Malaki Paul

Nu Sxool, Malaki Paul and Sam Kelly were Britain’s Got Talent top 3: Who’s going through to finals though?

It seems like the Britain’s Got Talent judges are getting a little fatigued with the week-long run of live shows. David Walliams described tonight’s acts as a mixed bag, while Alesha Dixon said that some of the acts had been disappointing for her and hadn’t lived up to their potential. In a night where some of the oddball acts were more entertaining than the conventional singers and dance acts – we’re thinking of Brynolf and Ljung’s magic act or Gatis terrible

Britain’s Got Talent semi finals: Malaki Paul ‘went from a boy to a man’ with ‘No One’ performance (VIDEO)

Malaki Paul moved the judges and we’d say a fair proportion of the nation to tears when he first tried out for Britain’s Got Talent and sobbed on the stage, after getting half way through his rendition of ‘Listen’ by Beyonce, so we have to admit, we were slightly worried about how we would hold up when the nine year old singer returned to the stage of the ITV show this evening. The young performer insisted recently that he wasn’t nervous about performing on the semi

Britain’s Got Talent 2012: Malaki Paul wants to work with Beyonce, Chris Brown and Alicia Keys

Malaki started singing when he was seven years old in a church choir. He says that his musical inspirations are his mum and Michael Jackson. Malaki won the crowds over at his first audition with his version of Beyonce’s Listen. The Judges told him he was a “total star”, with Simon adding “what I like about you is that you are brave; you got off to a bad start but you picked yourself up.”