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Taylor Swift turns romance agony aunt for fan & reveals why she was an outcast at school!

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US pop star Taylor Swift spends a good deal of her time talking with and even counselling her young fans, and yesterday, after one fan sent a message to the star about her upset over a boy, Taylor decided to give her some sage advice…

To the fan, named Hannah, Taylor wrote, “When you have a broken heart, the first thing a stranger will ask is ‘how long were you two together?’

“As if your pain can be determined by how long you were with someone…” Read more & comment »

Ed Sheeran says of Harry Styles’ ex Taylor Swift, “She can be quite harsh…”

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When US pop star Taylor Swift split from One Direction singer Harry Styles last year, it was later revealed that she had written her hit ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ about the heartthrob…

Then this year, her BFF Ed Sheeran – who is of course also a close friend of Harry’s – apparently did likewise and penned ‘Don’t’ which detailed his breakup from Ellie Goulding amid rumours that he had caught her cheating on him with One Direction star Niall Horan. Read more & comment »

#Awks! One Direction & Taylor Swift to headline at iHeartRadio Music Festival & Harry Styles gets biblical

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Though the romance between One Direction singer Harry Styles and American pop singer Taylor Swift lasted only a matter of mere weeks, their relationship was one of the most publicised of all of the former X Factor group’s romances…

And when Taylor and Harry split – at the time, it was claimed by several tabloid newspapers that Harry found Taylor to be too much of a “homebody” while he was intent on partying – though neither commented on the breakup publicly, Taylor vented her upset via the medium of song, and wrote I Knew You Were Trouble about Hazza. Read more & comment »

Nicole Scherzinger promises half naked London run & Ed Sheeran reveals “thoughtful” Taylor Swift gift

nicole scherzinger
Former X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger is busy promoting her new single Your Love, and she’s so keen to see it reach No1 in the UK charts that she’s promised fans that if it does, she will streak through London in just her underwear.

Which is news that’s likely to send my beloved racing to his laptop to order 300 copies of the single… Read more & comment »

Taylor Swift is “very crafty” says Ed Sheeran, Austin Mahone insists “I’m not like Miley Cyrus & Justin Bieber!”

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Soon after US pop star Taylor Swift and One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles ended their brief romance, Taylor became good friends with his BFF Ed Sheeran, and it was – and still is – a friendship that’s become a solid working relationship too…

But inevitably, rumours that Taylor and Ed are an item have been circulating for months, but whenever he’s asked about it, Ed always denies that he and Taylor are anything other than good mates. Read more & comment »

10 SHOCKING celebrity hoaxes! Zayn Malik, Taylor Swift, Liam Payne, Megan Fox &

Wait... are you saying you've LOST the green??

Wait… are you saying you’ve LOST the green??

Zayn Malik found himself becoming the victim of a Twitter hoax this week. It wasn’t his first, it won’t be his last, but it was sure to be an upsetting one for his friends and family all the same.

Yesterday, just days after a leaked video showed the star smoking marijuana during a trip to Peru with his bandmate Louis Tomlinson, the hashtag #zayninprison trended worldwide. Many fans claimed that the 1D hunk had been imprisoned over his illegal drug habit, which of course was utter tripe.

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Taylor Swift cancels Thailand concert as martial law is declared, but her ex Harry Styles has SCORED!

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It’s been reported today that US pop star Taylor Swift has been forced to cancel her scheduled live concert in Thailand in the wake of the country’s government having been deposed and marshal law declared in a bid to control unrest.

Of the troubles, the BBC reports, “Soldiers have taken over TV and radio stations, and blocked off roads in the capital, Bangkok.” Read more & comment »

Ed Sheeran matchmaking between Harry Styles’ ex Taylor Swift and Orlando Bloom?!

ed sheeran, taylor swift

Though Ed Sheeran hasn’t had the best of luck in his own love life – assuming rumours that his former girlfriend Ellie Goulding cheated on him with his One Direction buddy Niall Horan are true that is – he is apparently busy playing cupid between his BFF Taylor Swift and US movie star Orlando Bloom!

And apparently, despite the fact that Orlando is some 13 years older than Taylor – who of course formerly dated One Direction star Harry Styles – the budding romance is “going well” so far as it’s steered through love’s waters by Lego House singer Ed… Read more & comment »

Taylor Swift dating One Direction’s Harry Styles’ BFF?

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Taylor Swift might have landed herself another celebrity boyfriend, but word not he street is that her ex Harry Styles might not be happy, because it’s one of his new Hollywood BFFs.

The One Direction star got close to Zach Braff during a recent elongated stay in the states and the pair had dinner and hung out on a number of occasions. However it’s thought that the former Scrubs star could be getting close to Tay Tay now and if the rumours are true, then the romance isn’t a new one.

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Harry Styles & Taylor Swift, Zayn Malik & Perrie Edwards make Spotify’s most powerful couple list!

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One Direction have been featured twice in a new list of ‘most powerful couples in music history’ released by music streaming service Spotify this week, we can reveal.

Staff at the company analysed data from their millions of users around the world and compiled their results based on the total combined streams for each artist. It was confirmed that, despite them only dating for around three months, more than a year ago, Harry Styles and Taylor Swift took fifth place in the chart.

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