The Voice 2013: WOW! Watch breakdancing with Cleo Higgins & Leah McFall!

He’s a singer, he’s a rapper, he’s a song writer, he’s a producer, he’s a manager and now it seems that has another string to his bow. The Black Eyed Peas star can breakdance. Is there nothing he can’t do?

The Voice semi finals are all set to kick off tonight and as part of the penultimate show, Will is set to take to the stage with his final two contestants Leah McFall and Cleo Higgins.

Chatting with us yesterday Cleo Higgins revealed that Will was considering throwing some funky moves into their performance and she told Unreality TV:

“Will said he’s going to breakdance during the performance! There’s a whole breakdance section at the end of the song where he’s supposed to break dance…

“But it’s a live show. Anything could happen!”

It seems that Will is planning to go ahead with his plan to bust some moves and as you can see from the clip below, he’s even been practicing!

leah mcfall cleo higgins

Leah McFall revealed that we can look forward to some amazing performances all round, not just from her mentor either and tweeted this afternoon saying:

“Miss @OfficiallyCleo is KILLING it in rehearsal today!!! Are you ready for this???!!! #teamwill”

Find out what Cleo, Leah and the other contestants will be singing this evening here….

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