The Voice: Danny O’Donoghue & will only return if ‘unpopular’ Jessie J & ‘bored’ Tom Jones are hired!

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The Voice has been recommissioned for a third series on BBC One but bosses are already facing challenges over who will return and who won’t next year.

Insiders have told The Daily Mail that, Danny O’Donoghue, Tom Jones and Jessie J are planning to issue bosses with an ultimatum, which will state that they will only return together, as a foursome, or not at all. However bosses are said to be keen to add new faces to the lineup.

A source told the newspaper the stars have agreed that if they don’t all get offered contracts, then they will all walk away from the singing show, however it leaves producers with a tough decision as they’re apparently considering replacing Jessie J and Tom Jones.

It’s said that Jess has proved ‘unpopular’ with the public, while many believe that Tom looks ‘bored’ much of the time.

An insider said:

the voice 2013 coaches

‘The producers know the show needs a real shake-up.

‘Jessie is incredibly unpopular with viewers and Tom looks bored the majority of the time. Something has to change.’

However Sir Tom has insisted:

‘The four of us make a great team — one without the other wouldn’t work.’

Danny told The Sun that he hasn’t been invited back yet by the show bosses. He said:

“We’ve been told another series has been commissioned but we have not been approached — so I’ll leave it until we’ve all been asked until I answer.”

the voice coaches 2013

Will added:

“I have thought about next year. If you are having a good time doing something I don’t see why you’d want to stop. I’d be up for coming back. I like hanging out with Jessie and Dan and Tom’s company.”

Who would you like to see on The Voice’s panel next year? Leave your comments below….

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17 Responses to “The Voice: Danny O’Donoghue & will only return if ‘unpopular’ Jessie J & ‘bored’ Tom Jones are hired!”

  1. taracrox says:

    TBH I only watch the show because of Jessie J. She’s the coach the others bounce off and she gets the banter going. If the BBC feels she’s disliked its only because of their poor editing to make it that way. She’s also the only one that’ll speak up and say what she feels rather than just smiling and being too polite. They would be a boring bunch with random comments from will with out her.
    I think in the blinds her comments got a bit repetitive, so maybe some one needed to sit her down and say this is what you’re are incredible at, this is the team you have around you, now think about what you can really offer these people. So when she’s fighting to win them for her team she’s got more to say than i’m a girl.
    Tom I have to say has been a bit of a let down this year with half time it seeming that he’s not even paying attention even during the lives.
    Danny has been predictable, but he’s the much needed eye candy.
    Will I think has made weird choices and comments which seem to just get done to cause drama. Last year he was funny, this year it’s got a bit old. He’s also the only one who doesn’t sing, the show is called The Voice. Maybe swap him out for Olly Murs or another female.

    I think where the show has gone wrong this year is too much was pre-recorded and too far in advance. I also think the BBC need to show more of how they’ve been coached and let the audience get to know the contestants more. More on who they are, where they’ve come from, maybe get the coaches to visit their home. So its missing that emotional attachment people get with contestants from other shows, like x-factor. With only three live shows, you don’t see the growth and enough live performances to learn about who they are as an artist and performer.

  2. mitch says:

    evry time she show her ugly bald head in tv I change the channel replace her with someone who have brain .

  3. tafiny says:

    I only watch to see danny he is so hot love him .

  4. Marilyn says:

    I think they’re right. There’s a certain dynamic between the four of them that works (example: Will I Am’s humor is often a response to what the other coaches say/do) and if you change one, you will have the same problem as The Voice USA had this season. They replaced Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green by Shakira and Usher. And guess what? After a few episodes, they were already talking about Christina coming back to the show. And now it’s confirmed: she’s coming back next season!

    Jessie J is needed in The Voice because the show needs the presence of a strong female coach (who isn’t a b**ch) with an opinion and natural enthusiasm. Danny’s an accomplished musician who will surely provide the show the necessary screaming women/teenagers/fans. Tom Jones attracts viewers from different demographics. He gives the show a bigger diversity in music. (classics/oldies/country/pop) And Will I Am is just cool and will be appreciated for his humor! ;)

  5. Lisa says:

    As long as Danny stays i dont care what happens! I love that man so much, its unbelievable! HOTTIE :*

  6. Emma says:

    I only watch it because of Danny. He’s the only one who makes sense, is modern, makes sense and isn’t constantly tweeting. He’s a brilliant coach, who has been in the music industry for around 17 years, makes brilliant music, and grew up in a house full of musicians

  7. Isabelle says:

    I like the most, but I would be really sad if one of the four did not return next series. There’s something about the dynamic between the four of them that makes the show so funny and amazing. They’re all so different, and they all bring something contrasting and new. I don’t think it’s fair to say that Jessie and Tom are ‘boring’ and ‘unpopular’, because not everyone believes that. I really hope they all return next series. =)

  8. Anthony says:

    Will is the lad for us we like his wit and style makes interest with his performance don’t like all the gang but that’s what makes it work Dan gagged tastes me but there’s a following so live and let live

    Disappointed with the winner 2013 as she has nice voice but not in may view the best feel she got there from disabilitey and the soft vote

    Good to see the show as it is, is it that important to get more viewers than Simon,s show when it is a nice experience and fun as it is

  9. Lisa-Jaine says:

    I like the current dynamic, but i feel it a shame they cut the series length down, the battles etc seemed rather harsh in attempt to quickly whittle down the finalists and the live rounds should have lasted longer to showcase the remaining talent. Also a bit of a distaster to pit it against Britain’s G

  10. Lisa-Jaine says:

    I like the current dynamic, but i feel it a shame they cut the series length down, the battles etc seemed rather harsh in attempt to quickly whittle down the finalists and the live rounds should have lasted longer to showcase the remaining talent. Also a bit of a disaster to pit it against Britain’s Got talent then move it to a Friday before moving back to Saturday.

  11. Lisa-Jaine says:

    My first mail sent before i had completed it

  12. Melissa says:

    have to agree jessie and tom have to go danny and will r brill !!!

  13. kim says:

    i would love the current 4 coaches to return next year (tom, jessie j, danny ,,.they are a great coaches whose different personalities makes them in harmony with each other,.they should return as four of them next year.

  14. josh smith says:

    if all 4 go get:

    Bonnie tyler
    billie piper

    dont care for the rest

  15. chants says:

    this is suppose to be
    4. Keep the spinning chair idea throughout the series meaning the mentors listens to their acts. while the viewers watch the prefromance

  16. Lisa says:

    Danny and will HAVE to come back! Theyre hillarious!! Personally i rather the voice to the x factor, the voice is nicer, i dont watch tv to see peoples dreams being crushed and to see them crying! Jessie and tom are alright but Danny and will are the real stars.