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Are Liam Payne & Sophia Smith engaged? One Direction wedding? VIDEO


Liam Payne caused all sorts of hysteria this week, when he was spotted leaving a New York jewellery store with his girlfriend Sophia Smith this week.

The One Direction star is in the Big Apple for an appearance on Saturday Night Live tonight, where he and his bandmates will be singing Night Changes along with one other track and also taking part in an interview with the lovely Amy Adams.

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One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik reach out to gay fans!

louis tomlinson 2

Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik of One Direction fame have sent messages of support to their gay fans.

The Little Things singers have been full of praise and encouragement for their lesbian, gay and bisexual supporters and were insistent that they need to be true to themselves at all times.

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One Direction fans yell “F**k you!” as Liam Payne ignores them! #GiveLiamABreak

Liam Payne

One Direction singer Liam Payne is currently in New York with his girlfriend Sophia Smith, and yesterday, he and Sophia left the hotel in order to do some shopping at some of the city’s most iconic stores.

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LIVESTREAM! Watch One Direction on Saturday Night Live here!

amy adams

The One Direction boys will be making their latest appearance on Saturday Night Live tonight and if you won’t be near a TV screen, we have some Livestream links you might want to check out.

Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik and Niall Horan have jetted out to New York and will be appearing on the hit US TV show this evening, alongside guest host Amy Adams.

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One Direction’s Harry Styles hitting on Sinitta? New girlfriend?


We always knew that Harry Styles loved cougars, but the star has reportedly risked the wrath of his boss Simon Cowell, by hitting on his ex-girlfriend.

The record label manager dated Sinitta for more than 20 years and though the pair haven’t been together for quite a while now, they have remained close, with the former pop singer joining Simon and his new woman Lauren Silverman in Barbados this week.

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One Direction: Ed Sheeran spills on writing ‘18’ for Harry, Zayn, Niall etc as Directioners unite

ed sheeran niall horan

Singer songwriter Ed Sheeran has penned a number of tracks that have ended up on One Direction’s albums, however, there’s one song that wasn’t simply a track that Ed couldn’t use and was in fact specifically written by him for 1D.

READ: Fans hurl abuse at Liam Payne in New York!

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One Direction: Louis Tomlinson reveals secret crush? Plus which superstar says 1D will SPLIT within two years?

louis tomlinson niall horan 2

As we reported recently, One Direction have – and arguably bravely, considering the rumours about homosexuality and/or bisexuality that dog singers Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson – spoken out about the subject of homosexuality in order to support young fans who might be struggling to understand their own sexuality…

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One Direction: Zayn Malik shows support for LGBT & Harry Styles goes teetotal!

zayn malik

When we think about One Direction, we think about it’s seemingly impossible not to love them, then they go and do something amazing and we love them even more. It’s a vicious circle…

Zayn Malik has recently spoken out about the LGBT community, and insisted that 1D fans needn’t be worried about coming out, as nobody will judge them.
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Louis Tomlinson looks up to WHO? & the One Direction lads are NOT doing Christmas this year! #BahHumbug

louis tomlinson 2

There’s always a lot of talk about who the One Direction lads are dating, who they’re not dating, and whether they’re dating one another, but just who are their man crushes?

Oh come on, we know they all have a little man crush on someone, but who does Louis Tomlinson look up to?
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SPOTTED! Harry Styles with new girlfriend Nadine Leopold in New York!

Nadine Leopold

Yesterday we reported that One Direction star Harry Styles had been spotted for the second time this month with mystery woman Nadine Leopold.

The pair last hooked up for a night of clubbing in LA ta the beginning of December and started tongues wagging as they left the venue together, looking very loved up indeed. Fans were devastated then when Harry and Nadine reunited in New York on Wednesday.

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