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Celebrity Big Brother 2012 Results: Romeo Dunn evicted! (VIDEO)

Romeo Dunn tonight became the seventh person to be evicted form the Celebrity Big Brother house.

The So Solid Crew star had been a popular housemate and was greeted by a cheering and positive crowd as he left the Elstree residence, just an hour after Nicola McLean was eliminated and met with a sea of booing haters.

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Celebrity Big Brother: Romeo thanks Karissa and Kristina Shannon for trying with Denise Welch after #bumgate

Romeo took some time to thank Karissa and Kristina Shannon yesterday, for making an effort with their fellow Celebrity Big brother housemate Denise Welch.

The girls had been involved in a huge row the night before, after the Loose Women star jokingly tried to pull down Karissa’s trousers, while dancing. The matter escalated as Kristina and then Nicola McLean got involved in the argument and Gareth watched on in horror as the ladies screamed , shouted and cried.

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Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Romeo and Michael Madsen talk about the funny moments (VIDEO)

The clock is ticking down and Celebrity Big Brother is due to draw to a close this Friday night.

Knowing that their time in the Elstree house is coming to an end, last night Romeo and Michael Madsen were chatting about how they have found the Big Brother experience.

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Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Densie Welch wins task with gullible Gareth Thomas, Romeo, Karissa and Kristina Shannon (VIDEO)

Yesterday morning, Denise was called to the diary room and asked to choose the three most gullible housemates.

Denise chose Gareth, Romeo, Karissa and Kristina to be subjects of an elaborate hoax – a hoax that all other housemates knew about.

Housemates are not Big in Japan. Super Chat is not a real Japanese chat show. Daijiro is not a Japanese chat show host.

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Celebrity Big Brother: Densie Welch breaks down as she misses out on a letter from home

As Romeo sat and listened to his letter from home in the Celebrity Big Brother house last night, one person more upset than most was Denise Welch.

As she listened to a message from the rapper’s mum, in which she reassured him that his daughters are fine and they are all enjoying watching him on TV each night, the Loose Women star wept on the sofa.

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Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Romeo and Karissa Shannon discuss world end and apocalypse theories (VIDEO)

Things got very serious for a while in the Celebrity Big brother house last night.

Kirk Norcross, Frankie Cocozza, Denise Welch Natasha Giggs and Georgia Salpa may have enjoyed a game of spin the bottle and a few sneaky snogs but some of the other housemates were discussing much more sedate matters.

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Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Romeo leads red team to victory in Jodie Marsh task!

The celebrity teams battled it out in a series of body building challenges lead by the super fit Jodie Marsh.

The Red team won the overall task and has therefore won a 3 course, gourmet dinner cooked by celebrity chef Aldo Zilli later this evening.

Here is what happened today when the housemates were split into two teams, as chosen by the respective team captains:

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Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Natalie Cassidy fails secret task…..poor Romeo!

Natalie Cassidy was unlucky last night and upon entering the Celebrity Big Brother house, was told that she had been chosen to take part in a secret task.

The former Eastenders actress was told by Big Brother that she would have to take part in a number of challenges, the first of which involved Hollywood actor Michael Masden.

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Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Romeo can’t believe that Andrew Stone is straight!

Romeo had a bit of a shock coming to him when he entered the Celebrity Big Brother house last night.

The former So Solid Crew rapper hit it off with Pineapple Dance Studios star Andrew stone upon his entry to the famous house, but after he assured the blonde singer that he was ‘not flirting’ with him, Stone felt the need to point out that he is actually straight.

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