The Voice 2012: Aleks Josh thinks he is on a ‘lower level’ to Emmy J Mac

Aleks Josh was very nervous when he went into The Voice battle rounds, because he was sure he would be beaten hands down by professional singer Emmy J Mac.

The children’s entertainer has years of performing experience under her belt, while he is still a little wet behind the ears in comparison with most of his Team Danny competitors.

On tonight’s second battle round show, the handsome crooner admits to his mentor:

‘I feel like I’m on a whole lower level.’

Emmy is much more confident and if anything, seems a little irritated by the fact that they have to repeat sections of their song over and over in rehearsals, so that Josh can get his parts down.

Before taking to the stage to sing ‘Broken Wings’ with Aleks, she admits:

‘I have helped Aleks a lot, but now I have to stop that and focus on me.’

Afterwards, admitted that there was something endearing about Aleks ‘shyness’ but confessed that he loved Emily’s confidence and ‘amazing voice.’

Tune in tonight to see what Danny O’Donoghue thought and who he picked for the live rounds of the BBC series. Who do you think should advance? Leave your comments below….

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