The Voice UK 2013: tweets, “I get upset at global politics every time I pass by a gas station”

Eco-aware The Voice judge and singer is of course known to have strong views about conservation and supports the use of cars powered by means other than petrol.

And to prove a point, he recently bought a mains-powered Tesla Roadster sports car worth £87,000.

Of it, he recently tweeted, “My #Tesla car is the best car on the planet…”

He added, “I get upset at global politics every time I pass by a gas station.”

And it’s also been revealed that Will intends to start up his own motor business which has the working title, IAMAUTO.

Last month, AOL reports, “The cars will be built using Chrysler parts and have a Beats by Dr. Dre stereo system – that’s the same audio brand Hewlett Packard is using to pimp its laptops at the moment, sure to endow IAMAUTO rides with window shattering levels of bass.”

Will announced the new venture during an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, where he also revealed that he’d set up manufacturing of his cars in his hometown.

He said he’d do so in order “to bring jobs to the ghetto that I come from.”

Here’s a look at a clip that AOL Motors have on their page…


The site continues, “As you can tell, we don’t know a lot about what IAMAUTO will do, although two of Wil.I.Am’s cars have surfaced, both built by West Coast Customs (WCC) – they of MTV’s Pimp My Ride fame.”

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