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Britain’s Got Talent: Ryan O’Shaughnessy wants Katie Lucia Keegan at the final

Ryan O’Shaughnessy has admitted that he would be chuffed if the object of his affections, came to see him perform on tonight’s Britain’s Got Talent final.

The 19 year old singer impressed the judges at his tryout for the ITV show, when he dedicated his self penned song ‘No Name’ to a mystery girl who he said he had been in love with for quite a while.

It was later revealed that the girl in question was Katie Lucia Keegan, though she revealed that she already had a boyfriend and snubbed Ryan’s romantic overtures.

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Britain’s Got Talent: Katie Lucia Keegan wasn’t moved by Ryan O’Shaughnessy’s serenade!

Ryan O’Shaughnessy claimed earlier in the week that Katie Lucia Keegan had been chuffed by his tribute to her on Britain’s Got Talent last week and hinted that he and the girl of his dreams may soon go on a date.

However, it looks like that happy ending isn’t to be, as sources close to the blonde beauty have insisted that she sees the Irish crooner as nothing more than a friend.

Ryan – who formerly made the live shows on The Voice Of Ireland – wrote his No Name song for Katie and on Saturday, 12 million people tuned in and many were moved by his emotional performance of the track.

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Britain’s Got Talent: Ryan O’Shaughnessy admits he may be about to take Katie Lucia Keegan on a date! (PICTURES)

Ryan O’Shaughnessy won the hearts of the nation, when he dedicated a song to his secret love on Saturday night’s Britain’s Got Talent show…it was like a scene from Calamity Jane!

The Irish singer admitted that his romantic ballad ‘No Name’ was dedicated to a friend that he has strong feelings for but remained chivalrous and refused to name the lady, until he had told her the truth in person.

It was later revealed in newspapers that the female, was blonde beauty Katie Lucia Keegan and it seems that she was pleased, when she heard she had been mentioned on the most popular show on TV currently.

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Britain’s Got Talent 2012: Stars praise ‘gentlemanly’ Ryan O’Shaughnessy for not naming Katie Lucia Keegan as ‘no name’ girl!

Ryan O’Shaughnessy intrigued Simon Cowell when he tried out for Britain’s Got Talent earlier this year and sang an emotional song, to a mystery woman who he loved.

The 19 year old Irish singer was featured on Saturday night’s show and although the music mogul initially buzzed him off, in his normal rapid fire fashion, when he found out that there was a story behind the performance, he was typically keen to milk it for all it was worth.

Ryan admitted that the ‘No Name’ song was dedicated to and written for a lady who he secretly admired, but refused to reveal her name to the judges….despite a LOT of pressing.

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