Alopecia sufferer and Opportunity Knocks winner Toni Warne auditions for The Voice UK

Toni Warne from Great Yarmouth was one of the singers who tried out for new BBC reality TV series The Voice, it has been revealed.

The gospel / soul singer admitted that the blind auditions aspect of the show – where the judges face away from the stage while hopefuls sing and so don’t see the contestants until they have decided whether or not they want to work with them, based purely on their voice – appealed to her, because she wanted to make an impression with her talent and not her looks.

Warne told The Guardian she was “looking forward to walking on the stage and being me for the first time ever”.

If Toni does well on the series, it won’t be the first time she has found success on a TV talent show.

In 1987 the talented singer – aged 9 at the time – was the youngest ever three times winner of Opportunity Knocks on ITV. The win led to the release of her single ‘Ben’.

Bob Monkhouse and Toni Warne

She went on to perform on BBC1 Live at ‘The London Palladium‘, ITV Jonathan Ross’s ‘It’s only TV but I like it’ and ITV’s ‘The Steve Wright Show’.

Listen to Toni singing below and tell us, do you think she will do well on the new BBC show?

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