The Voice 2013: ‘Jewmaican’ Moni Tivony brings his ‘white ginger’ style to Team after ‘No Woman No Cry’ (VIDEO)

Moni Tivony the voice 2

Self-proclaimed “white ginger guy” Moni Tivony chose to audition for The Voice tonight, counting on the fact that he looks nothing like his singing voice suggests. We’re only disappointed that he didn’t sing a Simply Red song. Instead, he mildly shocked us with a version of Bob Marley’s No Woman No Cry.

Personally, I’m watching this audition and the only question I have is: where the hell do you get a name like Moni Tivony?

As to the audition, it’s very good. I’m not a fan of the song, but Moni’s talent is undeniable. He shows off brilliant vocal runs, and Tom Jones and Jessie J both spend some time deliberating. Jessie turns first, followed in sequence by Tom, Danny and Will right at the end.

Moni Tivony the voice 1

A four-chair turn at this stage of the competition is really special, so congratulations Moni!

Thankfully, he explains to Will that his name is Israeli. The UK can sleep easy tonight with that question answered! Phew!

Will.I.Am: We’re a little gun-shy right now, so we’re turning around for spectacularness. That being said, the reason why I turned around is because you had some crazy lows. But then you added some stuff to Bob Marley that I never thought no-one could bring to Bob Marleyland. And you brought that soul.

Moni Tivony the voice

Jessie J: Vocally, you’re amazing. And to step on stage and sing a Bob Marley song is very courageous. What I always make sure are in my team are risk-takers, and I would be honoured if you would join Team Jessie.

Because it’s a four-chair turn, the decision is totally in Moni’s court. And even his entourage backstage seem to be having trouble working out who he’ll choose as a coach. Jessie J jokingly offers him her house, but after an agonising deliberation, Moni chooses Will.I.Am.

Did you enjoy Moni’s performance tonight? Leave your comments below…

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7 Responses to “The Voice 2013: ‘Jewmaican’ Moni Tivony brings his ‘white ginger’ style to Team after ‘No Woman No Cry’ (VIDEO)”

  1. Monkfish says:

    Amazing Moni. Proud of his heritage and a fantastic entertainer with an amazing voice

  2. Keeponrocking55 says:

    Oh wow – a huge talent. Good luck in the competition Moni – all the way!

  3. HG Shaw says:

    I was totally blown away, not only by his incredible voice and range, but also by his smile and personality which came shining through..Moni is someone I think will hopefully get the recognition he
    deserves..Brill..loved it….good on you Moni Tivony.
    nice catchy name too…

  4. AvrilDawn says:

    What a great pair of lungs you have Moni and what a fantastic interpretation of dearly beloved Bob Marley. Cannot wait to hear more of you on The Voice and EVERYWHERE ELSE for that matter. Looking forward to hearing more of your voice acrobatics. YOU DEFINITELY HAVE A GREAT TALENT MONI TIVONY :-)

  5. Raver says:

    Amazing performance. Moni is a talented young man with an amazing voice range. Looking forward to the world hearing lots more of his sounds

  6. dean says:

    im a friend of monis and in tge battle round your in for a shock,that is all i can day atm

  7. YB says:

    wow!! what a unique voice! Loved this version of “No Woman No Cry”!