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2014 American Music Awards perform strong; drop in ratings from 2013!

American Music Awards - Jessie J, Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande
They should have just got Beyonce in…

It has been revealed that Sunday night’s 2014 American Music Awards ceremony brought in slightly lower ratings than the 2013 outing.

The awards ceremony did well up against the football on a Sunday evening, but it didn’t quite live up to 2013’s ratings. Head on inside for all the details.
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Grey’s Anatomy’s Patrick Dempsey bonds with One Direction & Taylor Swift! Guest roles?

patrick dempsey

Just when we thought we couldn’t love him more, Grey’s Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey has proved that he is the coolest father who ever lived. He’s the best!

The actor showed up to the American Music Awards this week – despite the fact that he hasn’t got a musical bone in his body – and presented some segments at the all star ceremony….he was just as McDreamy as we’ve come to expect!

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WATCH Harry Styles reacts to Taylor Swift’s AMA speech!

harry styles twitter icon

All eyes were on Harry Styles when Taylor Swift took to the stage at the American Music Awards last night and it seems everyone wanted to see how the One Direction star would react to his ex-girlfriend’s speech.

We can see why Harry might be worried about Tay Tay’s acceptance chat. After all, she was quick to diss him when she performed at The Grammys and The Brits previously and it’s not like she doesn’t have plenty of dirty laundry to air when it comes to the 1D hunk.

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Are Harry Styles & Taylor Swift back together? Spotted at The 1975 concert?

taylor swift, harry styles

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift may be getting back together, if new reports can be believed….though we’re not totally sure they can.

According to the newspapers and magazines, the One Direction star has been on and off with his ex-girlfriend more times than our bathroom light switch but this week some fans insist they have spotted the pair enjoying a night out together in LA.

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Harry Styles & Louis Tomlinson fighting? Harry responds to Taylor Swift stories

one direction ellen show 2014 3

One Direction’s new single may be titled Steal My Girl, but the X Factor stars have insisted that they wouldn’t fight over a lady….ever.

The band have certainly been at the centre of many romance related dramas, from Niall Horan’s hookup with Made In Chelsea star Louise Thompson (who was dating Andy Jordan at the time), to Harry’s rumoured reluctance to settle down with Taylor Swift, ultimately causing their breakup last year.

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Taylor Swift “heartbroken again” over Harry Styles? Mark Wahlberg’s wife not a fan of Harry?

taylor swift, harry styles
There have been rumours bounding about of late that One Direction singer Harry Styles has rekindled his romance with US pop star Taylor Swift, and as we reported earlier, American chat show host Ellen DeGeneres quizzed Harry this week about just that…

During One Direction’s appearance on her chat show, Ellen asked Harry if it was true that he’d sent 1,989 roses to Taylor by way of congratulations on her new album, 1989. Read more & comment »

One Direction: Zayn Malik confirms “NO wedding plans” & Harry Styles spills on Taylor Swift rumours VIDEO

one direction ellen show 2014

The One Direction lads – who are of course Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson – have had a busy few days over in the States, playing at Orlando and then commencing on a series of interviews…

And one of those interviews was with chat show host Ellen DeGeneres, who got the boys to talk about romance, being über famous and lots more. Read more & comment »

Taylor Swift ‘bragging’ about Harry Styles reunion? One Direction romance?

taylor swift, harry styles

Ok, so here we have it. Taylor Swift and Harry Styles rumour number 306 of the week. This time insiders are suggesting that the pair have become friends once more and may be hooking up again.

Earlier this week it was reported that Harrys sent his ex-girlfriend 1,989 roses, to celebrate the release of her new album ‘1989‘ and that he was ‘plaguing’ her with texts and calls and begging her for a second chance. However Tay’s rep denied the reports in a chat with GossipCop.

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Taylor Swift beats Harry Styles as One Direction’s Four outsells EVERYTHING

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift will no doubt be feeling a little bit smug today, as it’s been revealed that while One Direction look set to top the American charts this week, they will most likely not beat her record for album 1989.

The band may have been one member down – Zayn Malik was sick and missing when they launched their record Four yesterday – but the shortage hasn’t slowed sales any and Billboard are predicting the X Factor stars will shift a massive 400,000-450,000 copies of their fourth studio album in the first week of sales in the US.

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Taylor Swift QUIT Spotify to join Google’s new YouTube Music Key service?

taylor swift alan carr

A couple of weeks back, Taylor Swift surprised the world when she completely pulled out of Spotify.

We know that Taylor has never really been one to put her music straight on the service, but a couple of weeks back, she pulled her whole back catalogue from the streaming service… but there may have been a method in her madness.
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