The Voice 2013: Y’know how the coaches blast X Factor for “humiliating” wannabes? says “dunk” Voice losers or “catapult them out!”
The Voice coaches, Jessie J, Danny O’Donoghue and Sir Tom Jones have always been at pains to point out that – according to them, unlike Britain’s Got Talent or X Factor – wannabes on The Voice are treated like artists and are never “humiliated” onstage for “the pleasure of the viewing public”.

In various rants about Simon Cowell’s shows, the coaches have also blasted how BGT and X Factor judges reject some hopefuls, and as well as accusing them of humiliating acts, they’ve accused the shows of being “cruel.”

So it was with some surprise today that I read that had said that “losers” on The Voice should be dunked or catapulted out!

The Sun reports, “THE Voice coach has come up with a novel way of injecting more excitement into the BBC1 show’s live episodes – dunking wannabes in GUNK.

“Will says ratings plunged following the blind auditions because there isn’t enough drama towards the end.” the voice 2

While discussing ways to drag viewers back to The Voice – which has of course fared fairly badly in terms of viewer ratings – Will apparently told the Radio Times, “It needs to be better than it was at the beginning.

“Something like where you could actually dunk them. ‘I don’t like ’em’ and they’re in the water’.

“An exit button and you just catapult them out.”

Yeah because that’s not humiliating at all is it?!

What do you think of what Will said? Let us know, but for now, here’s a look at him on the show last weekend…

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