The Voice: Ben Kelly insists he didn’t ‘kick off’ and ‘feels let down’ by producers’ edit

Ben Kelly has come forward as the latest star of The Voice, to complain about the way the TV show was edited last night.

The Northern Irish singer lost out in the Battle Rounds of the BBC singing show to teenage performer Ruth-Ann St Luce, but not only were large portions of their performance of ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ cut from the final show which was broadcast yesterday, but most of their rehearsals were also left out and coach Jessie J didn’t even give a reason as to why she was choosing Ruth over Ben.

Ben wowed the coaches at his blind audition with his rendition of ‘Rocket Man’ and after being offered a place in all four teams, was a favourite for the finals of the new series.

However, his was one of the shortest battles featured last night and Kelly admitted today that he feels ‘let down’ by the producers as a result.

Ben filmed the Battle Rounds back in February, so knew before his audition aired that he had been cut. However, he was looking forward to watching his performance in full last night and seeing how his fans reacted to the song.

He told The Derry Journal:

“I gave it my all. I wanted the audience to be able to decide for themselves who should have gone through.”

“I do feel let down by the producers of the show,” he added.

“Every step of the way we were told it didn’t matter if we went through or not at least we would get another chance to perform on national television – but the edit was inexcusable.

“They didn’t even screen my parting shot – people are asking me if it was edited because I kicked off. I didn’t. I am very grateful for the experience and I thanked everyone for helping me get that far.”

However, Ben insists that he is not upset with young Ruth and in fact the pair have been wishing each other well on Twitter.

St Jones posted:

“Big well done to @BenKellyMusic for last night. We know your dream will not end there! You’ve got these crazy fans out there lol it’s scary”

Kelly replied:

“@ruth_annsvoice and well done to you sweetheart – shame about the edit, but oh well. Good luck in the Lives – do good – keep in touch xxx”

J Marie Cooper and Emmy J Mac have also complained today, about how they were portrayed on last night’s show.

Do you think Ben was treated fairly last night? Did Jessie make the right decision? Leave your comments below…

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One Response to “The Voice: Ben Kelly insists he didn’t ‘kick off’ and ‘feels let down’ by producers’ edit”

  1. Random Stranger says:

    Wow, I thought there were a lot of bitter ex-Voice contestants around from the comments today, but over here in the States I only get to see the official BBC clips linked on this site, which naturally showed the *full* Ben and Ruth-Ann battle. I remember being surprised at how well Ruth-Ann performed on the night, it was a genuine battle the I think Ben won with a higher polish, but darn it was a real contest, one of the better of the night.

    Now I see a link to the actual broadcast footage, and it is shocking that the battle is essentially reduced to a stanza each, and they don’t even pick the best for either of them. Anyone watching at home will wonder why Ruth-Ann was picked as they missed all her best bits too! But Ben did a cracking job, and has every reason to be upset that his swan song was not televised, as that is the deal they were promised.

    A Voice lost a lot of its gloss this weekend, especially if more of the battles were cut like this. There is real TV gold in the full clips that I saw here, but I now have no idea what the UK viewers actually saw.