The Voice 2013: Cleo Higgins admits she receives ‘negative’ attention over Cleopatra & Leah McFall teases Team performance!

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Cleo Higgins has revealed that she’s quite worried about how she will fare on tomorrow night’s episode of The Voice, because of some negative feedback she’s been receiving.

The mum of two formerly found fame in 90’s girl group Cleopatra and admitted that the fact she used to be in the charts and toured the UK has caused her some problems on the BBC show.

Higgins wants to make a comeback as a solo artist now but admitted that some people don’t think she deserves the chance.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast this morning she said:

“The scariest thing is that I’ve been there before and I’m being judged for that as well.”

She added:

“I’ve been receiving quite negative feedback on that part….”

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However Cleo takes some comfort in the fact that she won the public vote over Leanne Jarvis last weekend and landed herself a place in the semi final based on viewers’ support. She continued:

“But then I received the public vote and I didn’t expect to get that. I would never have imagined they would vote me back in after I have been there before…. I am so blessed and grateful, it’s ridiculous.”

Cleo will go head to head with Leah McFall tomorrow evening for the last remaining place in Team Will for the final but she will also perform with the Belfast singer on the live show.

The pair will sing with and Higgins promised that fans have a lot to look forward to. She teased:, cleo higgins

“We’ve got group songs this time. We’ve got serious songs, it’s going to be awesome.”

McFall revealed that it’s all coming together nicely and added:

“We sound good together, I think we should change our name to Cleah. I told Will that I could rap if he wanted but he insisted that he would do it.”

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