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Strictly Come Dancing 2014: Steve Backshall is back in the game as he monkeys around to the Jungle Book

Strictly Come Dancing 2014 - Steve Backshall

Steve Backshall and his professional partner Ola Jordan are up next!

This week, the pair are dancing the Quickstep to ‘I Wanna be Like You’ from the Jungle Book.

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Ola Jordan’s future on Strictly Come Dancing in doubt over plans for “rival” show?

ola jordan

When James Jordan was fired from Strictly Come Dancing by BBC executives, it was widely expected that his wife Ola would quit the show in a display of solidarity for her husband. Read more & comment »

Strictly Come Dancing: James Jordan blasts Aliona Vilani over Gregg Wallace & gets into “Ola won’t win” row

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 - James Jordan

Anyone who watched this year’s Celebrity Big Brother will know that former Strictly Come Dancing star James Jordan speaks his mind, and in doing so, takes no prisoners.

That said, at least he’s honest enough to state upfront that if you get into a war of words with him, it’s a case of no quarter given, none expected… Read more & comment »

Ola Jordan QUITTING Strictly Come Dancing? It seems she might…

ola jordan

When the BBC fired pro-dancer James Jordan from Strictly Come Dancing, many believed that his wife Ola would resign as a show of solidarity, however, even famous folk have bills to pay, and as it transpired, Ola didn’t quit and will be taking part in this year’s new series.

However, despite the fact that his wife was still working on the show James – who recently starred in Celebrity Big Brother – didn’t hold back on his continued criticism of the BBC and of Strictly… Read more & comment »

Strictly Come Dancing 2014: Steve Backshall REFUSES to wear fake tan or make-up! WHAT?

strictly come dancing steve backshall

It is virtually written in the Strictly Come Dancing contract that each and every week, the celebs have to be lathered up with a load of fake tan, and have as any sequins as possible decorated across their body… but there’s always one party pooper.

Steve Backshall, who has been partnered with Ola Jordan this year, has stated that he doesn’t want to wear any fake tan. He’s going to look like a right wolly stood inbetween all of the orange on a Saturday night, isn’t he?
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Celebrity Big Brother’s James Jordan & Strictly wife Ola land Katie & Peter type show?

celebrity big brother 2014 james

Former Strictly Come Dancing star James Jordan certainly made an impression on viewers during his time in the Celebrity Big Brother house, though not necessarily a good one…

That said, he made it to the show’s final – he left the house in third place – but he exited to a deafening chorus of boos. Read more & comment »

Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Ola Jordan defends husband James Jordan stating he’s “very honest”

james and ola jordan 2

Somehow, and we’re really not sure how, James Jordan has managed to make it into the final of Celebrity Big Brother on Friday evening, and his wife, Ola Jordan has been speaking out about his behavior in the house.

Unsurprisingly, Ola doesn’t think James has been rude at all during his time in the Celebrity Big Brother house – instead, he’s just been “very straightforward”, which is the way that he always is.
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James Jordan slams Strictly Come Dancing again as Ola Jordan gets warning!

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 - James Jordan

James Jordan has shown his true colours, again, while inside the Celebrity Big Brother house and he’s been slamming the BBC TV show which helped make him a household name.

The professional dancer was dropped from the lineup of Strictly Come Dancing this year, after appearing for eight series’ in the competition, and it seems he still hasn’t gotten over the snub.

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Strictly Come Dancing 2014: Ola Jordan facing the AXE over criticizing bosses! Oh dear…

james and ola jordan 2

Professional Strictly Come Dancing dancer, Ola Jordan has been given a pretty stern dressing down by Strictly bosses, after they’ve just about had it with her criticizing the show.

Ola has criticised Strictly a couple of times over the past couple of months, with her latest outburst being about skimpy outfits, but bosses have warned her that she either remains loyal to the show, or she knows where the door is.
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Strictly Come Dancing: Ola Jordan & Karen Hauer set for more spats? James Jordan says, “Do not bully my wife”

Karen Hauer, Ola Jordan

During last year’s Strictly Come Dancing, it was reported that pro-dancers Ola Jordan and Karen Hauer had been at each other’s throats backstage, and that their rows had left Ola in tears and threatening to quit.

However, at the time, Karen played down the spat and said, “Nothing really happened. It was just a small argument.” Read more & comment »