The Voice 2013:’s mum told him off for giving money to Prince Charles! prince charles

It’s been reported today that The Voice coach got a right royal telling off from his mum Debra after she learned he’d been making sizable donations to the Prince’s Trust, which is of course overseen by Prince Charles…

However, it transpired that Debra didn’t know who Prince Charles was, but was appeased once her son explained.

Will told Goss, “When I did The Voice, I wanted to give away the money I’d made…

“I called and told my mom I wanted to give it away, and she was like: ‘To who?’ I told her: ‘I’m going to give it to Prince Charles.’

“So she asked me: ‘Who is Prince Charles?’

“I was like: ‘In England, mom. The Queen’s son…’

“But she just said: ‘Are you crazy? What is he going to do with it?’” the voice 2

But regardless of his mother’s lack of knowledge about the British royal family, Will couldn’t be more proud of her, and he’s always anxious to make her proud of him too.

He said, “I do what I do to make my mom proud. It means more to me than authorities like the police.

“If someone told me the police have visited, I’d be like, OK. But if my mom was angry with me, I’d be scared.”

Aww bless him! Here’s a reminder of Will’s work with the Prince’s Trust…

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