The Voice: OFCOM won’t be acting over Holly Willoughby’s exposing dress and heaving bosom!


OFCOM have confirmed that they will not be launching an investigation over the furore caused by Holly Willoughby’s exposing dress on the last episode of The Voice last month.

A number of viewers complained both to the BBC and to the regulator about the revealing garment, which they believed flashed too much flesh for a family show, airing before the watershed.

BBC news reports that around 30 complaints were received over Holly’s heaving bosom, but apparently that isn’t enough to warrant any sort of OFCOM action.

Beeb bosses did apologise for Holly’s wardrobe choices at the time and released a statement in which they expressed some regret over her prominent cleavage.

They said:

holly willoughby 2

“We’re sorry if some viewers found Holly’s dress to be unsuitable. Holly enjoys fashion and we felt the dress she wore for the live final of The Voice UK was glamorous and wholly appropriate for the occasion.”

Phillip Schofield thought it was all just a storm in a teacup anyway and as the scandal roared on last month, he took to Twitter to defend his This Morning co-host saying:

“139 complaints over Holly’s gorgeous Voice dress. Let’s hope those outraged on behalf of their kids don’t take them to the beach this summer.”

holly willoughby

“God forbid they might see a woman in a bikini before 9pm and be traumatised by the sight of her cleavage!”

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