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X Factor 2013: It’s the year of second chances as Dolly Rockers, Rough Copy, Melanie McCabe, Terry Winstanley, Jade Richards & Amy Mottram shine!

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Fans of The X Factor will of course know that judge Sharon Osbourne has returned to the show, and evidently, she’s not the only one given that it’s been reported that several formerly rejected singers have done likewise and made a comeback, hoping for better luck in 2013!

Among those who’ve returned for a second shot at X Factor glory are boy band Rough Copy and solo singers Melanie McCabe, Terry Winstanley, Jade Richards and Amy Mottram… Read on »

X Factor 2011: Terry Winstanley complains about useless Louis Walsh

Terry Winstanley

During an interview with Radio Berkshire this morning, our editor Lisa McGarry admitted that she felt sorry for those X Factor contestants being mentored by Louis Walsh, as she claimed he has no idea about today’s music industry and seems less and less interested in his hopefuls as the years go by.

It seems that she hit the nail on the head, as Terry Winstanley – who made it as far as Walsh’s judges houses round in August this year – has given an interview to The People in which he slams the Irish star and said that he offered his final eight no help, advice or support at all.

The lorry driver was elated to be given the chance to perform for Louis and Sinitta in Barcelona and blew them away with a strong and raspy vocal performance, however he said the experience was not at all what he expected, and blasted the Westlife manager saying:

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X Factor 2011: Johnny Robinson and Terry Winstanley LOVE Sinitta!


Over in Barcelona, the over 25’s have settles nicely into the climate.

Louis: I have probably got the most talked about category on X Factor, it’s all about hard work for me in this business I want to see people that are prepared to do whatever it takes.

So for; Joseph Gilligan, Goldie Cheung, Johnny Robinson, Kitty Brucknell, Samantha Brookes, Carolynne Poole, Jonjo Kerr and Terry Winstanley, it’s time to get serious.

Carolynne: All the fun and games is great, but I’m here to get a record deal, as much as I’m having fun and the guys are great, I’m here to work.

Kitty: I really really want this.

And after checking out Louis’s house…..

Goldie: Wow this place is just like a pleasure land.

It’s time for the over 25’s to meet up with their mentor.

Louis: Hi everybody! Welcome to my judges home in sunny Spain. I am so excited with this category this year,. Because in front of me I see amazing people with big personalities, big performance, you know what you’ve got to do today, you must deliver, this is your last chance. To help me in my judges’ home today, I’ve got somebody very special, she knows an awful lot about the X Factor, can I introduce to you, Senorita Sinnita!

Sinnita: I’m an older as well; I know what it’s like to feel like it’s your last chance. So guys let’s get down to business, and good luck!

Terry: Sinnita is well fit, I didn’t think she would be that fit! When you see her on telly and that you think well not that bad, but she’s well fit.

Johnny: I’m really happy Sinnita’s here, but I was hoping it was going to be Cilla Black but there you go nevermind, can’t complain, I got Sinnita!

Tune in tonight to see how the over get on and tomorrow to find out who makes the live shows. But if you’re feeling curious, then check out our final 16 spoiler list here.

X Factor 2011: Louis Walsh’s ‘The Overs’ category – judges houses pictures

Louis Walsh was seen being landed with the worst category – again – on last night’s X Factor show.

The producers obviously took note of Gary Barlow’s threat that he’d walk off the series, if he landed the overs to mentor for the live shows and knowing that Louis would never leave the ITV talent competition of his own free will, bosses landed him with the older contestants once more.

He put a brave face on it and managed not to look too gutted, when he entered his room to discover that he would be bringing Kitty Brucknell, Samantha Brookes, Joseph Gilligan, Goldie Cheung, Johnny Robinson, Carolynne Poole, Jonjo Kerr and Terry Winstanley to Barcelona for judges houses.

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X Factor 2011: Terry Winstanley stuns panel with Michael Bolton classic (VIDEO)

Terry Winstanley showed the X Factor judges that the oldies still have something to bring to the show, when he auditioned earlier this year.

The 51 year old lorry driver from Worthing, West Sussex took to the stage at London’s O2 Arena and performed ‘To Love Somebody’ by Michael Bolton for the panel.

Before singing though he revealed that he has always loved performing, but never approached it seriously, and confessed that it was only when his own children grew up and reached adulthood that he realised he wanted to follow his dream and become a performer.

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X Factor 2011: Terry Winstanley renews judges faith in overs category

Terry Winstanley made quite the impression when he auditioned for The X Factor earlier this year.

The 51 year old granddad tried out for the ITV show in London’s O2 Arena and will be featured on tonight’s episode.

Speaking to Dermot O’Leary, Terry explains his back story saying:

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