The Voice 2013: praises Leah McFall’s new ‘heart melting song’

leah mcfall 2 has been full of praise for The Voice star Leah McFall, after spending a week in the studio with the singer.

The Black Eyed Peas star mentored the Belfast born singer during the BBC competition and was furious when she lost out in the final to fellow Northern Irish singer Andrea Begley.

After her loss, Will whisked Leah to LA, where he and a team of producers got down to the business of making her debut album and from the sound of his tweets this week, the process seems to be going very well.

Songwriter and producer Jean Baptiste praised the 23 year old singer earlier in the week, tweeting:

“in the studio with @leahmcfallmusic awesome talent, thx to the homey @iamwill”

leah mcfall

Will previously revealed that he is aiming to get Leah’s first record out asap and it seems he’s proud of the work they have put in so far, as he tweeted on 5th July saying:

“Working on @leahmcfallmusic today with the best writers on the planet…I called in the #bigGUNS”

Earlier this afternoon, after another productive session, Will added:

“I think @leahmcfallmusic and I just made the most heart melting song of our lives…#musicMEDICINE”

Leah is psyched about the direction her career is taking too and tweeted her fans saying:

“😁 excited for my new music with iamwill 🎵🎵 ”

leah mcfall

She’s fitting plenty of play time in around the work sessions too and added:

“How are all the #giants doing? It’s 4am here in LA and I am In the studio. Living music. Breathing music. AND eating …. Burgers. 🍔”

We cannot wait to hear what Leah and Will have come up with and if it’s anything like their version of Bang Bang, then we’re sure we’re in for a treat!

Are you excited? Leave your comments below…..

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8 Responses to “The Voice 2013: praises Leah McFall’s new ‘heart melting song’”

  1. Meep says:

    Can’t wait! I haven’t bought a CD in over 10 years, but I’ve been following the news on Leah since the show ended, just so I can purchase hers. I have a feeling it will become the jewel of my collection.

  2. Annie says:

    Wow he’s wasting no time with her but then he recognizes the talent she has.
    Love will i am and Leah and looking forward to hearing the album. PS I think he has a twinkle in his eye for her!

  3. RC says:

    I cant say I was totally in love with her and will’s version of bang bang but I am excited to hear what her new music will sound like.

  4. XFF says:

    I was gobsmacked when she didn’t win, but now I honestly think that this is a better route for Leah. Can’t wait to hear the music! Will mentioned about releasing their incredible version of Bang Bang, wondering if this will be a b side?

  5. jean wallace says:

    love all you do leah and all your going to do…talent by the bucket load wee northern star..making us proud..for all the right reasons…bestest to you and the man will I am..who knows talent when he see it…from your mallusk fan..

  6. Desmond. Elliott says:

    Wow what voice and great programme still watch it
    Because I recorded it and show friends who
    Did not see it .looks good that she come second
    If William keeps moving her in right direction
    BBC need to step it’s game up next year
    1 bring back winners so they give th platform
    To show public that year is up but BBC have
    Help these young people go forward second
    Place third place can all have turn on live
    Show come on show is ready to go forward word on street..

  7. Luke says:

    Leah is one of best singers that I have Heard in my Life Leah has a relly nice voice xx

  8. Colette Lawless says:

    Leah hurry up and get your album out. I never buy cd’s but I will be buying yours.

    I have never heard anyone quite like you.

    I too like your other previous fans comment have your performances recorded and play them over and over again.

    Love Will too

    Congratulations on all your hard work.