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TOWIE: Vas Morgan says being gay is “Unnatural!”

TOWIE: Vas Morgan says being gay is “Unnatural!”

The Only Way Is Essex star, Vas Morgan, has revealed that he doesn’t like being gay as he finds the lifestyle “unnatural!”

The star, who has also taken part in Celebrity Big Brother, has made this shocking revelation during a recent interview with aTEEN magazine, during which he admitted that he believes that same-sex relationships are “wrong” and backs the recent remarks made by Dolce And Gabbana that same sex couples should not bring up children.

The reasons for Morgan’s bizarre thoughts on the subject can more than likely be traced back to the way his parents feel about his sexuality, as he revealed to the publication:

Vas Morgan Lauren Pope

“My mum and dad will never accept it.

“They don’t understand someone being gay and really judge me.

“I think they find me an embarrassment to the family and that makes me feel bad.”

And, while Morgan admits to not being religious or believing that he will go to hell for his lifestyle choice, he did go on to say that his “personal belief” is that his way of life “unnatural” whilst admitting that he finds it hard to follow his parent’s wishes, to not be openly gay on the hit ITVBe show, as they do “genuinely believe you go to hell if you are gay.”

towie vas morgan

On the subject of gay couples having kids, Morgan controversially commented:

“I wouldn’t ever want to bring kids up in a gay relationship either.

“I actually agree with some of the things they [Dolce And Gabbana] are saying but could never voice my opinion because people would turn on me too.

“I think it is great people like Elton John can do it but I personally would never feel comfortable bringing up kids with another man.”

Well, we actually do not know what to make of all that do you? Leave your thoughts and comments below!

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Michelle Keegan’s dad thrown out of Mark Wright’s stag do & who has split the Wright family up?

Michelle Keegan’s dad thrown out of Mark Wright’s stag do & who has split the Wright family up?

Following our report yesterday that Joey Essex had been snubbed by his former The Only Way Is Essex co-star Mark Wright when it came to his pre-stag-do invites, there is one person who may wish he hadn’t made it on to the guest list!

According to The Sun newspaper Wright’s future father-in-law, Mike Keegan, did join the TV presenter for his big night, but didn’t make it till the end…

The publication reports that the father of former Corrie beauty Michelle Keegan, was refused re-entry to the club that Wright was celebrating his final days of freedom at – After leaving to go and get a kebab!

This would certainly explain why the father of the bride was missing from Wright’s final pic of the night as posted on Twitter stating that the group he was with were “The last ones standing!”

mark wright stag do

But while it was all fun and laughter on the big night, we may have uncovered why Wright’s cousin, Elliott, was not in attendance either.

As we have previously reported, a row broke out in the Wright family after Elliott, who announced his decision to quit the hit ITVBe reality show earlier this month, was left miffed that his on-off-on again girlfriend Chloe Sims, who is moving with him to Spain, was not invited to the lavish wedding of Mark and Michelle.

And according to Elliott’s sister, Leah, this isn’t the only upset that her brother’s relationship with Sims has caused.

In fact she says that the turbulent romance has ripped her family apart!

towie chloe elliott 8

Discussing the situation in a recent interview with The Sun newspaper, Leah revealed:

“The Wrights are a really close family. Elliott always confided in me. He used to call me at 1am to talk about his feelings for Chloe.

“But since Chloe and I fell out — over the way she treated him — and they got close again, it’s like he’s said, ‘See you later Leah, I don’t need you now’.

“I could never hate Elliott, he’s my brother, but I don’t see what he can say to fix things now.”

And Leah can more than see the hassle this may cause at Mark and Michelle’s wedding, so much so in fact that she had to beg her cousin not to sit her next to her brother at the do for fear of sparks flying

leah wright towie

On what sparked the feud between her and Chloe, Leah explained how, having always been in favour of her brother’s girlfriend, she had changed her mind after she had found out about Chloe texting another man, and told Elliott like “any sister would do!”

However, Chloe denied the allegations and then, according to Leah, tried to start a war over it with her, as the former TOWIE star explained:

“We were in a club in Tenerife, and she was dancing around me as close as she could to provoke me. She wanted to fight.”

Chloe and Leah used to get on...

Chloe and Leah used to get on…

“But I was like, ‘Come on, I’ve got three children, I don’t want to be rolling around a floor with you’.

“Then suddenly she came and sat down, called my Louis Vuitton bag a fake and just kicked it off the table.

“What woman of her age does that? I just walked out of the club, but as I did I was in floods of tears and shaking.

“It was just pure anger. I thought Elliott can’t get back with her. He can’t.”

But he did and, after feeling that he has since sided with Chloe and tried to push her off the show, Leah has revealed that she hasn’t spoken to her brother since, despite admitting that he tried to call her the other day, but insists it will take more than a phone call to “fix this!”

TOWIE: Mark Wright SNUBBED Joey Essex over stag do!

TOWIE: Mark Wright SNUBBED Joey Essex over stag do!

When Joey Essex first joined the cast of The Only Way Is Essex a gazillion series’ ago he quickly became a firm favourite for most of the show’s fans – But there was one person who wasn’t best pleased to meet his acquaintance!

Not only did Joey soon hook up with former ruler of the roost Mark Wright’s ex Sam Faiers, but he also went about trying to steal his business as he went into direct competition with the nightclub promoter.

But all that seems like a million years ago now, but it would seem that the rivalry has not died down any since both stars left the show – In fact it would seem that it has grown!

The Jump 2015

Mark Wright and Joey Essex are arguably the two biggest exports to have emerged from the hit ITVBe reality show, but with such similar CV’s it is little wonder that they are still finding themselves in competition with each other.

A recent example of this is when it was announced that Wright, who is set to wed former Corrie star Michelle Keegan next month, has been appointed as the new host of The Dengineers, a CBBC how where he will, alongside Lauren Layfield, be helping kids to build their dream dens.

However, it turns out that Joey had also been lined up for the role, despite his claims that he does not want to venture into kids TV.

The Sun newspaper quotes a source as saying:

“Mark and Joey are both in demand so it’s no surprise they’re both going to be considered for the same jobs.”

But despite all this sounding very amicable it has been noticed that Joey, who would have also ruffled Wright’s feathers be securing his best pal James Argent as his new BFF after Wright quit the show, was not in attendance at Mark’s stag do over the weekend!

Wright, whose only famous faces amongst the stags were his dad and Arg, hit Essex hard it would seem having one hell of a send-off at the famous TOWIE haunt, Faces!

And despite the lack of celebs joining him it was still what Wright himself described as the “best ever” night out!

mark wright stag do

Keeping those who weren’t on the guest list updated throughout the night on social networking site, Twitter, Wright tweeted:

“Omg I can’t say a big enough thankyou to @FacesEssex tonight !!

“They have made my pre stag do the best ever !! Best club in Britain. #fact.”

Followed by a group picture at the end of the night along with caption:

“The last ones standing !!”

We hate to think how messy the actual stag do will be!

TOWIE: Sam Faiers slams Joey Essex as “toxic” & “deluded” in autobiography

TOWIE: Sam Faiers slams Joey Essex as “toxic” & “deluded” in autobiography

As we have previously reported, former The Only Way Is Essex star, Sam Faiers promised that she would use her second autobiography to dish the dirt on ex-fiancé, Joey Essex and boy did she mean it!

Fans of the hit ITVBe reality show will recall how Sam and Joey endured a turbulent at best relationship, on and off, throughout their time on the show.

After Joey made less than flattering comments about Sam in his own autobiography the blonde bombshell decided to take the gloves off and give her side of the story, without holding back any punches.

sam faiers joey essex

The Sun newspaper has published an exclusive extract from the book, Secrets and Lies, in which Sam blasts Joey’s behaviour as disgraceful as well as revealing that his delusion, which she claims he would have won a gold medal for if it were an Olympic sport, was the reason she broke things off with him, explaining:

“That’s why I had to break up, for the sake of my sanity,”

It must have been a hard decision for the boutique owner to make as she also revealed that she had hoped their relationship “would end in marriage and children” but that in the end she “didn’t know who [Joey] was anymore!”

joey essex sam faiers

Concluding her Joey chapter, Sam went on to insist that both she and Joey have now “definitely” moved on, adding:

“I’ve heard Joey’s been with a number of girls over the months since and I wish him well if that’s what he wants.

“For me, I knew I needed time. It was only once I finally knew the relationship was over that I could see it for what it really had been — made up of some good bits, but by and large fairly toxic.”


Meanwhile The Mirror newspaper has reported that an insider to the situation has revealed that “Joey is really concerned about what’s in Sam’s new book.” adding:


“He knows his relationship with her wasn’t perfect and he didn’t always behave in the best way so he’s nervous about the damage it could do.”

And the publication reports that, despite refusing to comment, a spokesperson for Joey insisted that he and Sam are still on “friendly terms” – We doubt for too long though!

Secrets and Lies, the second autobiography of Sam Faiers, is due to be released at the end of this month – Watch an interview with Sam in the clip below:

TOWIE: New Marbella spin-off show planned & Gemma Collins the Oprah of Essex?

TOWIE: New Marbella spin-off show planned & Gemma Collins the Oprah of Essex?

We simply do not have enough Essex on the TV at the moment, wouldn’t you agree?

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TOWIE’s Lauren Goodger runs over Cara Kilbey’s foot!

TOWIE’s Lauren Goodger runs over Cara Kilbey’s foot!

Former The Only Way Is Essex star, Lauren Goodger, has caused her BFF Cara Kilbey a whole new world of pain by running over her foot!

The pals were heading out to join another former TOWIE star, Frankie Essex, for a girls day out when Lauren, who you may recall was taught to drive by her ex-fiancé Mark Wright, pulled away in her car believing that all the girls were safely inside.

They were not….

Now, we aren’t claiming to be Lewis Hamilton when it comes to driving, but we are pretty sure that the fact that one of the passenger doors was still open would have been warning enough for Goodger to see the error in her judgement, but alas it was not.

celebrity big brother 2014 lauren

The reality star, who has been grabbing headlines recently after a string of not so flattering pics emerged of her on a beach resulting in a dramatic fitness regime and consequential weight loss, managed to pull the car away with Kilbey’s foot still on the ground underneath it, resulting in the vehicle running over said foot.


News of this incident was broken by Cara herself who took to social networking site, Twitter, to post a picture of her foot in a fracture boot, along with the caption:

“Suppose it’s a day indoors then… Thank you @LaurenGoodger for running my foot over,”

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But it would seem that the girls have taken it all in good humour, with Lauren reportedly even trying to find ways to jazz up her pal’s new footwear, with The Daily Mirror quoting Cara’s rep as saying on the matter:

“Lauren and Frankie were in the front of the car and Cara was getting into the back of the car,

“Lauren, believing Cara was in, started driving but her foot was still out the car and so subsequently was run over.

“Cara cannot walk on it at all and is booked into the fracture clinic for another X-Ray next week to determine if there is a fracture there.”

cara kibey

“The girls immediately managed to laugh off the incident and are looking to designers to see if they can provide fashionista Cara with a fabulous ‘fracture boot’ to wear.!’”

Meanwhile Lauren responded to Cara’s Twitter comment, replying:

“@carakilbey nothing can be normal with us. Like I said shout me if you need any running about… Loves ya #sorry #imsillycow.”

Now that’s friendship!

Geordie Shore: Marnie Simpson to QUIT show for TOWIE’s Ricky Rayment?

Geordie Shore: Marnie Simpson to QUIT show for TOWIE’s Ricky Rayment?

The new series of Geordie Shore has only just started, and already we have been told to prepare for the exit of one of the show’s original members next week, but there might be another shocking departure on the cards too!

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Michelle Keegan lands first film role as in-laws fall out ahead of wedding to Mark Wright

Michelle Keegan lands first film role as in-laws fall out ahead of wedding to Mark Wright

Planning a wedding can be a stressful time, and it’s usually made worse by the family politics that engulf the table plan and guest list, which is precisely what Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright are having to deal with at the moment.

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TOWIE Finale: Lydia and Arg are back together & Chloe IS moving to Spain with Elliott!

TOWIE Finale: Lydia and Arg are back together & Chloe IS moving to Spain with Elliott!

Last night saw the series finale of The Only Way Is Essex, and what a happy occasion it was!

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TOWIE Spoilers: Has Chloe Sims QUIT to be with Elliott Wright?

TOWIE Spoilers: Has Chloe Sims QUIT to be with Elliott Wright?

Following the news that The Only Way Is Essex star, Elliott Wright, is quitting the show to move back over to Marbella, it has now been claimed that his on-off girlfriend, Chloe Sims, may be quitting too!

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