Opera singer Shansel Huseyin makes her bid for fame on The Voice UK! (VIDEO)

As we previously reported, Shansel Huseyin is set to bring a touch of opera to the stage on The Voice and we have just been informed that the singer’s audition will be aired on tomorrow night’s episode of the BBC show.

The brunette beauty previously tried, but was rejected from britain’s Got Talent, so she decided to try her luck at the blind auditions for the b=new BBC series and on Saturday, we will discover if her classical tones are good enough to impress celebrity coaches Jessie J, Danny O’Donoghue, Tom Jones or Will.i.am.

Before taking to the stage, the Essex singer admits to the show presenters Reggie and Holly that she only realised she could sing a few years ago, when she tried mimicking an opera singer on TV.

Although she has had no formal training, Shansel Huseyin does perform as part of Southgate Opera company and her dulcet tones won her a place in the grand finals of Essex Got Talent in 2010.

While Shansel may have tried her luck on BGT before, tomorrow night’s episode of The Voice will feature a few familiar X Factor faces too.

Scary looking singer Vince Kidd (aka Matthew Protheroe) once sang in boyband Futureproof and even reached the X Factor live shows a few years ago.

Amy Winehouse’s former backing singer Heshima Thompson – who has reached X Factor bootcamp on two occasions – will also show up on BBC One this weekend, as will Scottish granny Barbara Bryceland, who reached bootcamp in 2007 but failed to make the live shows.

The Voice continues at 7PM tomorrow night. Will you be tuning in?

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4 Responses to “Opera singer Shansel Huseyin makes her bid for fame on The Voice UK! (VIDEO)”

  1. Liz says:

    Shansel has a good voice potentially but badly needs lessons from a good singing teacher. Her performance on The Voice was poor. There was far too much vibrato in her voice, unless that was due to nerves, and she also snatched breaths in inappropriate places. She could be a good singer but to do that she must accept that she needs long-term tuition. Maybe after some lessons she could audition for the Guildhall School of Music and Drama or the Royal Academy of Music?

  2. Alex says:

    Please amend the grossly misleading error and out-and-out lie in the title of this article. This girl is NOT an opera singer.
    She enjoys singing. She may well someday, after years of lessons and coachings aspire to becoming an opera singer, but right now, she is NOT an opera singer.
    She performed an opera aria (and a badly chosen one, at that.) This does not make her an opera singer. It does not even make her a classical singer, as she has never had any lessons and obviously has no concept of the style and technique of classical singing.
    Just because someone goes to a race track for a day and drives a ferrari around a track one or twice does not make them a Formula 1 driver, neither does this girl’s performance make her an opera singer.
    PLEASE stop lying in your sensationalist reporting. I am sick to death of this falsifying of what it means to be a classical and/or opera singer.
    If Katherine Jenkins can admit to not being an opera singer, then anyone who reports on this kind of story ought to have the decency to correct themselves.

  3. julia says:

    in relation to the last 2 comments(get a life losers) it wasnt about the song it was about the voice.just like a rough diamond once polished then wow!! what a sparkle.

  4. Tom says:

    She was brilliant. She did NOT learn to sing but managed to wow the crowd. She has a great talent, she is hot and just 17!!! Of course she needs to go to a proper teacher but she has a big chance to become a huge opera singer.