The Only Way is Essex: After their nightclub row Lauren Goodger and Jessica Wright engage in Twitter row!

Lauren Goodger and Jessica Wright are at it again!

Only days after it was reported that the women had a massive row during a night out, when Lauren accused her former almost sister in law of ruining her relationship with Mark Wright, the ladies have started trading insults on Twitter.

Lauren and Mark broke up last year, when, just months after proposing marriage and inviting Goodger to move in with him, he got sick of her and dumped her unceremoniously.

The blonde beauty is said to be convinced that it was Mark’s family – and his sister Jessica in particular – that turned him against her and told her so in no uncertain terms after a few stiff drinks.

After watching themselves on last night’s TOWIE episode, Wright started the Twitter feud, writing:

“Haha still cannot belieeeve some people are that deluded to think they can twist and lie about something so much! Wow! Manipulative & weird”

Goodger hit back, saying:

“Not seen the show yet,but actually shocked when uknown some1 so long n there that sly 2lie n play victim!Life 2 short best of without them x

“U can only try so much n be nice bigger person!sometimes u got take step bk n look at the bigger picture n ignore n move on!they want drama!”

Lauren has had a dramatic few weeks and after spending months working on her new business, just hours after she officially opened her own salon, there was an arson attack on her premises.

Perhaps she’d be better off out of the public eye for a while!

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