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I’m A Celebrity 2013: Kian Egan gushes over ‘hilarious’ Steve Davis & Matthew Wright

kian matthew amy fashion show

The campmates got a shock when their meal arrived on tonight’s I’m A Celebrity show, as they weren’t expecting it. As the three remaining celebrities prepared their meal they discussed their previous campmates.

They talked very fondly about Rebecca. 

“She had beautiful skin and great blonde hair,” said David Emanuel. “A natural beauty but she doesn’t realise it.”

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I’m A Celebrity 2013: Steve Davis’ ex-girlfriend claims, “He was the best lover I’d ever had!”

steve davis naked

Snooker legend and now former I’m A Celebrity campmate Steve Davis may not look much like he’d be a firebrand in bed, but according to his ex-girlfriend Cheree Palla, he is!

Of him, Cheree said, “He was the best lover I’d ever had.

“He did things to me I didn’t even know you could do…” Read on »

I’m A Celebrity 2013: Steve Davis gets naked & Kian Egan styles it up as deadly lizard appears!

Steve Davis showed all his wares on I’m A Celebrity last night!

The snooker champion shocked his fellow campmates by strutting his stuff with just a few tactfully placed leaves held by a thick belt covering his modesty, when they all took part in a fun fashion show in an effort to pass the time in the jungle camp.

Off came the t shirt, the shorts and the hat and Stevie baby left little to the imagination as his dispensed with his clothes, much to the delight of fashion designer David Emanuel who couldn’t quite believe his eyes!

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I’m A Celebrity 2013: Kian Egan meets wife Jodi Albert in jungle! Steve Davis weeps with girlfriend!

kian egan

As Kian Egan, Laila Morse and Steve Davis won themselves a luxury night away from the normal I’m A Celebrity camp, bosses had another special treat in store for the trio.

Crew invited some of their loved ones in to spend some time with the stars and as Kian was chatting about what he might eat for lunch, he turned and shouted when he noticed his wife Jodi Albert walking towards him.

Egan broke down in tears and cried:

“Oh my god, I don’t believe it.”

He hugged his wife and wept, adding:

“I can’t believe it, I love you so much.”

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I’m A Celebrity 2013: Steve Davis’ girlfriend Jeannie Nash insists, “Steve deserves as much air time as everyone else!”

steve davis bugs

I’m A Celebrity viewers haven’t really seen a great deal of snooker legend Steve ‘Very interesting’ Davis, given that much of the focus so far has been on The Only Way Is Essex star Joey Essex and his budding romance with model Amy Willerton.

And that’s a situation that Steve’s girlfriend Jeanie Nash wants to see change, and for the record, so do I!

I’ve said from the get go that I think Steve’s going to prove to be a very amusing and interesting – despite his ‘boring’ tag – campmate, but as Jeanie pointed out in her chat with the Daily Mirror, it’s really been the Joey and Amy show so far. Read on »

I’m A Celebrity 2013: Steve Davis collapsed after “dizzy spell!” Is camp regime just too tough?!

steve davis faints i'm a celebrity 2013

The tough conditions in the I’m A Celebrity camp took a serious toll on slight snooker champ Steve Davis yesterday, who fainted after gathering wood for the camp’s fire…

In pictures from ITV, we see that his worried campmates rushed to try to catch him as he – rather elegantly it has to be said – keeled over and fell face-first to the ground while the show’s medic Dr Bob was hastily summoned. Read on »

I’m A Celebrity 2013: Willie Thorne voting Steve Davis for Bushtucker trials & Vincent Simone vows, “I’ll be the flirtatious Italian!”

willie thorne, steve davis
Fans of I’m A Celebrity will know that snooker ace Steve Davis has yet to do a Bushtucker trial, other than the one all the campers carried out on their first day in camp…

However, Steve’s pal Willie Thorne is running up a huge phone bill by voting for his old rival to do the gruesome trials, saying, “I’ve already spent lots phoning up to get him to do trials.

“All the beatings he’s given me, I want him to eat every kangaroo b****** and ostrich penis there is!” Read on »

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here: Steve Davis and David Emanuel save the day!

steve davis

Steve Davis and David Emanuel took part in the Dingo Dollar Challenge on tonight’s I’m A Celebrity, in which they had to complete a fun task in order to win a treat for camp.
They found a rusty old washing machine which contained a bag of dingo dollars, a washing line of clothes and a pool filed with soap suds, above which hung a bosun’s chair.  David had to soak the clothes in the water, throw them up to Steve who was in the chair who then wrung them out into a bucket. The bucket had a pipe attached to it which led to the washing machine – when the tub was full, the dingo dollars would pop out.

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I’m A Celebrity 2013: Myleene Klass reveals “I had to ask who a few of the celebs are!”

myleene klass

Fans of I’m A Celebrity will no doubt recall that Myleene Klass was a very popular campmate when she took part in the show in 2006, not least because she spent a lot of time in the shower wearing tiny bikinis…

And ahead of his stint in the jungle, snooker ace Steve Davis has revealed that he’s hoping one of the ladies in camp this year will create a repeat performance of those scenes!

More on that in a moment, but first, Myleene has confessed that when she first heard who was going into the jungle this year, she “had to ask who a few of the celebs are.” Read on »

I’m A Celebrity 2013: Rebecca Adlington pees in the pool & Steve Davis makes shocking admission!

rebecca adlington i'm a celebrity

Joey Essex asked Rebecca Adlignton to dispel a myth on tonight’s I’m A Celebrity show.

The TOWIE star quizzed her about whether peeing in a swimming pool turned the water “purple”. In response, Rebecca shocked her campmates when she admitted to peeing in swimming pools.

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