The Voice

One Direction: Liam Payne’s cousin Ross Harris on The Voice this weekend!

ross harris 2

Liam Payne might not be the only famous singer in his family by the end of this month, because it has been revealed that his cousin has also auditioned for a major British reality TV show.

Liam started his singing career on The X Factor and his journey to fame and fortune began when he was placed in boyband One Direction and now Ross Harris is hoping to follow in his footsteps, after he auditioned for The Voice coaches recently.

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The Voice 2015: Joe Woolford’s a big hit with schoolkids, but will Daniel Duke win?

Joe Woolford

Last Saturday’s edition of The Voice featured more Blind Auditions, and while Esmée Denters wowed absolutely everyone – coaches and viewers alike – so did singers Joe Woolford and Daniel Duke…

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The Voice 2015: Esmée Denters ‘angry’ over Justin Timberlake axe

Esmee Denters

Esmée Denters has admitted that she was hurt and angry when she was dropped from Justin Timberlake’s record label in 2012.

The stunning singer toured and recorded with the former N-Sync star however despite landing herself a top ten hit in the UK, she was axed by the star and his management team three years ago.

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The Voice 2015: Emmanuel Nwamadi is a BIG hit with Ricky Wilson!

Emmanuel Nwamadi

Emmanuel Nwamadi, a 23 year old singer from London was a BIG hit with Ricky Wilson when he tried out for The Voice recently. The hopeful delivered a soft and soulful version of The Sweetest Taboo but before singing he told the team:

“I was born in Ethiopia and I have been here since I was eight years old. When I first came to London by dad had a Spice Girls album. I love music so much, I want people to hear what I sound like. I believe this is my chance to show off what I have got.”

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The Voice 2015: Black Lace singer Dene Michael & Shirleymarie face the coaches!

shirleymarie 1

Romany traveller Shirleymarie from Somerset is all set to make her TV debut on tonight’s episode of The Voice, with a belting rendition of the hit country tune ‘Here You Come Again’.

Before singing the mum of three told the team about her day to day life, explaining:

“I live in a mobile home with my husband and my three kids. I have a very busy role. I am a little bit house proud, I do like to keep things tidy but it doesn’t last long. Family is very important…..everythign we do is for the children. They mean everything to me.”

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The Voice 2015: Liss Jones……Rita Ora’s Dark Horse!

liss jones

Liss Jones, a 24 year old van driver makes quite the splash on tonight’s episode of The Voice. Before belting out her version of Dark Horse by Rita Ora, the blonde stunner described her real life and told the team:

“I drive a van, I work for my father collecting and delivering parts. I really enjoy driving. I am always singing in the van, I usually get caught out by people when I have my window open.”

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The Voice 2015: Joe Woolford ‘captivates’ Rita Ora

Joe Woolford

Joe Woolford makes his big TV debut on tonight’s episode of The Voice but a singing career is a world away from what the 19 year old has been doing with his life so far. The young hopeful works as a games teacher when he’s not singing and told the team:

“I teach at the school I used to be a pupil in. It is weird being back as a member of staff. I am back again…The kids at school like to give me a bit of banter. I think it’s because I am nearly their age.”

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The Voice 2015: Josh McDonough & Otty Warman take a hit!

Josh McDonough

Josh McDonough make this big TV debut on The Voice tonight, but unfortunately things don’t go as planned for the 19 year old singer. Before belting out Mr Probz’ Waves the swim teacher told the team about his life outside music, explaining:

“I started competing in swimming when I was 9. I competed in county, regional and then a national level. I have been county champion a few times.”

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The Voice 2015: Esmee Denters moves on from Justin Timberlake!

Esmee Denters

Esmee Denters is set to appear on tonight’s episode of The Voice but don’t be surprised if she seems familiar to you.

The 25 year old singer is originally from Holland but now lives in London and works in a frozen yoghurt shop and she was once signed to Justin Timberlake’s record label, even touring with the star.

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The Voice 2015: Twins Daniel & James Duke…which one makes it through?

daniel duke

James and Daniel Duke from Northern Ireland are set to make their TV debut on tonight’s episode of The Voice…..but they auditioned separately for thee show.

Daniel praised his brother before his tryout, telling the team:

“James has always been the cool twin. He has cool hair and cooler clothes. He wears a lot of vests and baseball jackets. I am the more mature brother.”

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