The Voice 2013: Tourette’s sufferer Nick Tatham chooses the wrong song & fails blind audition!

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Tourette’s sufferer Nick Tathan was fourth up to stand before the four backward-facing chairs on tonights episode of The Voice. The 29 year old singer from Dorset talked about how music has helped him manage his condition, and how it was the cause of bullying as a child. However, he finishes by saying the condition is now part of who he is.

On stage, Nick begins by beatboxing the intro to the song, but then proceeds to play an almost rockabilly, country version of Footloose. Erm…interesting approach Nick. On the plus side, Nick has an easy, fun delivery of the song. It’s feel good, but not necessarily commercial. The song ends without a single coach turning for him. They seemed to be struggling to work out of Nick would work on any of their teams (and trying to push him on Danny!)

Nick Tatham the voice 1

How bad did you all feel when you saw the disappointment on Nick’s face and how sad his family were backstage?

  • Jessie J: I enjoyed it. It just wasn’t my cup of tea. As a coach, I don’t feel like I would be right for you. I was kind of looking over to Danny and Will.I.Am. You have a good voice, it’s just not for me.
  • Tom Jones: To take on a song like that, it’s hard. You did a good job with it, but that Kenny Loggins thing was in there.

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Before Nick leaves the stage, Jessie asks him to sing something else with just the guitar. Nick launches into an acoustic version of Another Day In Paradise and the difference is immediately obvious. Jessie and Danny immediately start banging their buttons and you know that Nick will be kicking himself later for choosing the wrong audition song. Nick’s voice on this one is much, much better. And it’s a real bittersweet moment for The Voice, since the rules mean he can’t be considered now.

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3 Responses to “The Voice 2013: Tourette’s sufferer Nick Tatham chooses the wrong song & fails blind audition!”

  1. Mandy says:

    Such a shame he didn’t get through but just goes to show how important song choice really is. Listening to his second song I would by his album tomorrow.

  2. Martyna says:

    If i had a record company i would sign him today! He blew me away and i nearly cried when he didn’t get through, it’s such a shame :( You could really tell he was passionate about music and a good guitar player too. In some way he reminded me of Kurt Cobain, but he was better than Kurt. I would definitely buy this guys album and he really is an inspiration for me, especially since he battled with tourettes as well and from personal experience, i know life is tougher when you have a terminal illness. Well done Nick Tatham, i hope you go far in the music industry and you’ve inspired me to continue playing guitar! Good luck

  3. Kat says:

    I don’t think he’s BETTER than Kurt, but he is AS GOOD AS. I am one of Nirvana’s biggest fans. I absolutely fell in love with his voice, exactly the kind of thing I love to listen to. I luckily downloaded his track on Soundcloud and have liked various pages on social networking sites to follow his progress. If he isn’t signed before, I hope that he goes back on the voice next year and wins it to prove how good a singer he really is. A real snatch up for any sane record companies.