Cara Kilbey and Ricky Rayment get flirting on The Only Way Is Essex (PICTURES)

It was only a matter of time before Cara Kilbey and Ricky Rayment hooked up on The Only Way Is Essex and the pair are seen flirting outrageously on tomorrow night’s episode of the show.

The pair will be seen enjoying a night out at Essex nightclub Sugar Hut on the ITV2 series and Ricky started the conversation, teasing the beauty:

To be fair, you like me a little bit more than you let on.

She laughed:

I think you are too cocksure!

Always the ladies man, Rayment tried to take things a little further and as he moved closer to Cara, he smoothly assured her:

I find you really quite sexy, do you know that?

But she wasn’t overly impressed and just stated:

Most boys do!

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