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X Factor 2014 – As the ITV show prepares to launch again, we have audition information including dates, cities and venues as well as who the new judges might be this year.

X Factor’s Mel B admits Geri Halliwell ‘bitterness’

geri halliwell mel b 1

People tuning into the X Factor a few weeks ago were left in no doubt, Mel B did not take the news about Geri Halliwell leaving the Spice Girls well and with a good heart.

As Simon Cowell convinced a married couple to split their singing duo, sending the wife through to the arena round and the husband home, he chatted with Mel about how it feels when one member of an ensemble suddenly leaves.

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X Factor 2014: Jay James Picton attracts attention of Justin Timberlake!

The X Factor - Jay James

Jay James Picton has been one of the stand out performers on this year’s series of The X Factor and it seems that Simon Cowell isn’t the only one interested in the wannabe.

The handsome dad of one wowed the judges in his closed room audition, as much with his story and army background as with his voice and performing style and he went on to become one of the few auditionees whose talent translated onto the big stage too.

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X Factor 2014: Simon Cowell’s judges houses meltdown! Heatwave, delays & birds!

simon cowell 2

Simon Cowell was pushed to the point of distraction this week, because of delays and problems at X Factor judges houses.

The music mogul whisked the last of the overs out to LA, where final auditions were filmed in his mansion, but a heatwave has caused chaos for the hopefuls along with a whole other host of issues.

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X Factor 2014 spoilers: Cheryl FV picks Abby Eades for brand new girl group!

x factor judges

Cheryl FV and Simon Cowell have reportedly put together a brand new girl group at bootcamp, though it’s not yet known if they were good enough to progress to the X Factor judges’ houses round.

The stars picked some of their favourite singers from the audition round and used them to form a new ensemble, after being less than impressed by the selection of groups who had applied themselves.

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X Factor band Overload to be even BIGGER than One Direction? Here’s why they could be…

Overload - The X Factor
When X Factor boy-band Overload first tried out for the show, judges Simon Cowell, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, Louis Walsh and Mel B were clearly dubious about how they were going to sound on learning that they had been together as a group for just three months.

However, as soon as the boys – who are Ollie, Joey, Jordi, Ryan and Andy – began to sing, all doubts went out of the window, and they were put straight through to the next round… Read more & comment »

Simon Cowell challenges Strictly Come Dancing bosses, saying, “Just say you want to beat X Factor!”

simon cowell x factor 2014

Year on year, the BBC and ITV go head-to-head in a bid to win the most viewers for their respective Saturday night shows, Strictly Come Dancing and X Factor, and this year is of course no different.

However, the warring between the bosses of both shows has ramped up a notch this year as ITV are set to air a bonus episode of The X Factor on Friday, 26 September, which is the night that Strictly launches over on the BBC. Read more & comment »

X Factor: Mel B’s mum reportedly denies her claim she was raised in “rough” area of Leeds

Mel B

In last week’s episodes of X Factor – which featured hopefuls trying out for the second time at Wembley Arena – viewers heard judge Mel B telling singer Kayleigh Manners that they were brought up in the same area of Leeds…

After Kayleigh revealed that she was from Leeds, Mel told her, “I grew up in Harehills.” Read more & comment »

X Factor: Simon Cowell to re-launch Celeb XF, and he wants Strictly’s Sir Bruce Forsyth to star!

sir bruce forsyth, simon cowell

The annual ratings war between The X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing is set to kick off when the BBC debut the new series of their hit dance show on Friday, September 26, which is when ITV will air a bonus episode of X Factor…

And of course, the BBC have accused X Factor and Simon Cowell of begin underhanded in adding a third weekly episode to ITV’s schedule, while ITV argue that the BBC threw down the gauntlet by airing Strictly at the same time on Saturday nights as X Factor. Read more & comment »

X Factor reject Lottie Lou claims she bedded TOWIE star Ricky Rayment

Lottie Lou x factor

During the weekend’s episodes of The X Factor – which focused on the auditions at Wembley Arena which took place over the summer – we saw hopeful ‘singer’ Lottie Lou being given a resounding set of ‘No’ votes from judges Simon Cowell, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, Louis Walsh and Mel B.

But being told she just can’t sing evidently came as a shock to Lottie, however, the awfulness of her audition was confirmed by the 5,000 plus audience members who booed and jeered after she attempted to cover Lily Allen’s Sheezuz. Read more & comment »

X Factor boy band Overload regret slating the show & singer Ollie dumped by fed up girlfriend!

Overload - The X Factor

As X Factor viewers saw over the weekend, boy band hopefuls Overload yet again wowed judges Simon Cowell, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, Louis Walsh and Mel B when they performed for them a second time at Wembley Arena…

However, while singers Ollie, Joey, Andy, Jordi and Ryan were lapping up the praise – Cheryl told them, “You’re the best boy band we’ve had on” – what they didn’t mention was that Joey once apparently stated that he would never take part in X Factor. Read more & comment »