The Voice 2013: & Leah McFall preparing to premiere new tunes at Wireless Festival next week (PICTURES)

leah mcfall is performing at next weekend’s Wireless Festival and it looks like he will be bringing a special someone along for the ride.

The lineup for the Yahho sponsored festival is pretty star studded and so far Emeli Sande, Calvin Harris, Rita Ora and Jay Z have all been confirmed. signed up months ago but it looks like he’s planning to add Leah McFall to the billing as his special guests and the pair have been in rehearsals today for their first public performance, since The Voice ended last month.

The Black Eyed Peas star was livid when Leah failed to win and Andrea Begley took the crown but as he’s a man of action, he whisked the Belfast born singer to LA and began work on her new tunes straight away.

He revealed that her new music will be released asap and it seems that Will is a man of his word, as former show contestant Tyler James revealed this week that the star is planning to have the music ready in time for his performance next Sunday.

Tyler told The Daily Star:

“She’s [Leah] been in LA recording with Will this week and the plan is to have a new song in time for the Wireless Festival in a few weeks’ time. will take to the Pepsi Max Stage in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, on Sunday 14th July and Leah shared a photograph on Twitter this morning, showing her and Will in rehearsals for their performance.

McFall captioned this picture saying:, leah mcfall

“Guess What we’re rehearsing for?????!!! 😁😁😁 iamwill ”

Will tweeted:

“I can’t wait to go back to london…”

It sounds like their music making has been going well and the US star told his fans yesterday:

“I think @leahmcfallmusic and I just made the most heart melting song of our lives…#musicMEDICINE”

Leah replied:

“@iamwill I love it. Just woke up singing it. Is the world ready???!”

We know one thing, we’re ready! Are you excited about Leah and Will’s new music? Leave your comments below….

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3 Responses to “The Voice 2013: & Leah McFall preparing to premiere new tunes at Wireless Festival next week (PICTURES)”

  1. kelly says:

    I honestly cant flipping wait…. the duet bang bang they did together was absolutely amazing and leahs voice is just so unique there is noone like her… but will-i-am and leah mcfall together music to my heart, what we all need both so unique and talented in the same way!!! :)

  2. Helen says:

    I actually can’t wait to see what they are doing next as I have had Leah’s voice stuck in my head for the last few weeks- I think that Bang Bang rerecorded with Leah’s vocals could be a number one hit, so looking forward to being able to buy it, hoping that Loving you is also released because it is stunning. She has such an unique sound and I think she will be massive!

  3. Tina Valentine says:

    I’m really glad (on reflection) that Leah didn’t win…so that she and Will can and will do their own stuff together. Leah has won anyway, no matter what…so looking forward to hearing Leah and Will collaboration. Good on Jessie too! xxx