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After Harry Styles, Taylor Swift is OFF men but Lady Gaga promises her a Prince Charming!

taylor swift

Taylor Swift has insisted that she is off men and will probably remain single for at least five years, mostly because her career puts so many potential suitors off.

The 22 hitmaker was last in a relationship with One Direction star Harry Styles but it seems the experience has deterred her from entering into another romance, because she hasn’t been seriously linked to another man since their split in early 2013. That is two long years.

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Oasis’ Noel Gallagher slams One Direction & Taylor Swift as Niall Horan goes missing!

noel gallagher

Noel Gallagher has laid the boot into the One Direction boys again…..though we have to admit, we’re getting a little bored of his ranting now.

The Oasis star seems to be more famous these days for his critical diatribe and constant insults in the media, than he is for any music he’s released in the last decade and in a new interview he’s trained his guns on the 1D lads and pop star Taylor Swift.

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Lady Gaga & Taylor Swift have an ADORABLE love-in on Twitter!

Lady Gaga Oscars 2015

We know that Taylor Swift has enemies out there, just as she confirmed in a recent interview, but it turns out Lady Gaga is not one of them.

Taking to Twitter yesterday, Taylor Swift praised Lady Gaga for simply winning at life at the moment, and Gaga replied. It was all vey adorable. Head on inside for the wise words of wisdom Gaga had to give to Taylor.
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Did One Direction’s Harry Styles put Taylor Swift off men?

Taylor Swift haim 4

Taylor Swift has seen her career explode over the past twelve months and she’s done it all while vehemently single and very definitely leaving men off the agenda.

The star had become known as something of a bunny boiler for a few years and as she lurched from one disastrous relationship to another, she found that she was making more headlines for her love life than she was for her music.

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Taylor Swift knows she has enemies, but REFUSES to talk about Katy Perry!

taylor swift haim

We know that there has been a running feud between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift for quite some time now, and it isn’t something that TayTay is prepared to talk about.

In a recent interview with The Telegraph, Taylor Swift revealed that she refuses to speak about Katy Perry in interviews, as if she doesn’t say anything about her, then it doesn’t give the media anything to write about. Possibly a method to live by, right?
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Taylor Swift reveals she is NOT dating but has ‘anxiety’ over having male friends!

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A week or so back, it was reported that Taylor Swift was dating fellow musician, Hozier, after they were spotted together at the Grammy Awards in Los Angekes.

Well, surprise surprise, it turned out that rumour is now true, and never was true, but it makes Taylor question whether having male friends is beneficial, as there’s always one report or another about who she is and is not dating,
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Taylor Swift sets the bar SO high for other stars! Here’s why…

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Earlier today, we reported that Backstreet Boys singer AJ McLean had given One Direction words of advice on treasuring their fans and being sure to respect them, but One Direction are well aware of that, so his advice, though well intentioned, was pointless.

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So, Taylor Swift is Woman of the Year and she’s in love, but is she a fugitive?!

taylor swift style 3

Last night, pop star Taylor Swift went down a storm with her performance at the Brit Awards 2015 – while Madonna just went down, but not in the pervy way – as well as landing a gong for Best International Female…

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Ed Sheeran & Taylor Swift had to HIDE from the cops at post-grammys party! REBELS!

ed sheeran, taylor swift

Who knew that Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift were complete rebels?

Whilst appearing on the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast show with Nick Grimshaw yesterday to promote the BRIT awards, which take place this evening, Taylor and Ed revealed that they had to evade the police after the cops shut down a Grammys after party they were at. Ohh err…

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Taylor Swift named ‘Woman of the Year’ at Elle Style Awards 2015! She’s winning at life…


We said this yesterday, and we’ll say it again… Taylor Swift is just WINNING at life right now.

Last night, the star took home the big award from the Elle Style Awards 2015, as she was named ‘Woman of the Year’. Although, organisers may have taken that award back if they could after they saw the dress she was wearing.
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