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When does The Apprentice 2014 start? We know!

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It’s been revealed this week that fans of The Apprentice will have to wait until the autumn to see a new series of the hit BBC show, which show mogul Lord Alan Sugar revealed on Twitter when asked about the new run.

After a fan asked when we can expect the new series to debut, Lord Sugar replied, “It won’t be on until Autumn of 2014 to avoid the World Cup.”

Now for me, that news hits a raw nerve, because there are few things that irritate me more than regular TV scheduling being interrupted and messed about for football… Read more & comment »

Danny Dyer mocks Katie Hopkins with hilarious Twitter picture!


It seems like Danny Dyer doesn’t much like Katie Hopkins – yes we know…he’s not on his own there – and he’s been very open about the fact on his Twitter page this week.

The Eastenders star took to the micro blogging website to tell fans that he would rather kiss and old woman with MASSIVE lips than snog the Apprentice star but we have no idea what sparked the outburst.

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Strictly Come Dancing, Top Gear & The Apprentice facing BBC axe?

Strictly Come Dancing logo

BBC bosses are apparently on the hunt for some new shows and will be killing off some of their most popular formats in the best five years, it’s been reported in a brand new book.

Executives are said to be worried that programmes such as Strictly Come Dancing, Top Gear and The One Show are getting old and tired and reaching the end of their natural lives and are considering pulling them off air in the near future.

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Former The Apprentice winner Michelle Dewberry reveals her skin cancer was misdiagnosed, twice! This doesn’t surprise me at all…

michelle dewbury

When businesswoman Michelle Dewberry won the second series of The Apprentice in 2006, the world was her oyster and she had everything going for her…

However, just a few years later, Michelle has been battling cancer, the treatment for which was delayed after her illness was misdiagnosed twice. Read more & comment »

The Apprentice tycoon Lord Sugar reportedly offered to pay for a facelift for Nick Hewer!

nick hewer

It’s been claimed today that The Apprentice tycoon Lord Alan Sugar offered to fork out for a facelift for his sidekick Nick Hewer who turns 70 years old this month.

Apparently, Lord Sugar reckons a spot of cosmetic surgery could do wonders for Nick, who told the Mirror, “I said it was my birthday and he said, ‘Really. I will tell you what I will do, I’ll pay for you to get your eyes done.’ Read more & comment »

Former The Apprentice stars Luisa Zissman & Katie Hopkins in furious Twitter row!

katie hopkins luisa zissman

Fans of this year’s Celebrity Big Brother will know that Luisa Zissman does not mince her words, and isn’t afraid to voice her opinion, rather much like her fellow former The Apprentice alum Katie Hopkins…

So when the pair recently clashed on Twitter, it was to the surprise of no one that things got nasty fast.

It all began when Hopkins – who is of course making a career out of being obnoxious and ‘controversial for cash’ – took to the social networking site to say, “Luisa. Recruited by Mumsnet to promote their latest campaign for crotchless pants. Inspired.” Read more & comment »

The Apprentice’s Nick Hewer disses Katie Hopkins as she slags ‘potato head’ Lee Ryan


Nick Hewer has dissed former Apprentice candidate Katie Hopkins, insisting that she has managed to escape his notice ever since finishing on the BBC show.

The controversial star has hit the headlines on many occasions over the past year, mostly because of her offensive comments over children’s names, benefit claimants and then her very public spat with Kelly Osbourne over mum Sharon’s plastic surgery recently.

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Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Former apprentice stars Luisa Zissman & Jordan Poulton had sex the in cupboards & they had a “routine”- seriously!

Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Luisa Zissman, Dappy

If you’ve watched but one episode of Celebrity Big Brother so far this series, you’ll know that Luisa Zissman’s cylinders are always fired up when it comes to sex.

In virtually every episode, Luisa is either talking about her past sex encounters or she’s gyrating up and down one housemate or another. But, it turns out she was ten times worse in the Apprentice house, according to Jordan Poulton.
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Celebrity Big Brother 2014: The Apprentice star Nick Hewer says Lord Sugar “will be disappointed” with Luisa Zissman!

nick hewer luisa zissman

Celebrity Big Brother housemate Luisa Zissman is certainly providing some first class entertainment from the house, what with rows, lesbian kissing and her outspoken views…

However, according to The Apprentice star Nick Hewer, Lord Alan Sugar won’t be impressed with his former candidate’s antics on the Channel 5 show.

He said, “I have yet, in 30 years, to hear Lord Sugar tell a risqué joke. It’s not him… Read more & comment »

The Apprentice star Luisa Zissman hits back after criticism over pic of her daughter holding a glass of champagne!

luisa zissman 2
It’s been reported today that former The Apprentice star Luisa Zissman has hit back at some of her Twitter followers who criticised her for posting a picture online of her three year old daughter Dixie holding a glass of champagne while posing for a snap on Christmas Eve.

The image was posted with the comment, “Cheers! Merry Xmas #posingwithmummyschampagne.”

However, it seems the PC brigade of anorak wearers were huddled over their computers breathlessly waiting for something to criticise, and sure enough, one user of the social networking site wrote, “Responsible parenting”. Read more & comment »