The Only Way Is Essex: Debbie gives James ‘Arg’ Argent some tough love and tells him to get over Lydia Bright!

Debbie Bright has a few words of wisdom for James Argent on tomorrow night’s The Only Way Is Essex episode.

His almost mother-in-law tells the chubby crooner that following his break up with her daughter Lydia Bright a few weeks ago, James needs to pick himslef up, move on and accept the fact that his ex wants to be single right now.

She is very clear in telling Argent:

Listen, I’m gonna say this one more time. Lydia doesn’t want a boyfriend. She wants to be on her own! You’’re persecuting yourself. If she goes out and talks to somebody, you wanna know who she’s talking to. If she goes out and talks to a boy, you’re automatically thinking there’s something going on. That isn’t letting her go is it?

Despite his puppy dog eyes and desperately sad face, Bright is on a roll and continues:

You’’ve got to really man up! Man up! What have I said to you? Stand up, brush yourself down and walk on! Walk on! Because you ain’t the first bloke to be heartbroken, James. And listen to me, you won’t be the last!

Do you think Debbie has a point? Is it time for James to move on, or should he continue to try to win Lydia back? Leave your comments below…

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