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Justin Bieber joins So You Think You Can Dance Season 11 as he attempts to grow facial hair #Fail

Justin Bieber joins So You Think You Can Dance Season 11 as he attempts to grow facial hair #Fail

justin bieber 2

It’s been revealed this weekend that Canadian pop brat Justin Bieber is to star on So You Think You Can Dance during its eleventh run in what will apparently be a “recurring capacity.”

He and choreographer Nick DeMoura are reportedly due to make the first of four appearances on the Fox Network show as of May 28, and on that date – which is the new series’ premiere – Bieber and DeMoura will introduce a dance crew challenge… Read on »

Keith Urban ‘would love’ to return to American Idol for another season as judge & results show to be axed!


American Idol judge Keith Urban, has today revealed that he would love to return to the hit US talent show for another season and sit behind the judging desk once again.

The country singer told new network E! that he has ‘loved the adventure’ of being both a judge and mentor on the show.

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BBC to axe So You Think You Can Dance? Will you be glad to see it go?

So You Think You Can Dance 2011

We are desperately saddened by claims today that BBC are planning to axe So You Think You Can Dance.

The reality TV series is a huge hit in America and only last Wednesday night, was the most-watched prime-time program in the country.

However the format has not been so successful in the UK and insiders say that although the first series of the show was well received, the second series never took off properly and the BBC are not now planning to air a third. Read on »

So You Think You Can Dance Results: Ryan Jenkins and Paige Smith eliminated – Jennifer Hudson sings!

After last week’s spectacular showcase, it was straight back into the rehearsal studio for the 20 dance finalists.

It was time for the contest to get serious…

They displayed their specialities in this week’s first live show and then paired up to dance in couples for the first time. Crucially they were challenged with routines from far outside their comfort zones.

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So You Think You Can Dance: Arlene Phillips ‘There is a fat person who lives inside me all the time’

Arlene Phillips has admitted that she struggles to maintain her svelte figure.

The So You Think You Can Dance judge told The Mirror that she has battled with her weight and been on diets since she was just fifteen years old and finds it really ‘hard’ because she thinks about food all the time.

The 67 year old – who we met on Saturday night and found absolutely stunning – said:

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So You Think You Can Dance 2011: Profile of finalist Shane Collard

Shane Collard

Shane Collard

Age: 24

From: Perth, Australia

Aussie contemporary dancer, looking for his big break in the UK

After three years’ ballet and contemporary dance training in Perth, Shane left Australia at 18, and with his first professional audition, landed a role as a Can-Can soloist at the Moulin Rouge. However, it was only after a series of dance classes in New York years later that Shane was inspired to train further and move to London to make it as a dancer.

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So You Think You Can Dance: Matt Flint choreographed Let’s Dance routine for James Thornton and Charlie Baker

Matt Flint is due to make an appearance on So You Think You Can Dance when the show returns this weekend, but it won’t be the first time the tap dancer has been affiliated with the BBC.

A clip of the London based performer was featured on BBC Breakfast this morning, and he was seen stunning the SYTYCD judging panel – Nigel Lythgoe, Arlene Phillips, Louise Redknapp and Sisco Gomez – with his fast paced and unique tap routine.

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Charlie Bruce wins the first UK So You Think You Can Dance

They nicknamed her Cheeky Charlie during the competition, but tonight’s So You Think You Can Dance final, Charlie Bruce had emerged as a mature, competent dancer.

After a dislocated shoulder caused my personal favourite – Robbie White – to have to drop out, Charlie found herself in the final three with Lizzie Gough and Tommy Franzen. All the finalists danced in couples, either with other finalists or with former contestants who were brought back to fill the gap left by Robbie.

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So You Think You Can Dance – The Final (13 February 2010)

For the first time this series, Cat Deeley doesn’t try to shimmy her way onto the stage. She wastes no time with introductions, it’s straight into Robbie White dislocating his shoulder – ON CAMERA!!!

A clearly devastated Robbie is seen teary-eyed, admitting that his place in the competition is over. He joins Cat on stage wearing a funky black sling. My heart sincerely bleeds for him – I reckon he could’ve won this series. Nigel admits that “it’s brilliant drama for a reality show, though!” The only dancers remaining now are Charlie, Lizzie and Tommy. Taking Robbie out of the mix makes a massive difference – it could be anybody’s game tonight!

Charlie, Lizzie and Tommy come out for a group routine to I Gotta Feelin’. The girls are shop dummies who become animated when Tommy touches their windows. Then they promptly kick their way through the windows to join him. It’s a blindingly energetic routine to start the night with, and the crowd goes wild!

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Mandy Montanez & Alastair Postlethwaite leave So You Think You Can Dance

Mandy Montanez and Alastair Postlethwaite have narrowly missed out on their place in BBC’s So You Think You Can Dance final show next week.

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