TOWIE: Amy Childs seemingly backs Brian Belo’s lawsuit against ITV and Lime Pictures

As you’re probably aware, former Big Brother star Brian Belo is suing ITV and Lime Pictures – who make hit show The Only Way Is Essex – claiming that the concept for the show was his idea.

Since he lodged the lawsuit, Brian has released footage of a pilot episode that he made of his show, which he titled, Totally Essex.

It featured a number of the cast members who went on to star in TOWIE, including Amy Childs and Mark Wright.

And today, Amy Childs has revealed via her column in New! magazine that she was aware of Brian’s idea before she signed up with Lime Pictures to star in TOWIE…

She wrote, ”My friend Brian Belo is suing the makers of ‘The Only Way Is Essex’, Lime Pictures, and ITV because he believes they nicked his idea for the show.

”I can’t go into details about this for legal reasons, but I was part of Brian’s TV idea,

‘Totally Essex’, and I’m sure lots of you have seen our embarrassing trailer on the internet.

”I’ve been good friends with Brian ever since and I know he’s determined to win the case.

“We’ll just have to see what happens.”

As part of the lawsuit, Brian’s demanding damages of at least £100,000, and claims a “breach of confidence” caused ITV and Lime to reproduce and adapt “part of a format that he created”.

It’s a claim that both ITV and Lime deny and they said in a recent statement that they intend to “vigorously” pursue their denial in court.

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