it’s a real shame what’s happened.

“So I haven’t spoken to her, but she’s a good lass and she’ll bounce back and I’m sure the press has exaggerated a lot of it.”

She added: “Whoever takes over has got a huge job on their hands. I wouldn’t want it to be me.”t

X Factor Sacking Left Kate Thorton In Pieces!

X Factor LogoKate Thornton’s mum has spoken to the Daily Star today and told of her daughters distress at being dumped from the X Factor show.

She stated that Kate had been assured that she would be returning this year, and was in pieces when she got the call from the shows boss, Richard Holloway, to tell her that she was sacked.

Kate was reportedly told that she was being ousted as Simon wanted a male presenter for this series, he saw the success that Ryan Seacrest enjoyed on American idol and wanted to emulate that here in Britain.

I’m not sure who will be the next host, Dermot O’Leary has already turned the job down. Who knows maybe Ben Shephard will get a long awaited promotion!

X Factor 2007: Myleene Klass To Replace Kate Thorton?

Myleene Klass has hinted that she may be the X Factors newest host.

Speaking to The Sun She said:

“I’ve heard the rumours about me replacing Kate and I can’t say too much about it at this time.

“It’s very exciting. I’m a massive fan of the show and I’ve got loads of respect for it too. Obviously I wouldn’t be where I am now without it.

She added: “I think it would actually be my dream job. I reckon I’d be the ideal candidate for the role.

“I’ve been there in all capacities already – as an auditionee, a auditioner, and a presenter on the final show last year.

“I’m so busy at the moment but I’m sure I could squeeze it in! ”

I think she could be quite good, but I’d still prefer Denise Van Outen.

X Factor: Simon Cowell Reveals Why He Sacked Kate And Louis

X Factor LogoSimon Cowell has revealed why he had to let Kate Thornton and Louis Walsh go, in an interview with the Daily Star today.

For once Simon tried to play down the whole Mr Nasty image and admitted that the decision was not all his doing.

He revealed: “ITV wanted to make some changes to the show. They likened it to Coronation Street.

“You have to change and add to the cast every couple of years. It’s how you keep a show successful.”

When asked why he decided to let Louis go, Cowell said: “The honest answer is we tried to keep Louis.

“But he couldn’t commit to another season. He has a lot of things on the go, like the Boyzone reunion.”

Of the new-look show, Cowell added: “There will be four judges. I know there have already been a lot of names put about. But the decision hasn’t been made.

“However, it’s fair to say there are a number of people under consideration.”

Kate Thornton And Louis Walsh Axed From X Factor

X Factor LogoIt has finally been proven! X Factor producers read the articles here at Unreality TV and know that we want rid of Louis Walsh and Kate Thornton.

Today it was announced that both Louis Walsh and super snnoying presenter Kate Thornton have been axed from the show and while Louis Walsh is said to be unperturbed, Kate Thornton is rumoured to be devastated.

‘The news came as a real shock to Louis and Kate,’ a source tells The Sun. ‘Kate was in tears. She loved doing the show and felt she did a good job. But Louis is now fairly philosophical as it was never his be-all-and-end-all.

‘He hardly made any money out of being a judge, he did it for a laugh.’

“After three incredible years, I have decided to leave The X Factor to completely focus on my day job,’ Louis said. ‘I also look forward to managing the stars from this year’s series.”

Kate said: ‘Presenting The X Factor has been fantastic. I’m looking forward to getting stuck in to some new programmes with ITV.’

Months ago we suggested that Simon got rid of Kate, we even came up with a list of possible replacements on our forum! Be sure to pop over and add your own.

The Keep Kate Campaign

You’ve probably all read the rumours that X Factor producers are seeking to replace Kate Thornton after the current series. Simon Cowell even made a barbed remark on Saturday night’s show when he asked Kate if she was still here. “Just about” was her reply.

Well, I have to say that I’m on the fence about Kate as a presenter, but there’s a group of people who are serious about Kate staying on as presenter – The Keep Kate Campaign.

When these guys contacted me a couple of days ago, their MySpace had only 12 friends. Now they’ve got 171 and counting! Hey, that’s more than me….

Anyway, if you’re a Kate Thornton fan and you want her to stay on as X Factor presenter, then head on over and pledge your support! Although, it seems like they may have already achieved their goal!

Oh, and while you’re at it, add Unreality TV to your friends list too…