The Voice 2013: Déjà vu strikes as hopeful Nate James says Amy Winehouse was his “best friend”

nate james, amy winehouse

Fans of The Voice may recall that one of last year’s finalists, Tyler James, was left heartbroken after the death of his friend, tragic singer Amy Winehouse, who was found dead in her London home in 2011…

And today it’s been reported that singer Nate James – who is friends with Tyler – who we’re set to meet next weekend when he auditions’ for The Voice, was similarly “knocked for six” by Amy’s death as they were “best friends.”

Speaking to the Daily Star Sunday, Nate said, “Amy was a delight to be around, even during the hard times. We were best friends…

“She was so passionate about music – we used to sit in my apartment and drink Jack Daniels together while writing songs. We’d jam and cook food.

“We were really close so it was very inspiring to see someone you love dearly succeed.”

Of her death, he said, “It knocked me for six. I really was a mess for a couple of days. Some of the stuff Amy did broke my heart.

“And the fact that she was on the way to repairing herself when she passed away made it worse.

“But I try to focus on the positive. She is a massive inspiration to me. I sing for her and family.”


And of his friendship with Tyler, Nate said, “Me, Tyler and Amy were the Three Musketeers, going out and about and having fun in London.”

Here’s an audio clip of Nate singing…

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