James McCullagh Apprentice 2012 blog – Ricky Martin to go all the way?

Witness the fitness, the reflection of perfection and a part time wrestler (and a famous singer) Ricky Martin is starting to look like a front runner in this year’s apprentice.

He project managed the losing team (that should have won) on last night’s fitness task- smashed his pitch and laid the smackdown in the boardroom.

For me Ricky has shown a variety of skills but I’m most impressed with his ability to talk. He talks the talk with his snappy sound-bites and his ability to fight his corner in the boardroom.

I think Ricky could go all the way and knock a few other candidates out along the way.

If it’s not going to be Ricky, I’ve been impressed with Gabrielle, Tom, and Nick.

It’s getting serious now- Ricky, get ready to rumble.

This article was written by former Young Apprentice candidate James McCullagh. Catch up with James on Twitter for his latest views and all the latest Apprentice gossip here.

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