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Geordie Shore: Vicky Pattison on Charlotte’s weight gain, Marnie’s new love & reveals TOWIE’s Mario tried it on!


Oh dear, hell certainly hath no fury like a woman scorned, and they don’t get much more scorned than former Geordie Shore star Vicky Pattison sounds right now!

The Geordie lass, who quit the hit MTV reality show last series, has been embroiled in a bitter feud with her former co-star Charlotte Crosby, who she says has been mimicking her every step.
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Geordie Shore’s Vicky Pattison replacing Dermot O’Leary on X Factor?


We had come to the conclusion, considering her reasons for leaving Geordie Shore, that Vicky Pattison was planning to take a step back from the limelight, but it would seem we were very wrong about that indeed.

The original Geordie Girl with a VIP edge announced her decision to bow out of the hit MTV reality show at the end of the last season, after nine series in the thick of the show’s drama.
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Geordie Shore Spoilers: New cast photo shows new, and absent faces! & is Charlotte about to quit?

chloe gs series 10 grup

The filming for the tenth series of Geordie Shore has come to a close and to mark the occasion, one of the new members of the cast has posted a picture of a rather bizarre group picture online.

The reason that this particular picture is a bit much to take in, apart from the absence of Vicky Pattison of course, is the selection of new faces, and the absence of one very familiar face.
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Celebrity Big Brother 2015: As Chloe Goodman & Vicky Pattison square up, is ex-HM Claire Richards too thin?

chloe goodman vicky pattison

The new series of Celebrity Big Brother launches on Channel 5 on Wednesday, 7 January at 9pm, and apparently – so sayeth The Sun’s TV Biz at any rate – for the first time in the show’s history, presenter Emma Willis will be joined by Geordie Shore star Vicky Pattison who will “comment on the stars” who are set to become housemates.

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Vicky Pattison reveals she HATED Geordie Shore: ‘It just became a chore’


Well we all know that Vicky Pattison has bid farewell to the Geordie Shore house, and in a recent interview, she’s revealed that she doesn’t have any regrets at all about waving goodbye to the house.

Vicky has explained that she doesn’t envy the rest of the cast who have stuck around, as coming to the end of her time on the show, it just become a chore for her.
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Charlotte Crosby to QUIT Geordie Shore? Vicky Pattison reckons so…

charlotte crosby

She’s not long since come back to Geordie Shore, and now Vicky Pattison reckons that Charlotte Crosby won’t last much longer on the show… NOOO!

If there’s one person we absolutely love on Geordie Shore, it’s Charlotte Crosby. In fact, we love her in everything she does, but Vicky thinks that Charlotte isn’t going to be around on the show for much longer, as she thinks some of the girls want to grow up now and move away from the show…
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Geordie Shore spoilers: Vicky Pattison teases GS without her!

geordie shore vicky 3

We were all more than a little sad to say goodbye to Geordie Shore original cast member, Vicky Pattison, at the end of the last series.

But now that she has gone, thoughts have turned to what sort of dynamic those left in the Geordie Shore house will create.
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Geordie Shore Spoilers: Watch Vicky Pattison’s final goodbye here! (VIDEO)


We knew it was coming, but even having had time to prepare did not make it any easier for us to watch the clip below of Vicky Pattison announcing her decision to leave Geordie Shore for good!

As we reported several weeks ago, original cast member Vicky made the decision to leave the show that launched her career to spend more time being a normal girlfriend to new man James.
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Geordie Shore spoilers: Is it all over between Gary & Charlotte? And Aaron & Marnie?

geordie shore gaz charlotte 1

So, last night’s episode of Geordie Shore saw a very unexpected turn of events as the newly rekindled romance between Gary Beadle and Charlotte Crosby came to a shaky end, and not in the way you would have expected it to either!

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Coming Soon! Geordie Shore gets festive In ‘A Parsnip In A Pear Tree’ VIDEO


Ah, nothing says Christmas like a gang of drunken Geordies singing about one of their cast mate’s genitals!

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