The Voice: Tyler James “I had my cheekbones, jaw, nose and spine broken by a gang of ten men”

He’s got as his coach and he’s a favourite to make it to the final of The Voice, but singer Tyler James has revealed his confidence was knocked after he was attacked in the street by a gang of ten men – and ended up in hospital for five days.

“I was at the bus stop in Bow [in east London] and [this gang] came up to me,” he says. “They said, ‘Give me your phone,’ but as I went to put my hand in my pocket, they started punching me… I couldn’t get myself up, I was covered in blood. I felt a foot go across my nose and I heard it break. It was horrible, terrifying. I was just waiting to get stabbed.”

The attack, which took place in 2005, broke both his cheekbones, his jaw, his nose and three parts of his spine. “I had to get a plastic surgeon to put my nose back together,” says Tyler, now 29.

He developed agoraphobia and was scared to be at home alone unless he was drunk. “I was drinking morning, noon and night for three months,” he says.

Tyler moved in with his friend and, later, on-off girlfriend Amy Winehouse, who he credits with nursing him back to health. “She made me chicken soup,” he remembers. “I’d cry my eyes out… At first it didn’t feel right to sleep together, but after I got better, it just felt right. She was my soulmate.”

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6 Responses to “The Voice: Tyler James “I had my cheekbones, jaw, nose and spine broken by a gang of ten men””

  1. Andy says:

    Why do these people have to give us a sob story. It’s a talent contest so let’s just hear the voices. He won’t get any votes from me as I refuse to vote for anyone who tries for the sympathy vote.

    • Adam says:

      I couldnt have explained it better myself…….Theres just no need for the sob story, if anything it will lose him votes against the other contestants

  2. jasmine says:

    Everyone has a story to tell, the voice isn’t about sob stories hence this being a news article and not him saying it on the show unlike x-factor. I’m sure Tyler isn’t the sort of lad to publish his life all over the web, he can’t help the fact that people are interested in his life so shutup!

    • Andy says:

      Oh what a charming person you appear to be. You disagree with someone so you tell them to shut up. This shows that you are most probably of limited intelligence and that you are not articulate enough to argue a point.
      I have every sympathy for the ordeal he went through, but having told the story he is indirectly canvassing for the sympathy vote.

    • Andy says:

      Oh dear Jasmine, you really show yourself up. You are obviously of low intelligence and inarticulate because if you disagree with someone you tell them to shut up rather than discuss the subject in a civilised manner.

  3. issy says:

    i absoultley loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee tyler soooooooooo much he got attacked he lost his best friend and he’s such an amazing singer i love him!!!!!