The Voice 2013: Danny O’Donoghue reveals embarrassing Paul McCartney moment & drunken Tom Jones sing alongs!

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Danny O’Donoghue has admitted that he knows how contestants on The Voice feel when they mess up on stage.

Over the past few weeks various hopefuls have been seen giving a below par performance, or making a hash of their song as they tried out for the BBC show and The Script star revealed that those embarrassing moments can happen at any point in your career.

The Script frontman admitted that his own red faced experience occurred when he and his band were playing in New York in 2009, opening a show for Beatles star Paul McCartney.

In an interview with the Mail on Sunday, the ‘Hall Of Fame’ hitmaker confessed that he was performing in front of thousands of people, knowing that Paul was watching on and managed to totally mess up a piano solo on stage.

He explained:

“We performed at Shea Stadium in New York in 2009, supporting Sir Paul McCartney. I was introducing each band member as they played a solo, and when it came to my turn, I was supposed to play a piano riff on the keyboard but I hit the wrong button and it came out as drums.”

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O’Donoghue added: “It sounded rubbish. In front of 50,000 people and a Beatle! That was bad.”

However, Danny has had his fair share of great celebrity moments too and he revealed that he’s enjoyed some brilliantly drunken sing songs with legendary singer Tom Jones.

The pair have become close since they both joined The Voice coaching panel last year and when asked what he considered to be the most ‘showbiz moment’ of his life, Mr O’D confessed:

“Sitting in a hotel bar in Manchester with Sir Tom Jones singing Elvis Presley songs to me after an all-night drinking session, while the staff made up the tables for breakfast. That happened in a few different cities while we were doing auditions.”

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Danny and his co-stars have finished filming most of the 2013 series of the BBC show and the Irish hunk is currently touring in Australia, before returning to the UK for the live shows next month. It sounds like the gigs down under are going well and he tweeted at the weekend saying:

“Thank you Melbourne !!! What a night to remember !!! Back soon !!!!;)))))”

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