The Voice 2013 results: storms off & Twitter erupts as Andrea Begley wins over Leah McFall

leah mcfall

The bookies have been backing her for weeks, Jessie J and both said they wanted her to win but tonight Leah McFall did not claim The Voice title.

Just a few minutes ago, as Leah stood beside Andrea Begley and Mike ward on the BBC stage, Holly Willoughby revealed that the Belfast born girl had not received the most public votes and that instead the record deal would be going to visually impaired singer Andrea Begley.

The result doesn’t seem to be a popular one and as the news broke, stormed off the set and wasn’t on stage with the rest of the coaches and contestants as Andrea performed for the last time.

Will took to Twitter to blast the result and when one fan talked about applying for the show so they could meet him, he simply replied:, leah mcfall


Will later added:

“You should feel the audiences vibration in the room tonigh after the publics vote…its #unexplainable…so sad…#perplexed”

“Andrea is amazing…#dontGETmeWRONG…but we know who has the incredible #voice”

It seems that many viewers agree with the Black Eyed Peas star and one fan tweeted:

“Omg cannot believe it. I love Andrea but Leah should have won. #thevoiceuk”

Another posted:

“Winner has fab voice but so out of date! wanted Leah to win :-(”

A third said:

danny andrea

“according to twitter the winner of #thevoiceuk should be #leah so who the hell voted for andrea if leah was favourite? I don´t really know!”

Some fans did look on the bright side though and one mused:

“But, with show like this – as we see with The X Factor – Leah will go on to do amazing things. I can’t see it with Andrea #TheVoiceUK”

What did you think of the result reality TV fans? Should Andrea have won? Why didn’t Leah get the votes? As always, leave your comments below….

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89 Responses to “The Voice 2013 results: storms off & Twitter erupts as Andrea Begley wins over Leah McFall”

  1. RC says:

    Andrea is a nice girl with a touching story that has given a few nice performances but she should of placed 3rd. I still think Leah will be so much more successful. Andrea needed this show more to advance in her career. Leah will not. Leah could possible go international with the right materiel. It is probably better she didnt win though she wont have the same fate as Leanne. She wont have so much red tape to cut threw and wont have to wait forever to release stuff.

  2. Lynsey says:

    It’s pretty clear why Leah didn’t win, she was the victim of her own hype. So much attention and praise was lavished on her that people just didn’t vote for her because they thought she had it in the bag. It must be said though, that Andrea is a deserving winner.’s storming off and subsequent Twitter rant was totally disrespectful towards her.

    • Alexus says:

      personally, i think Andrea was a reasonable singer, no more. I totally agree Leah was a victim of her own hype, and i think everyone voted for Andrea just because they thought no-one else would, or just because they felt sorry for her bad eyes. Also, i think will was had the perfect right storm of the stage, and i think Jessie should have two. she said herself that Leah should have won. Plus, even with the advantage of winning the voice, Andrea will go nowhere, i am quite sure of that, whereas Leah’s career would be majorly advanced.

      • alex says:

        I find all this negativity toward Andrea to be quite sad. Diferent people like diferent styles of music. There is definately a market for Andrea’s music. acted like a child who didn’t get his own way by storming of over Leah not winning the voice. Andrea melted people’s hearts with her beautiful voice, her positive attitude and her determination. Like it or lump it she got the majority vote. I for one won’t hesitate in buying her album when it’s released.

  3. Sue says:

    Travesty, come on British public, what on earth are you doing voting for such a bland, uninspiring singer. O.K, she has a pretty voice but there are probably a thousand Irish Colleens out there who sound the same. Leah should have won, she is uniquely talented. And no, I’m not some young girl who likes the unusual, I’m a granma who recognises star quality when I see it. I am so disgusted that I really don’t think I will watch any more of The Voice. Good luck to Leah, although I really don’t think she needs it, she has superstardom written all over her, and I, just like Will i am will be in the queue to see her live.

    • Lee S says:

      Got to agree with Sue …. I thought there was some amazing talent this year. But this result is dispiriting and I really don’t know whether I’ll watch The Voice again. Tyler James should have won last year, and Leah should have won this time. The Old-Lady vote wins yet again ….

  4. Paul says:

    Surely the program doesn’t expect to get an unbiased winner when a hugh percentage of the public who will buy and download the music are out on a Saturday night! Just think about it. Who is left to vote? It is of course the person with the most votes on the night – but I bet not the person who the public (who problably record or watch a repeat on Sunday) likes the most. You can almost blame the format of the show. Leah should have won. No contest.

  5. kelly says:

    I have to voice my opinion and im absolutely devastated that leah did not win… i like andrea and to me her voice is average, to be absolutely honest i can sing just like her and if not better, so im confused as to how the public didnt back the most talented person to have been on the voice LEAH MCFALL… i genuinely dont want to watch the next series, it has really upset me… regardless of this i know leah will go far and be the superstar that she is…. The voice is meant to be about the voice, the talent etc but tonight proved it isnt… oh and i would of walked off too as when you know the amount of talent one has and you believe in that person and know that the other finalist were no where near as talented WILL-I-AM had a right to express his feelings by walking off… this is all just my opinion and like i said i do like andrea but she wasnt my winner.

    • Lily says:

      I agree with you Kelly and thanks for posting that message as I was struggling with writing my thoughts and you’ve expressed it perfectly. I’m sure many others would agree with you aswell.

      • kelly says:

        Aww thanks for that. I dont usually leave comments but im so angry and annoyed and upset that i felt i had too. I also dont usually vote either and i rung and voted 3 times for leah its just left me absolutely gobsmaked and confused as even the bookies got it wrong and that very unusual. Shocking!!!

      • Phill says:

        Get over it, bottom line it’s like all of these type of shows, it’s who has the most votes who wins, and you voted three times for your choice and she still did not get enough. Hey, I don’t even care I just had to sit through it so I CPI
        D watch the rugby a gain now I am sober

    • helen says:

      Totally agree, I switched off the TV as soon as the result was announced. The Voice needed a good result with someone who could be an international star (eg Leah) to validate itself as a show up against the X Factor. Andrea has a nice voice but I don’t believe she is a superstar.

  6. Maria says:

    Leah is a fabulous singer and performer, but she pushed her luck by overdoing it. Her way of singing sounded really ugly from time to time. Andrea has more possibilities than she has shown on this show. I only hope she will be able to stay her nice self after winning and all the ugly comments she has to face from people who can’t take the reality that more people voted for Andrea than fot Leah. Bt maybe this show makes it clear that music shouldn’t be a competition!!!

  7. Nell says:

    I tried repeatedly to vote for Leah for the final 15 minutes and could not get through. Something fishy going on?

  8. edna says:

    This result has left me wondering whether the winner has anything to do with the public vote. I do not believe for a second that Andrea had more votes than leah. Did anyone else notice how abruptly the show ended ,left me feeling very deflated after watching for weeks

    • Lily says:

      I noticed that aswell. It’s a bit odd that quite a few people couldn’t get through to vote for leah, then leah started trending on twitter and then an article appears saying “insiders suddenly moved their bets to Andrea tonight after weeks of leah being bookies favourite” …..anyone else finding this suspicious?

  9. mike says:

    Public votes say as much about the people not voting as a democratic election of a government. This was pointless and frustrating for the viewers to watch. But i’m still not sorry I didn’t vote. Popularity contests are the most depressing part of modern TV.

  10. Leah should have won :c says:

    It’s because most of the voice audience are elderly, and a lot of the elderly have hearing problems. She will go far! <3

  11. nicky says:

    the best one won , leah just screeched her way through
    mike was better than her ,and im 65 not some young girl, good on you andrea , you reminds me of
    eva Cassidy
    and I think andrea will been heard a lot in the future leah is just another girl shouting her way in music

  12. Terrie says:

    God so glad leah didn’t win could not cope with her wailing through every song had to turn telly down, mike ward should have won he will be the one to make it great great voice.

  13. Simon says:

    The BBC could hardly have made it more obvious that they wanted Leah to win so the suggestion that they rigged it so that Andrea won is ridiculous.

    There are plenty of people (I am one) who simply do not like singers who try to demonstrate their entire vocal range in the course of one song (or, in Leah’s case at times, one word). Her performances tonight were a little more restrained but she had probably already put a lot of people off.

    The point about many record buyers being out on a Saturday night is an interesting one. I’ve always wondered whether The Voice might get better ratings on a different night. Perhaps this is another reason for trying a move to Sunday when it would also not be up against Britain’s Got Talent.

  14. julie says:

    I have lost my faith in the british public .Leah was robbed Has no one got any taste.

    • Phill says:

      Obviously the voting public have that’s why Leah did not win, no accounting for tast is there

  15. Andy says:

    Really disappointed with the results , both Mike and leah were a different type of singer . Mike and his country and leah with her quirky voice and amazing vocal range yet the rest of the country voted for the girl that sings exactly the same as everyone else,what has she seriously got to offer ? How boring , really hope leah gets a recording contract will was right to storm off

  16. sharon says:

    The voice? sorry ridiculous result….with respect we will never hear from that one again but Leah Mcfall is and will be a super star…..obviously!!

  17. Debbbb10 says:

    There are many older voters who watch the bbc they are always going to vote middle of the road same last year. Will was right the voice will never produce a real star until younger voters can vote. If it was judged by I tune download then Leah wo

    • Gary says:

      As an ‘older voter’ myself, I still think that this result is incorrect. Andrea has a nice voice, but every performance bordered on a dirge, as boring as a box of bolts. Definitely something fishy about the result, Matt going out first was also a big surprise.
      I’m guessing that Leah didn’t want to win, as she undoubtedly has had much better offers than being tied-in to a ‘ten bob’ BBC contract. If this is the case, it would explain the last-minute insider betting switch. Just my humble opinion of course….

  18. Maureen says:

    I’m happy that Andrea won,and why not!.She has a beautiful calming mellow voice. I don’t like Leah’s voice at all. She doesn’t sing,she squeals and screeches.It’s painful and ugly to have to listen too.Just as Michael Buble has the that lovely silky tone,so does Andrea.

    • karen says:

      Oh dear maureen, you obviously havnt got a clue about talent…leah has a unique voice, to say she screeched her way through this evenings show is really insulting, and to compare andrea to michael buble is just so true…he is also a boring, safe, and cheesy crooner…bring on something edgy and different please, befor we are all bored to tears..

      • karen says:

        No wonder you are of the same opinion as Will I Am you are just as rude just because not everyone agreed with you. When he and Jessie J are making comments about how the British public keep getting it wrong perhaps they should remember its the same public that have put them where they are and if they do not want to be on a show where the public vote the winning act then perhaps they should leave. At the end of the day they should take a note out of Tom Jones’ book when he said not everyone likes the same thing and everyone is entitled to their own opinion and if you don’t like the show don’t watch it but don’t disrespect the winner.

      • Sara says:

        People who prefer Andrea and Buble would not buy Jessie J or Will.I.Am’s music.

        Everyone is different, I’m not getting anything twisted. Leah said herself she’s ‘Marmite’, I just prefer the love or loathe, not the mediocre, its much more exciting.

  19. Wendy says:

    Personally I feel Leah was the victim of strategic banter.First Will said Mike was flat! This was not the night for criticism then when Jessie’s act had gone she said Leah should win….not right and I think that for some people this was seen as dirty tricks hence the voting & winner

  20. Esmee says:

    Final Reflections – The Voice

    The duets done, I have to say
    The best was Matt and Jessie J
    A perfect match, a balanced act
    That’s what a duet is – FACT
    So big surprise when Matt was gone
    The public vote had all gone wrong
    He had the voice, the moves, the passion
    So maybe he fell down on fashion.

    As for Mike and Uncle Tom
    And a casual country crooner song
    They played it safe, though twas OK
    But not my style at the end of the day.

    Andrea sang and bought a voice
    That obviously was the people’s choice
    Not for the quirk, the looks, the fire
    But simple truthful heart desire
    Perception spoke when Will confessed
    He’d listen to her when he was stressed
    And what we need now in the UK
    Is a soothing balm to end the day.

    The results came in and we all said ‘nope’
    Cos Leah girl is mega dope
    But sure it’s not the end for still
    There’ll be a good deal done with Will
    She’s still a winner performance wise
    With every song a new surprise
    If named ‘The Concert’ she’d win hands down
    So sure we’ll see her back in town

    But the voice that won at the end of the day
    Was the voice of calm, not harm but balm
    Not dope but hope, not shrill but still
    Not Tom Jones but sombre tones,
    Not Jessie J but de-stressie day
    Not Will.I.Am, though still I am amazed it wasn’t Leah,
    But Danny boy, you wrote the script, the winner is Andrea.

    © Ruth Sherrington-Powis

  21. karen says:

    I feel andrea got the sympathy vote..anyone with any taste in music could see leah has got a unique talent…we will never hear from andrea bagley sure, just like last year, who won again???,what a shame for leah, think simon cowell must have hijacked the results in some way,he must be kicking himself for not having the opportunity of discovering leah..i love the voice format, but still feel sorry for leah, but am convinced it wont be the last we hear from her, and finally, the bbc maybe should have “fixed” it for leah, because the great british public have let us all down again, obviously the stay at home older generation on a saturday evening have spoken again… andrea bagley.

    • Sue says:

      I don’t know how old you are. But one day you will be one of those boring old people. I wonder how you will feel then when you read, what you have just wrote. No one said the show was for a certain age group. So everyone is intitled to there own choice.

      • Isabella says:

        Dont know who is stayin home on a Saturday night and voting on the voice, but what an absolute mess. Leah had the show won when she sang I will survive! So, were all the stay at homes drunk, drugged or just deaf. Absolute joke! All the contestants were good, but Leah was the STAR!!

    • suefew says:

      I think it had more to do with JJ and WIAM dissing the public – trying to influence people as if their opinions were “expert” in all tastes. Also The British don’t like personal attacks on finalists and they attacked shy Mike for his pitchiness, probably caused many to switch their vote against the judge…

      • JOANJ says:

        I think last nights vote was more against judges tactics than anything. should not have made comments about Mike during a final and im convinced he cost Leah votes although i do think Andrea’s performance was captivating and she ia a worthy winner as were all the finalists. Well done to you all!!!!

  22. Nicky says:

    Andrea has a lovely voice and i think she will make a good go of it, i think i agree with Wendy Will i am and Jessie made it very clear that they wanted Leah to win and kept referring back to last years show and winner which is very wrong, the voters have a right to choose who they like and as Tom Jones said “we all like different types of music”

    • Sue says:

      I agree with you. In the end they were all winners in there own way, that’s why they got to the final. There are so many different people with different taste that watch the programme .so why are some wrong and some right, it all comes down to personal choice. I could not have picked a winner, I thought they were all good, in there own way. But I do think will acted very childish and unprofessional by storming of.he was like a sore loser.

  23. Austen says:

    I am 60 and LOVED Leah. I hear what some of the comments at saying about herr trying to show all the range of her voice in one song… But the programme is called The Voice after all and this will no doubt be modified when she records. After all the show is about raw talent ( or should be) which Leah has in bucket loads as well as having a great look.

    • Roza says:

      Austen it’s great to hear from someone in my generation i’m getting sick of hearing people disrespecting the older generation as though we are not able to appreciate different types of music or singers, sticking to one genre, blaming us for the choice of winner, that’s just RUBBISH. I loved Leah and liked Andrea a subtle difference. I wish both these artists the best in the future though i would be more likely to buy Leah’s music.

  24. Sherie says:

    It’s always the same the people who vote are not people who buy records! So there will be many people who will saying Andrea has a lovely voice (which she has), yet they will not be putting their money where their mouths (or dialling fingers) are and supporting her when she puts out her record, so she will go the same path as the previous winner, who again had a great voice but was nothing distinct or special. This is the real shame, shallow and fair weather support because it is a popularity contest for many. Leah did have real talent and is more likely to have a sustainable career in music than Andrea, as she is more current, unique and more flexible in her style. Andrea has no stage presence, and please this is nothing to do with her disability – Stevie Wonder, Andre Rieu both have stage presence, both are totally blind!

  25. rosalee says:

    more conspiracy theories here than dalllas in 1963 leah didnt win coz andrea got more votes its simple! she wasnt helped by jessie j jumping ship after her act got the boot and that awful rendition of that awful ripperton song was a minus also she maybe 20 something but she looks older than my dad and he is 50 must have had a hard life

  26. Annie says:

    I too am 60 and no doubt in my mind Leah should gave won.

  27. XFF says:

    Shocking result, perhaps people assumed she was safe? I totally agree with the comments about the people that vote on these shows not being the ones that buy music, which is why they frequently fail to produce relevant artists who sell records. The only reason the right person (in my opinion) won X Factor last year was because he was in the bottom two. The following week James got over 40% of the vote, because it prompted all those people who don’t normally vote but do buy music to pick up the phone. There are so many shows determined by the public vote and this format has existed for so long now that I think the majority of viewers have grown weary of putting their hands in their pockets and don’t vote any more. Leah is a superstar. I’d have liked to see her win, but perhaps she really will be better off this way. Will will sign her and hopefully she will go on to have a very successful career.

  28. Maureen Muttock says:

    Myself amd my whole family thought the talant this year was good but leah was outstanding my son NEVER watches any talant shows hates them but after showing him leah, s first audition we watched evey week just to here her. We were outraged she didnt win hands down. I feel sad for her and will to be so let down. Jessy didnt jump ship she always admired leahs voice. I also think a lot was sympathy voting.. I am so sad,,,,,

  29. Tasha says:

    Let’s not forget that this show is called “The Voice,” rather than the “X-Factor.” In my opinion, Andrea had the voice and Leah had the x-factor. “The Voice” should be proud that it can find and promote a different kind of talent than “X-Factor” and stop trying to compete with it. Andrea’s voice is utterly beautiful, pure and timeless and as all the coaches said, has the ability to deeply move the listener. What further proof is needed?

  30. Cathy says:

    Andrea’s voice is unique and I believe she will go a long way.Well done.

  31. Kim says:

    Andrea’s voice is enchanting, I got goose bumps every time I heard her. She was always my winner and she WON. Matt would have been my second choice. Leah’s voice made me freak and got on my nerves and listening back she didn’t sing ‘I will always love you’ very well at all. I didn’t appreciate Jessie J’s comments and it would have been more professional to keep her views on the winner to herself instead of saying she felt Leah should win – so did she feel that Leah was more talented than Matt ??
    Give Andrea credit everything she sang was very moving and I have already downloaded them all.
    Will i am I love you but be a good loser, eh x

  32. mitch says:

    Leah : annoying voice boring personality and face of 70 old woman that all she is gonna be .

  33. Shelley says:

    I thought mike should have won. It’s about time we had a British country singer. He was brilliant. Leah was strange and i think that might have been her downfall. She was too quirky. Andrea had a great voice but think her story may have been the reason she won.

  34. Sara says:

    Will i am is a piece of sh*t he so jealous that danny won if he think that annoying girl should won he can easly made a record with her instead he is trying to make some media noise to keep people interesting in her I mean can he be more obvious !!!

  35. tafiny says:

    Will i am is so gross and nasty the way he was talking about mike he is just so jealous of people who is better than him and had talent .

  36. lora says:

    now I know why people in the us hate Will i am that much too bad that the british dont know him that well what an ass .

  37. Rosie says:

    I’m from Canada, I just watched the final episode of The Voice UK” on youtube, IMHO Mike Ward should have won hands down. I like Wil I.M. as an artist but storming off because he’s a sore loser was disrespectful and unprofessional.
    Big fan of Mike Ward & Matt Henry.

  38. Ray says:

    Time will tell who the real winner is :) Andrea has an amazing voice, but in a year, with all the help, the record deal and the recording time, you will have forgotten all about her, because she will disappear, and the real winner will be a star for many many years to come!!! “Leah Mcfall

    • Paul from Sweden says:

      Leah is another Cyndi Lauper in the making and I rated her better than Madonna any day. Leah should of won but in a way I’m glad she didn’t as Will has already got her recording in the next few weeks. Andrea has a great voice but would I buy her album, no chance. I am 51 and still love music from all era’s and Leah is so different from the music today that she will have no problem being a star. Now she has a licence to do whatever music and however she choose’s to do it. End of

  39. Mark says:

    Well folks, I did my best to vote for Leah but kept getting strange noises and no connection or confirmation. I guess the bookies cleaned up…

  40. The voice 2014 says:

    Its all a scam. Next year they should change the voting to most downloaded.

    • Paul from Sweden says:

      No they should do what they do in Australia and leave the voting for a week so that people who watch can check it out during the week and make an informed choice. Also moving the time slot to a Sunday or Monday night as they do in the States and Australia would make for better viewing and more informed decisions.

  41. mel says:

    Leah didnt win….she wasnt good enough on the night..the best act won now get over it.

  42. levi says:

    leah should of won what was people thinking Andrea has a nice voice but so as many people. I would go and see Leah never Andrea to boring. I tried to vote for Leah for over 20mins never got through. I’am 53 years old not a young girl.

  43. Karen says:

    Glad Andrea won and would have been equally happy if Mike won – I loved them both. Leah just screamed through the songs – shame she felt she had to do that because if she sang in a natural way she could sound good and wouldn’t pull such ugly faces when she sings.

  44. Simon says:

    Well done Andrea!
    To all the trolls on here claiming it was a middle of the road vote, I hand you back your rattle. Found it on the floor next to your pram!

    I’m 52. In my life I have liked the following music:
    Prog Rock
    Punk /New Wave
    Acid House /Trance

    No middle of the road at all. When Andrea sang last night I cried with all the hairs standing up on my neck. She sang every song beautifully and perfectly.
    Leah on the other hand just uses her vocal range to showboat her way through songs.

    In the first song she sang last night she was so off key at times it was painful.
    The duet with william was something any two bit backing singer could have sung. Surrounded by the william self publicising roadshow and a booming bass line, not good singing at all.

    And then the baby william throws his rattle on twitter – no surprise.

    So to sum up, the person with the best singing voice won the competition to find the person with the best singing voice.


  45. Julia says:

    the only consolation is that Leah will go on to great things, Andrea is lovely and has a lovely voice but where will she be next year. Will is right right right!!!! Thats the British public for you. I’m almost 65 and can still recognise pure talent when I see it.

  46. Lorna says:

    The same mugs who think Andrea can sing are the same mugs who waste their money on voting. Most of them are idiots, so they vote for the idiotic choice. Andrea would not have got onto live shows if she wasnt blind and every person in this country knows it. It is very patronising towards her, she should not be given a free ride due to her disability. This world has gone insane.

    • Karen says:

      What a horrible person you are! Just because you didnt like the way the vote went dont call the rest if us idiots.

      • Lorna says:

        Oh dear Karen, you are an idiot if you voted for Andrea Begley, its called THE VOICE not the disability. Such a shame and I feel really sorry for Andrea, she’s not stupid and she’s going to realise why people have voted for her and it will probably upset her. She will never know how she would have done if she was not blind.

    • Mark says:

      How can you write such rubbish.Leah ruined I will always love you by being off key.Andrea was in tune all night and has a great voice.I like heavy metal but I can appreciate a nice singer.To blast people for having an opinion different to yours is just ignorant.I bet you are 1 of the idiots who park in disabled bays at the supermarket.Just rude!!!

  47. Lorna says:

    The amount of effects they put on andreas voice and the way they chose songs that were easy to sing and beautiful songs to give the impression of a good performance, it would have been easier to get someone who could sing and pretend they were blind than someone blind and pretend they could sing. This means no disrespect to blind/partially sighted people whatsoever as I find it an insult to blind people to give them special treatment that is not necessary. They are not children and they are not incapable of being told they havnt succeeded in something so stop patronising them!

  48. Stephen says:

    What an anti climax last night was (even the birds in my garden stopped singing) – why go through weeks of professional singers voting and giving their valid opinions to leave the final vote to the general public?! – never a good idea in my opinion. You would have to be tone deaf not to realise that Leah was head and shoulders above all the other contestants – I’m sure she has a great future ahead of her. – lets hope Will has got the ball rolling on that one – keep us posted Will.

    • Dave says:

      If you can’t hear what a mess leah made of her first song last night, you’re the one who’s tone deaf matey. Listen to it again.

      And as for you lorna, pre-frontal lobotomy didn’t work for you did it?

      • Paul from Sweden says:

        Well obviously you would know as you a big time artist. You crack me up. What a joke you are. How the hell would know exactly how she was going to sing it? Were you in the studio with them? I doubt it.

  49. Katherine says:

    I’ve watched many X Factor shows and both series of The Voice – I watch because I find it entertaining and sometimes infuriating when the public vote for acts I don’t like or don’t vote for the ones I think are amazing! Yes, The Voice is a talent show – and I think there was a huge talent pool this series. Yes Leah is talented, quirky and probably set for a huge career in music. But there were other very talented performers in the show who, as already has been said by others, appeal to different audiences. End of the day the public vote decides the winner – it’s by no means a faultless way of doing so but there’s no way which is. Andrea has her own style and talent – I loved it but others may not. I also loved Leah – it didn’t have to be one or the other – but the winner did have to have the larger share of the public vote. Andrea got it and I feel it’s a shame that people get so incensed over her victory. I understand why let his disappointment show – he’s invested a lot of time and belief into Leah – but for the rest is us this is just a show. If we love Leah’s music so much we will buy it when it is released – and it will be released. Stars have been discovered – whether they won the public vote on the night … or not. Keep things in perspective!

  50. sam says:

    leah was brilliant I enjoyed her voice very much I would go to her conserts and by her cds she has what it takes we haven’t heard a voice like hers for a long time fingers crossed that someone out there does something about it andrea was ok but I wouldn’t buy her music. love will I am bit of a nut job but then aren’t we all in our own way he has passion and he and Jessie j were right leah should have won will still watch the show best programme on a Saturday nite.

  51. ian says:

    Yes leah should have won but lets look at the x factor most off the runner up go on to bigger and better things like olly murs one direction and jls so big things to come for leah and I look forward to her 1st number one

    • Paul from Sweden says:

      So true, another Cyndi Lauper coming is my guess. That can only be a great thing.

  52. Roza says:

    I will still continue to watch the voice, even though i was very disappointed in the choice of winner. Leah will go on to do amazing things she has a phenomenal talent amazing tones and pitch, she has a definite future in the music business and has a voice alongside many greats. I wish Andrea the best. It will be interesting to see what the future has in store for her. expressed his disappointment that his artist didnt win that is his entitlement to do so. Leah is now free to get the best contract she can for her future which maybe better than her winning The Voice

  53. dawn says:

    well another series ends,,,,4 became 3 and Matt went which was a shock ,,jessie j and Matt so good together ,,brill duet,,,,,,then surprise the favorite Leah doesnt win,,,, and Leah were brill together ,,,i wish the very best for Andrea she deserves it,,,, as we all know the real winner will be Leah especially if she has WILL.I.AM in her corner

  54. kizzy says:

    I love leah and andrea and was happy for either to win.I thought will.i.ams reaction was pathetic yes leah has a special voice but so does andrea and for everyone to say it just because of her disabilty is rubbish as seen on britains got talent when a shadowact won over disabled kid comedian so it just goes to prove that the nation likes dufferent styles and that sometimes we prefer hypnotic to quirky. And i think its unfair to judge andreas voice on her funny eyes as if we cudnt see her or her disabilty but heard her voice we would still all be blown away by it so stop being miserable people and stop judging whoever one derserved it and that’s that simples .

  55. Ann. says:

    The right person won. Andrea is a lovely, happy, clever girl. She sang from her heart. I liked Mike too but Leah had a really terrible voice. I am from N.I. & could have voted for either girl but my heart said Andrea. I am 73! (Maybe it’s my age was the reason why I voted for Andrea.)

  56. lorna says:

    Absolute travesty that Leah didn’t win the voice her talent is extraordinary. Comments above seem to be right that it is the older people in on a Saturday night who would vote for the very boring Andrea. I also objected to comments by Jaci Stephen, Daily Mail she is tone deaf obviously and whatever qualifies her to comment on a singing competition she clearly doesn’t have a clue!

  57. Pat Smith says: