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William H Macy brands One Direction’s Harry Styles etc ‘w*nkers’! LOVES Taylor Swift!

william h macy

William H Macy has branded One Direction a bunch of ‘wankers’ in a brand new interview this week.

The controversial statements, which are sure to attract all manner of hateful tweets and death threats from Directioners around the world, were made during a chat with Billboard and the Fargo star revealed that he hates listening to the X Factor stars when he travels with his teenage daughters.

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Harry Styles? Taylor Swift is so over “trivial dating!” Plus Kelly Clarkson covers Shake It off VIDEO

Taylor Swift (Credit: Facebook)

Taylor Swift (Credit: Facebook)

The issue of American pop star Taylor Swift’s love life has been making headlines for the last couple of weeks after it was mooted that she wrote Out of the Woods about her failed romance with One Direction star, Harry Styles.

However, it was also claimed that he wrote I Love You about her, but in the midst of all of that, Harry’s mate Olly Murs remarked that Taylor should “let it go” given that her romance with Harry was brief and ended a long time ago… Read more & comment »

Terrified Taylor Swift says, “I wouldn’t survive” as she reveals deepest fears & fan theft VIDEO

taylor swift
American pop star Taylor Swift made an appearance on Ellen DeGeneres’ chat show this week and during the interview, the Out of the Woods singer revealed two of her deepest fears…

Her primary terror is that she could be arrested and imprisoned for a crime she didn’t commit, while her second major fear is of sea urchins. Read more & comment »

The Voice: Taylor Swift talks Adam Levine’s weakness, but what absolutely terrifies her?

Taylor Swift

After receiving death threats, and kidnap threats over the years, we can’t imagine much terrifies Taylor Swift.

Well, we were wrong, as some pretty bizarre things render her useless. But what is it that terrifies her? Head on inside for all the details…
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Harry Styles wrote ANOTHER song about Taylor Swift? Gavin DeGraw spills on ‘Not Our Fault’

taylor swift harry styles

It was recently reported that One Direction star Harry Styles – who is a prolific songwriter – had written ‘I Love You’ about his failed romance with American pop star Taylor Swift, although neither he nor duo Alex and Sierra, who released the track, have ever confirmed that to be the case. Read more & comment »

Taylor Swift FORCED to step up security after abduction plot!


Taylor Swift has revealed that she’s been forced to step up her security in recent months after the many, many threats she has received.

The singer has received an array of threats including threats to kill her, kidnap her, abduct her, oh and even threats to marry her…
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Taylor Swift BLASTS ‘sexist’ Olly Murs after his Harry Styles comments?

taylor swift

As we recently reported, pop star Olly Murs took a swipe at US singer Taylor Swift and her propensity to write songs about her romances, and in particular, her failed romances…

But it was with specific reference to her failed relationship with One Direction singer Harry Styles that Olly said, “Let it go. Write something new that isn’t about Harry.” Read more & comment »

CONFIRMED! Taylor Swift is a crazy cat lady… seriously!

Taylor Swift

It appears Tay Tay Swift is the new face of Diet Coke in the US, and her advert has to be one of the oddest we’ve seen in a while.

We know that Taylor has an obsession with cats, and has very recently started carrying one around with her, but now she’s surrounded by them in the new advert.
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Harry Styles wrote ‘I Love You’ about Taylor Swift? Olly Murs urges her to stop ‘lashing’ Harry!

taylor swift, harry styles

One Direction star Harry Styles and American pop star Taylor Swift dated for a matter of mere weeks before ending their romance.

At the time, media reports suggested that Harry found Taylor to be too possessive and too much of a “homebody” who wasn’t interested in living while they were young and who preferred to bake and spend time at home with her cats rather than partying. Read more & comment »

Taylor Swift blames record label after angry UK Swifties don’t get ‘Out of the Woods’… fans don’t react well!


Yesterday, Taylor Swift released brand new promo song ‘Out of the Woods’, but it appears the UK have been left out AGAIN!

When British Swifties found that they couldn’t download the track via iTunes yesterday, they were absolutely fuming, but she’s offered up an explanation… in fact, she’s blamed it all on her record label.

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