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Former Xtra Factor host Caroline Flack dating Prince Harry again?

Former Xtra Factor host Caroline Flack dating Prince Harry again?

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It’s been reported today that the now former Xtra Factor host Caroline Flack may be dating Prince Harry again, with whom she apparently first had a brief romance in 2009…

Apparently, Caroline and seriously eligible bachelor Harry – Caroline has also dated Harry Styles of One Direction fame, so maybe she has a ‘thing’ about men called Harry – have recently been spending time together again. Read on »

Don’t miss Prince Harry’s South Pole Heroes on ITV tonight! “He had everyone rolling around laughing!” (PICS & VIDEO)

Don’t miss Prince Harry’s South Pole Heroes on ITV tonight! “He had everyone rolling around laughing!” (PICS & VIDEO)


There’s a treat in store for fans of the royal family tonight as we’re set see the first of a two-part documentary that details Prince Harry’s gruelling 200km trek to the South Pole alongside wounded service men and women…

And though by all accounts we’ll be seeing Harry’s sense of humour shining through during the films, there is a serious side to the herculean challenge, which was to raise money for charity, Walking With The Wounded. Read on »

One Direction: Emma Roberts admits Harry Styles crush & Hazza’s ex Cara Delevingne at the theatre with Prince Harry?!

One Direction: Emma Roberts admits Harry Styles crush & Hazza’s ex Cara Delevingne at the theatre with Prince Harry?!

emma roberts chelsea handler

You’d probably have to lob a stone an awful long way to find any woman – lesbians aside – under the age of 30 who don’t fancy One Direction singer Harry Styles…

And celebrity ladies are no more immune to his rakish charm than the rest of us it would seem given that Emma Roberts has confessed that she’s got a bit of a crush on Hazza. Read on »

Made In Chelsea: Spencer Matthews claims he is really close to Pippa and James Middleton and Oliver Proudlock is good friends with Prince Harry!


Well, it certainly seems that Made In Chelsea star Spencer Matthews is going up in the world as far as his social circle is concerned as he has revealed that he is close friends of the brother and sister of the future Queen of England!

All we can say is watch out Pippa Middleton!
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Made In Chelsea: Jamie Laing is friends with Prince Harry’s new girlfriend, Cressida Bonas, and says she is sweetest girl he has ever met!

Made in Chelsea 2013

Why is it that every reality star around at the moment can be linked to Prince Harry?

First of all the Prince, labelled a “wild child” by tabloids from a young age for his rebellious, inappropriate and sometimes downright illegal behaviour, was linked romantically to The Only Way Is Essex star, Lauren Pope, when the pair were seen on what looked like a few dates together.
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Made In Chelsea: Rosie Fortescue tells us how to win Prince Harry!

Made In Chelsea star, Rosie Fortescue has been sharing her pearls of wisdom with all wannabe Princesses out there, by dishing out advice on how to snap up Prince Harry as a boyfriend!

According to the star, who fans of the hit E4 reality show saw confronting co-star Spencer Matthews over the allegations that he had been cheating on her friend, and co-star, Louise Thompson, during which Millie Mackintosh delivered Spenny that now infamous slap, the Prince, who has just returned from a tour of Afghanistan, is not looking for a posh girl like her, he wants to find himself a fun-loving girl to settle down with!
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TOWIE: Lauren Pope says press ruined her relationships with Prince Harry and is planning to sue phone hackers!

The Only Way Is Essex star, Lauren Pope, is planning on suing the tabloid responsible for hacking her phone whilst she was rumoured to be romantically involved with Prince Harry, according to the Daily Star newspaper.

Lauren, who has recently launched her own online dating website, Hope with Pope, claims that the interference by the press ruined her ‘friendship’ with the cheeky royal after police confirmed that her personal mobile had been hacked.
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TOWIE star Lauren Pope claims phone hacking journalists wrecked her relationship with Prince Harry!

It’s been reported today that TOWIE star Lauren Pope is considering suing journalists who she alleges hacked her mobile phone, and in doing so, heard her voicemails and read texts from Prince Harry…

And according to Lauren, it was the resulting articles in the now defunct News of the World that wrecked her relationship with Harry, since he believed she’d sold intimate details of their romance to the paper.

At the time, Lauren denied that was the case, but of course, this happened long before anybody realised that journalists were routinely intercepting phone messages. However, while speaking to the Daily Star, Lauren said that the police had confirmed that her phone had indeed been hacked.

She explained, “I know now that details about me and Harry were published because of phone hacking. I know for sure because police told me.” Read on »

X Factor: Cheryl Cole says “I’ve told Prince Harry I fancy him”

Former X Factor judge Cheryl Cole has revealed that Prince Harry is well aware that she has a bit of a ‘thing’ for him, because she’s told him!

And it is of course no secret that the feeling is entirely mutual, prompting us to wonder why there shouldn’t be some wedding bells ringing there…

However, I can’t quite imagine how Geordie Cheryl would fit in at the palace. Can you picture her and the Queen at Balmoral maybe, chilling and relaxing while Cheryl tells her, “Haway Liz man, gerrus me slibbers…”

Or enquiring to the Duke of Edinburgh about his eldest son, the heir to the throne, “Phil, how’s the big lad? The one as looks like the FA Cup?”

No, I can’t see it either, but hey, who knows… Read on »

The Only Way Is Essex: Lauren Pope insists she knocked back Prince Harry

Lauren Pope has claimed that she once rejected the advances of party loving royal, Prince Harry.

The stunning blonde DJ, who stars in ITV2’s The Only Way Is Essex, told The News Of The World that the ginger Prince was ‘smitten with her, but claimed that she gave him the brush off.

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