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WAGS Boutique: WAGs In Meltdown!

It’s halfway through the TV series of WAGs Boutique and the girls are struggling to cope with the demands of running Bows and Better Half.

Cassie was voted shop manager of the week by ITV2 viewers and sloped off home with a dodgy stomach on her first day running the shop. Jadene summed it up more succinctly: “Cassie has the runs so had to go home. She’s frightened she will sh*t herself in the shop, she keeps cacking herself.” Classy!

Nicola T broke down in tears on Saturday saying the show was tearing her and West Ham striker Bobby Zamora apart. She never gets to see him and when she does he is “grumpy” and “she had enough” of being on the show. Not even a visit to the shop by her mum could cheer glum Nicola up.

Elle had a mini breakdown as she is really missing her family and finding it hard being away from them so much. She also feels like she doesn’t matter in the shop and feels left out. She really wanted to be picked for the latest challenge and is depressed that she has yet to be voted shop manager by the public.

As usual, Michaela ran the shop like a true professional, refusing to open the doors to Bows on Saturday when she saw the size of the queue waiting to get in. She spent five minutes at the door saying “I don’t want to open” and there are big cheers from the crows when she finally does…

WAGS Boutique: Michaela Henderson-Thynne And Her Cheating Boyfriend!

WAGS Boutique

Michaela Henderson-Thynne told the girls in the WAGS Boutique about her split with England and Middlesbrough star Stewart Downing in a recent episode, but what she didn’t know was that her boyfeiend of four years, not only cheated on her, but had a secret baby as well.

The millionaire footballer only discovered that he had a daughter when nursery boss Donna Moloney knocked on his parents door and introduced the baby as their granddaughter.

A friend of Michaela’s told The Sun “When she found out Stuart not only had a daughter but had cheated on her during their relationship, she was distraught. She’s been in floods of tears. Everything she thought she knew about the romance was a lie.”

WAGS Boutique: Cassie Sumner And Michaela Henderson-Thynne Start WAGS War!

During filming for ITV”‘s WAGS Boutique, Cassie Sumner and Michaela Henderson-Thynne had to be pulled apart by the other WAGs after a furious row.

Trouble started between Michaela, 21, who dates England and Middlesbrough midfielder Stewart Downing, 22, and Cassie,who dates Chelsea star Michael Essien.

The row started when Michaela, on the Bows team, said she had arranged a meeting with fashion guru Vivienne Westwood, 65.

The Better Half team’s Cassie scoffed at the plan and Michaela blasted: “You’ll be eating your words Cassie I swear.”

Cassie, pictured, hit back: “At least I’ve got some words. You don’t know anything about Vivienne Westwood.

“How can you stock something you have no bloody knowledge about?”

Then she leaned over and put her hand against Michaela’s face, saying: “Back in your face.”

Later the pair had to be separated by their team-mates, and they will now barely talk to each other.

That must make for a lovely working atmosphere!

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ITV’s WAGS Boutique: Contestants Announced!

Some of England’s most famous WAGs (Wives and Girlfriends) are lined up to compete in an all new reality TV show ‘WAGS Boutique’ due to begin early next year.

Page 3 girl Nicola T has revealed that she will be among ten footballers’ wives and girlfriends running rival clothing shops in ITV show, WAGs Boutique.

The Sun reported:

Nicola, 24, who has been with West Ham striker Bobby Zamora for two years, is in the show along with Julie Phillips, wife of West Bromwich Albion striker and former England player Kevin Phillips.

Two of the seven have partners who play for England including Michaela Henderson-Thynne,21, girlfriend of Middlesbrough and England’s Stewart Downing, who says she has “a thing for expensive handbags�.

Model Charlotte Meares, 21, the girlfriend of Tottenham Hotspur’s and England’s Jermain Defoe and Cassie Sumner, 23, a 34DD glamour model and the girlfriend of Chelsea’s Michael Essien.