The Voice 2013 final SHOCK results: Who won? Leah McFall, Mike Ward or Andrea Begley?


The Voice has finished people and reality TV fans are going to find their weekends a little bit more empty from next week onwards… least until The X Factor returns in August.

It was a jam packed finale this evening, featuring a pretty amazing duet between Leah McFall and her coach, a hilarious performance by Robbie Williams and Dizzee Rascal ( and their scooters) and a great group song from Jessie J,, Tom Jones and Danny O’Donoghue but after all that distraction a winner was finally named.

After Matt Henry was eliminated earlier in the night, Leah, Andrea Begley and Mike Ward performed one last time and following their songs and a tune from Michael Buble, Holly Willoughby revealed which one of the finalists received the most public votes and was walking away with a record deal.

Jessie J and made it clear that they were backing Leah all the way, Will tweeted:

“Fingers crossed…I hope the UK opion on talent lives up to my expectation…#leah2win…#theVOICEuk”

However the coaches were to be disappointed because Andrea won more votes than her fellow Northern Irish pal and took the title just minutes ago.

Leah was the bookies’ favourite for weeks but in the end that wasn’t enough and Begley trumped her tonight.

Andrea said:

danny andrea

“I actually cannot speak. This is just….I never could have imagined this. Honestly, first and foremost I have to thank everyone at home for voting for me. Thank you so much.”

Her coach Danny said:

“How proud I am of you, it proves that a great singer with a great songs can knock down walls, you can smash down anything they put in front of you. You are an inspiration to me and I have learned more from you than you have from me. Well done!”

Did you agree with tonight’s result? Leave your comments below….

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44 Responses to “The Voice 2013 final SHOCK results: Who won? Leah McFall, Mike Ward or Andrea Begley?”

  1. RC says:

    No I didnt. Not happy. Not surprised or shocked by the results I kinda had a feeling back in the blinds n battles this would happen. Leah will be the most successful anyways winner of not and her not winning is probably better cuz she will be to release stuff when she wants and not have the issues Leanne had etc.

  2. Grainne says:


  3. carrie Katz says:

    UK Public will kill a great show. I think they are voting for people who would otherwise not get a deal rather than the best act

    • RC says:

      I agree carrie. Also I think the ppl who vote for most part are not who will buy records. So will see in time who is more successful.

  4. mm says:

    Leah’s voice was flat and painful to listen to in her 1st song. By comparison Andrea’s voice is melodic and mesmerising – the type that sells records by the bucket load. But what on earth was going on with her mother’s face? – she looked shocked and then angry. I noticed the cameras didn’t go back to her. Weird mother response – anyone else notice this?

    • Lily says:

      There’s articles saying how insiders suddenly changed their bets to Andrea after weeks of leah being favourite and lots of other things going on in background of show so wouldn’t surprise me that there may have planned who would win/be used by bbc as they have restrictions etc built into contract Andrea has to now sign-her mother could easily be unhappy with that

  5. lizzie says:

    No, Mike should have won, at least he can sing, Leah might have been the favourite but she sounded out of tune a lot of the time.

  6. Dag says:

    People will buy Andrea’s records. She’ll still be selling when other ‘artists’ go out of fashion.

  7. marianne scott says:

    Uk Public vote did it again and voted for the voice, not the best act.

    I thought Mike was the most original and should have won!…He was not flat as both jessie and Will suggested…..Good for Tom coming back and putting them right!…I also thought it was bad form from the two prviously mentioned to keep pushing Leah to win.

    They are supposed to be rooting for the best VOICE not their own choice.

    They should both take lessons from Tom Jones on how to conduct themselves! Thank goodness for the Public vote.

  8. Alex jelw says:

    why are people so unkind take it for what it is. Both girls had very different voices, equally as good as each other. Both are a credit to the show and there coaches.
    Well done girls and Andrea you go girl

  9. Mary says:

    I thought it was her gran… Her reaction was absolutely disgraceful. It was clear the way that whole front row reacted that they thought Lea would win.
    Such a shame that she humiliated herself like that. Her daughter had more dignity thank goodness.

  10. AliJ says:

    Mike should have won having demonstrated most original talent. has a cheek to comment on anyone’s vocal talent given the poor quality of the ‘music’ he puts his name to. That coupled with his immaturity means he is not qualified to offer any professional comment. Likewise, Jessie J has slowly lost her credibility due to her immaturity demonstrated in her constant need to be with Will. I’m sure Mike will do well anyway!

  11. Maggie Meier says:

    Mike should have won the Voice 2013. William thinks he represents the whole World taste of music. But he doesn’t. Mike Ward’s voice is spezial and heart warming. To me his performance tonight was brillant and i am sure there are alot of people who like his music.

  12. Shaz says:

    Absolutely not, once again it’s a sympathy vote… Leah is the winner and will go on to sing great in the entertainment world. Sorry, this Andrea will be be forgotten about in a few weeks and will be dumped by the record company like Leanne Mitchell. Why is real true talent never recognised?

    • Liz says:

      Leah,s voice is crap she sounds like someones strangling her and as for stupid name will I am he can’t sing any way Jess what’s her name thinks she knows everything she is so ugly poor cow god they are treated like royalty there’s people dying all over the would for good sake

      • Izzy says:

        I think you’ve gone off on an angry rant. Name calling gets you nowhere, only lands you in the immature population. Andrea won deal with it.

  13. Yve williams says:

    Oh come on…. Lets get real…who is really going to buy Andreas records and actually go see her in concert, sweet voice…but so boring to watch…will be gone in a flash…definitely not a superstar….I think the only coaches that know what’s going on are Jesse and will…Tom is great but a bit past his sell by date….and to be honest I didn’t know who the other guy was before watching the voice! Leah’s voice was amazing and she didnt need to win this show to go on to greater things!

    • dot tritschler says:

      I also loved Leah`s voice and thought she was interesting to watch. Although Andrea also has an amazing voice, how could you expect her give as interesting a performance with the disability she has? Do you think you could dance around the stage if you were blind? Perhaps you should try and have a bit more understanding (not sympathy) of people with a disability…any of us could have one some day.

    • Izzy says:

      If you’ve never heard word of The Script then you don’t know much about music. I think both girls from Northern Ireland did their Country proud.

  14. Gav harrison says:

    well again this is your typical singing reality show the judges and producers already knew who they wanted to win and they pushed them and bigged them up as much as they could but it failed and the public were not fooled

  15. dot tritschler says:

    In my opinion all three finalists were absolutely brilliant and unique in their own way, and as stated before are all very different. I also think all four coaches are fantastic, but I think it was bad patter for Will I Am to be so critical of Mike on his final performance when he was absolutely amazing- as were the other two. In my view all three finalists are winners and I`m sure they will all have very different but brilliant music careers.

  16. Urs Baey says:

    Mike Ward should win. His voice is original and natural. I think if anyone who reached the last three, doesn’t deserved such comment from will.iam. Is he the only One in this Universe who knows something about music. Mike would sell records with his charming way and warm voice, i would buy his records.

  17. Lily says:

    I’m annoyed with Andrea winning.not because of her voice or her herself because she seems like a nice person who can usually sing but because she messed up on one of my fav songs by evanescence! Amy lee sings the song beautifully and Andrea managed to make at least 3 mistakes that cannot be put down to “adding her style to the song”. If she doesn’t try singing anything Amy lee sings then she’s a good singer but not a unique one.

  18. nicky says:

    the best one won Andrea, leah just screeched her way through and you could see she really thought she was going to win , and has for will ,so rude walking off sore loser ,
    mike was better than her leah , good on you andrea , you reminds me of
    eva Cassidy
    and I think andrea will be heard a lot in the future leah is just another girl shouting her way in music
    one of many nothing special.

  19. Maggie Baey says:

    Mike has a fantastic voice. He will have a great carear. Will.iam forgets that he likes everyone else has only one vote.

  20. ole manuel says:

    Brilliant show with a real wow FA factor.
    For me Leah should have been the winner as she clearly has the most unique and powerful voice, but all four were excellent and Mat was the best performer week in week out.

    • Simon says:

      It’s not just about being unique. After all, my singing voice could be described as unique. It is also terrible.

  21. Baby Ong says:

    Mike demonstrated the best talent and voice. He should have won. Chin up Mike. Don’t let an unfair person ruined your day. You have special gift. Make use of it.

  22. Jim says:

    Tom Jones is very wise and fair. His comments were kind and contructive. How right: One man’s meat is another man’s poison. Mike has lovely warm voice. He should have won. He would sell records with his original and special voice.

  23. Mary says:

    Mike should win. Will.iam comment about Mike tonight was ridiculous. Such comment maybe okay for blind auditions definately not for the final. Mike, believe in yourself. You have the best and original voice.

  24. Momito says:

    Mike Ward all the way. A lovely, resonant, heart-warming voice (and he’s gorgeous too!)
    I cannot wait until he releases an album. Jesse and Will are just sore losers.

  25. cece Nash says:

    Leah is a great edgy singer but blew her chances by agreeing against her better judgment to sing a Whitney song. It just wasn’t her. The blind audition Leah would have won hands-down. Still it seems Will has record plans for her anyway so best of luck she’s just what records buyers want now. Someone unique & different.

  26. Zoe says:

    Andrea’s voice was beautiful and so was Leah’s. I think Andrea deserved it and I think they both will be successful no matter what! Well done to Andrea, commiserations Leah.

  27. pam says:

    Andrea has the most beautiful voice and persona, she radiates goodness, and hopefully she will get more training to move around, and she can even sing better than she does already, I can’t wait for the album. She got this on her own merit.

  28. Tony says:

    Brains wins over wacky presumptious miss-directed talent any day.

    Leah didn’t have a great song choice and I don’t think it was sung at her best. Otherwise she should have won.

    Still Leah has a brighter future I believe than Andrea.

    Well done Andrea!

  29. Kim says:

    Andrea has the most beautiful voice and deserved to win,Leah is good different and will do well as the others all world class

  30. PdS says:

    It is beyond belief that some people truly believe that was the correct result. Either sympathy or a fix surely? Nice voice yes but there are many, many singers with nice voices like that one. Leah’s voice is very special. Matt has a great soul voice, Mike has a great country voice and they deserve success too. Andrea – nice voice and nice girl I’m sure – will no doubt make a fairly dull ballady album for Xmas but her’s is not THE voice. Let’s be honest, far better singers went out in earlier ’rounds. Sadly, she would never have won without her disability. – a great producer (not a singer)- will surely do great things for Leah as she really does have something amazing. It’s not a voice for all but is a VOICE…

  31. Anne says:

    Mike Ward should have won! hope he gets some record deals..

  32. Jonny says:

    The voice this year was the greatest success! Regardless of who won the show, 4 very different styled judges ( who by the way have the right to comment on any act at any time as is there job) and 4 very different styled talented contestants. The talent this year was better than any show I have seen including X factor. As for people commenting on will I am being untalented, he can tap dance, break dance, he is a successful producer, he has a successful record label, he has just as much to offer young talent in this completion (in regards to nurturing them into artists) if not more than the other judges. BRING ON S3!!

  33. nikita says:

    to be honest I tought mike ward was the winner you don’t see many young men of that age country singers best of luck to you mike I hope you get a record deal he have his own voice he isn’t singing the same as any 1 so the for mike was the winner

  34. johnny says:

    mike ward was the winner no dought about it leah is like a cat trying to sing come on mike and get your self a record deal u desirve it mike ward the whole way

  35. irish girl says:

    mike was the winner his voice is like pure gold his a good looking chap he was the winner back in Ireland not just England

  36. Veronique Enright says:

    Mike Ward should have won, pure and simple. His voice was not flat and this we not a comment worth of, particularly in the final.
    Having said that, Will is helping Leah record an album in LA, what is Tom Jones doing for Mike?