Alopecia sufferer and Opportunity Knocks winner Toni Warne auditions for The Voice UK

Toni Warne from Great Yarmouth was one of the singers who tried out for new BBC reality TV series The Voice, it has been revealed.

The gospel / soul singer admitted that the blind auditions aspect of the show – where the judges face away from the stage while hopefuls sing and so don’t see the contestants until they have decided whether or not they want to work with them, based purely on their voice – appealed to her, because she wanted to make an impression with her talent and not her looks.

Warne told The Guardian she was “looking forward to walking on the stage and being me for the first time ever”.

If Toni does well on the series, it won’t be the first time she has found success on a TV talent show.

In 1987 the talented singer – aged 9 at the time – was the youngest ever three times winner of Opportunity Knocks on ITV. The win led to the release of her single ‘Ben’.

Bob Monkhouse and Toni Warne

She went on to perform on BBC1 Live at ‘The London Palladium‘, ITV Jonathan Ross’s ‘It’s only TV but I like it’ and ITV’s ‘The Steve Wright Show’.

Listen to Toni singing below and tell us, do you think she will do well on the new BBC show?

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6 Responses to “Alopecia sufferer and Opportunity Knocks winner Toni Warne auditions for The Voice UK”

  1. SophieL says:

    I thought The Voice wasn’t supposed to be about sob stories and already we’ve got them appearing in the newspaper before the first show airs. I don’t doubt that this lady is an extremely talented singer but please don’t claim to be better than X Factor then let people give sob story interviews to the paper.

  2. Edward says:

    Was just gonna say that but BAM!! You beat me to it!!

  3. Susan Beausang says:

    Alopecia suffers (and I am one of them) do not like to think that our affliction is a “sob story”. How about if you try going bald for a day? Not that much fun – I can assure you.

  4. SophieL says:

    My 14 year old daughter is an alopecia sufferer too and has been since she was 8 years old so I completely understand that it is not fun and I have a great deal of sympathy for sufferers of the condition. My earlier comments are merely about the fact that we are being told that The Voice is about just that, so why are we being told about the fact that this lady suffers from the condition. I find it frustrating that these stories make their way into the public domain and result in a sympathy vote. The Voice was supposed to have no interest in the sob stories and have actively criticised the X Factor for the use of them in the past.

  5. Susan Beausang says:

    I guess I view it as a human interest story and not a sob story. Raising awareness for alopecia is my mission and my business ( so anytime I see a bald person in the limelight I think good things. Ultimately she will be judged on her voice not her hair or lack of it.

  6. Francis Guildea says:

    Toni Warne is a terrific talent who has been performing for years and never let her condition get in the way of her doing what she loves and what she does best – sing beautifully. If her condition is manipulated by the press to appear as if its a sob story she can hardly help that . The media will feed the public stories and angles they believe will sell …… perhaps we should look closer to home for the real source of this type of reporting when criticising so called sob stories