The Voice 2013: ‘Natural, pristine & divine’ Ash Morgan ‘best ever’ with ‘Lego House’

ash morgan

Ash Morgan fought hard for a spot on Team Jessie on tonight’s episode of The Voice.

The shy Welsh singer was desperate to win one of two places available on next week’s semi final and chose ‘Lego House’ by Ed Sheeran as his song to impress the coaches and public at home.

He pleaded with his fans to keep supporting him before the show, tweeting:

“Tonight really is THE NIGHT… Make sure you vote for your favourite guys and especially for the big one with glasses ;) X #thevoiceuk”

Tonight, Ash was up against Sarah Cassidy and Matt Henry in his team, in the knowledge that one would be saved by Jessie and one would be saved by the public, leaving one member of Team Jessie going home.

team jessie ash sarah matt

He admitted before he sang that he almost pulled out of the show, because of his physical appearance, but battled on to get this far and Jessie J commended him for his bravery tonight, though she did want him to move more.

We could listen to Morgan sing all night long, never mind Alice Fredenham…his voice really is like liquid gold! We weren’t overly in love with this song choice for Ash at the start but he performed it brilliantly and the second half was pretty amazing indeed.


The Coaches Said:

Jessie: I am actually shaking, for me that was the best vocal performance we have ever seen on The Voice.

Danny: You have amazing riffs and a God given gifts and you’ve picked up all Jessie’s facial expressions.

Tom: He was full of confidence in that one. I am sure all of Wales is proud of you.

Will: Who picked that song? That was a great selection. The progression gave you room to show your wonderful talent. You have got this quality in your voice that is so natural, and pristine and divine.

Did you enjoy the performance tonight? Leave your comments below…

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One Response to “The Voice 2013: ‘Natural, pristine & divine’ Ash Morgan ‘best ever’ with ‘Lego House’”

  1. stuie says:

    good singer, getting bored of the sympathy vote cos he has insecurities about his image. He is morbidly obese, no wonder. He has done nothing about it since the blinds, if he wanted to impress, he’d be losing a stone a show to show dedication. His single will be good, but he couldn’t do more than a 2 minute live performance without risk to his health. Not much of a performance visually either. If you want to be a music star mate, get with the program! I know it’s the voice and he has a good one but after the show, the bubble bursts.
    His gigs would suck due to shortness and only excitement would be him keeling over when his heart gives out, very sadly, because he is so good. In the meantime, I wouldn’t buy his music to fund his food addiction that’s sending him to an early grave. He should go to fat rehab and come back next year healthy and win comfortably and go on to a long career rather than being that one hit wonder crazy fat guy from 2013